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    Vintage Tama Superstar Appreciation Thread

    I really, really like my old Sup’s.
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    Snare Depth in Jazz Music

    I use my 8x14 Tama Superstar for EVERYTHING these days, jazz included. Tune it up nice and tight, and it's plenty sensitive and melodious for whatever I want to throw at it.
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    This Friday - Point Richmond (Bay Area)

    I know there are a few Bay Area folks around here, so I figured I'd throw this out there. My jazz septet is playing at Rigger's Loft Winery in Point Richmond this Friday Eve, 6:00 - 9:00 pm. It's a cool spot right on the Bay. They have a few wineries that call this facility home, so there are...
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    The same songs, over and over..

    "Thank you all for screaming for all our big hits!! Now we're going to play some tunes from our new album!" (Crowd leaves for the rest room.) FWIW - I play in a weirdo jazz band and we play 95% original material, and no one ever screamed.
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    favorite "not great" but so great drums you've had?

    Old MIJ Whitehall 20-12-14. Quick, defined "knock" tone. I swear they sounded like a quiet set of old Gretsch. (Not mine, but exactly the same set.)
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    My New 1967 Vox Super Continental!

    Very cool! The old organs can be very affordable, because they’re so big and heavy that must folks don’t have room for them and can’t move them themselves. Years ago I got a huge old Yamaha Electone for peanuts. Amazing sound. I put a mic by the internal speaker and used it on several...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    ^ Matt has been swamped with making stuff and travel, etc. for the Chicago show. He’s generally very busy, but over the past few months I wouldn’t expect a response. Keep trying. He’s a great guy, but the demand always exceeds supply so you have to be quite patient.
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    Do Bop kits lose their luster?

    A quick read of the first three pages of the drums for sale thread, I see 8 bop sets and 13 sets of other sizes. (Why are those other 13 guys selling? Bass drum too big? Tired of bringing a Les Paul to an acoustic gig?) ;)
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    Cymbal Craftsman 22” (2231g)

    Sounds stellar.
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    OT-Lost my dad yesterday

    Sorry to hear, dtk. May he RIP.
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    20" Lauritsen Rustico, 1939 g

    Recently acquired this Lauritsen in a trade. My first CL. A gorgeous cymbal, but overlaps the sound of several other 20's I already have, and I am trying to stop hoarding. Solid stick, nice and dry. Like new, but for a few fingerprints and stick marks. Selling it for what I have into it...
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    Do Bop kits lose their luster?

    An 18" bass drum has plenty of oomph for the music I play. And I like the ergonomics of being able to place my rack tom (and left side cymbals) lower.
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    Philly Jo Jones or Papa Jo Jones?

    Both are masters. I prefer listening to Philly Joe just because the bands he played with are more to my liking.
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    Best head for double duty?

    Nothing wrong with a coated Ambassador for a bass drum. For double-duty on an 18" FT/BD, I prefer a coated Emperor, though.
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    Cymbalsmith Discussion

    My kryptonite is Nolan. Pictured here: 19” paperthin trash crash 20” half-Turk riveted light ride 22” skim-lathed medium ride (loose) 24” riveted swish (old A hats)
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    Cymbalsmith Discussion

    I don't own any Johan VDS's, but have a heard a bunch. His trademark (again, generally speaking) is a present high-pitched, transparent trash that hovers over the rest of the cymbal tone. He made some great stuff. RIP, brother.
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    Cymbalsmith Discussion

    Those sound great. They're so light though that I think I'd knock them off the stand if I looked at them hard!
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    What is the difference between Ludwig 3 ply & six ply shells?

    My sentiments exactly, right down to the mixing and matching. I had a 22-12-13-16 keystone set (just like Ringo on the roof) and a 24-13-14-18 B/O power tom set. Different beasts for sure, as has been stated, with the 6-plies being quite a bit heavier and stiffer, and having sharper edges. I...
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    15" A Zildjian hats, 70's SOLD

    Great weights for 15” A’s. I have a 60’s pair in that range and they excel in virtually every setting. Extremely versatile.
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    Favorite Recorded China/Pang/Swish

    Jack D, early 80’s. I think it was a regular Sabian HH “Chinese”.