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  1. flippantminister

    Off topic: Watch collectors

    Finally took the plunge, with a Seiko. It arrived today. I'd read poor reviews of this band, and after wearing it for a few hours, I have to agree with them. But that's fixable. So far, I like it! Also my arms are hairier than they used to be.
  2. flippantminister

    Your Home Studio Mac Mini Configuration

    I'd go 16MB ram, but yeah that should be sufficient for small projects. i am never tracking more than 8 tracks at once but it's flawless for me- and wow, the exports are hilariously fast in comparison with the Intel chip
  3. flippantminister

    New Iggy Pop Album Features Chad Smith, Taylor Hawkins and More

    Iggy's sounding a lot like Mark E Smith from the Fall nowadays
  4. flippantminister

    Any doom metal recommendations?

    I generally back the above suggestion- larger(19+), medium or medium thin crash cymbals(perhaps substituting rides for crashes), a big ride with a big bell, and some larger medium to heavy hats. In some situations a heavier ride with a solid bell works well, others can be filled just with a...
  5. flippantminister

    Summit Drums solid Black Cherry 6.5x14 snare SOLD

    agreed. I have one on a Summit drum and it's pretty fab!
  6. flippantminister

    Beer jingles!

    love this thread. and this commercial! "when you're havin' more than one!"
  7. flippantminister

    Show us your Copper!!! Lets see your closet copper snare drums, you know you have some! UPDATED TOTALS!

    I've only used it in recording/rehearsal situations. it recorded incredibly well, the group and engineer both really liked it, the engineer was interested in one for himself. However, i had it tuned down and dampened for a particular effect, so i wasn't letting it really do it's thing(but it...
  8. flippantminister

    Tama Spotted Gum snare

    Got one? Wanna get rid of it? Let’s talk.
  9. flippantminister

    Flat Base Cymbal stands

    I've been using flat base stuff exclusively for about the last 18 years. Mostly the flat base ones Ludwig was selling in the mid-00s. I have a bunch of those and primarily use them, even in pretty loud/heavy playing situations and they never gave me any trouble. They're kind of cheap and...
  10. flippantminister

    Show us your past and present STEEL SHELL Snare drums!!

    Not sure if you've seen the Harvest Time documentary that recently came out, but there's some great footage of Kenny on his Sonor kit!
  11. flippantminister

    Show us your past and present STEEL SHELL Snare drums!!

    Killer drum! I had a 10 lug version, but gave it to my niece this year.
  12. flippantminister

    Show us your past and present STEEL SHELL Snare drums!!

    Currently my only steel drum- (sorry it's not my photo, but Vukan's pic is better than mine!)
  13. flippantminister

    Holy Grail cymbals

    i was playing in a band with 3 full stacks, and we repeatedly played at venues that did not mic drums. also this Heavy was a on the lighter side of what qualifies as heavy. still a ridiculous situation. a matter of trying to keep up with massive volume.
  14. flippantminister

    Holy Grail cymbals

    Probably two that I've owned and cracked over the years, and tried my hardest to find replacements for- a 20" NOS 60s A Zildjian Medium Ride a 20" IAK Zildjian Heavy ride I've owned 4 or 5 other examples of each cymbal and none came close! I'm sure it was just the level of familiarity I had...
  15. flippantminister

    OT - Song Link Game

  16. flippantminister

    Has anyone ever built their own racks with 80/20 aluminum extrusion?

    Wow, this stuff looks great. Thanks for mentioning, I never would’ve know about it.
  17. flippantminister

    Proline Snare rack...Finally here.

    I had a roll of those towels that have perforations at the half mark, so that’s what I used. But since they’re rectangular, there isn’t as much overhang. I put them lengthwise under the wires. I didn’t worry about covering the whole length of the wires, there’s enough there that it mutes it...
  18. flippantminister

    OT - Live albums you’re on

    i was at this show- on the LP version i can be heard yelling my approval at one point. I was pretty amused when i noticed that.
  19. flippantminister

    Proline Snare rack...Finally here.

    Nice! I have one and love it. I put a half paper towel between the wires & head of all the drums in the rack, it kills the buzz when I’m playing.