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    What are you taking to your gigs this weekend

    Original rock. Street festival on outdoor stage with full PA. Using my new Ludwig Legacy Maple superclassic kit with Paul Francis’s Cymbal Craftsman cymbals.
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    No Surprise: Josh Freese Announced as Foo Fighters Live Drummer.

    Watched the video. I love Freese in the band. Fantastic!
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    Jo Jones. Wow!

    My love of Papa Jo's drumming is without limits.
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    Some big Zildjian news!

    I have and used Manabu’s handmade cymbals on my last album. Excellent instruments.
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    New Canopus NV60M1 black gloss lacquer bop kit

    New Canopus NV60-M1 bop jazz drum. Black high gloss nitrocellulose lacquer. Solid brass lugs. The gold standard of modern jazz drum sets. 8x12, 14x14, 14x18. With single tom mount. It may be the only existing NV60M1 kit in this finish. $3500
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    New PDP concept wood hoop 26” bass drum kit

    Still available!
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    Elvin's snare drum in this 80's video

    Since we’re talking about jazz on a keplinger…
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    Lars’ new kit

    I mean….
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    Rerings on Modern Snares

    Canopus NV60-M2 which I used on my most recent album.
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    PDP Concept Classic Review

    I have a brand new 13, 16, 26 set of these for sale if anyone is looking. Just shoot me a message.
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    New PDP concept wood hoop 26” bass drum kit

    Brand new unplayed PDP concept maple wood hoop kit in walnut stain. 9x13, 16x16, 14x26. Batter head upgraded to Fiberskyn felt tone. Includes stock muffling pillow for bass drum (not installed). $1150. Atlanta GA area.
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    Foo Fighters to continue as a band

    I thought I heard that Matt Cameron was playing at least part of this tour, and that’s a strong choice.
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    Cymbal Craftsman by Paul Francis

    I switched to using Paul’s cymbals and I’ve been quite delighted with them
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    "Club Paiste" Initiation Story

    Love the SCDR! Used it in my first album (link below). My shoulder and hearing problems forced me to move to smaller cymbals after this album, but I love the sound of it. It’s one of the all time greats.
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    Help me complete this bass drum setup

    Here’s what I have so far. Drum will be used for rock and backbeat gigs usually with a mic. 14x22 Ludwig 70s 3 ply Batter: Ludwig powerstroke silver dot Reso: smooth white powerstroke with 5” hole dead center (Charlie watts style) What goes in bottom of drum to make it super punchy and full...
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    Canopus Drums - Anyone know the history, lore, etc. of this company? Somewhat difficult to find information.

    all the lines are great. I’ve had RFMs and NV60M2s and since I’ve been craving that Gretsch thing I am now playing NV60M1s. All the drums I’ve had have been exceptional.
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    More pop with brushes: Carole King anyone?

    I love using brushes for backbeat! Here’s from my recent trio album:
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    Canopus Question

    No such thing
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    Steve Gadd from!

    The story is that Chick played him a bunch of Tony stuff and Gadd got a kit just like Tony’s and changed his style.