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  1. kevinyarger

    Why don't you like my black drums?

    I think my original hesitation from black drums for years was because it felt like a super common color. It seemed like all beginner drums kits were either white, wine red or black. So instinctually I avoided black with my drums. I only have a set of black drums now because it was the best deal...
  2. kevinyarger

    No Surprise: Josh Freese Announced as Foo Fighters Live Drummer.

    I agree, I originally thought the drums on this new record were Dave but after listening to the songs and watching the “live” stream, I think it was actually Josh and I am wondering if that was done intentionally so he gets a piece of the royalties and an overall vested interest to stick around...
  3. kevinyarger

    Drum head makers should put their logos on the BOTTOM of bass drum heads.

    I tried removing the remo logo on some colortone heads and it didn’t budge with any of the usual tricks. Doesn’t really matter cause you can not really see it(it’s “smoke” colored with black print) but certainly made me wonder how they are stamping those heads.
  4. kevinyarger

    Missing logos…which Sabian HHX are these?

    judging by the raw/unlathed, hammered cups/bells on 4 of those cymbals they look like HHX to me. That one brilliant finished splash I can’t tell though, my guess is it is an HHX evolution splash.
  5. kevinyarger

    Favourite Craviotto snare you own or played

    I think they measured with the hoops on and not just the shell. At least that is my running theory. Some could say I shoulder some of the blame for not catching it right away.
  6. kevinyarger

    Favourite Craviotto snare you own or played

    I have owned I think 11 Craviottos in the last ten years. All of them amazing drums. I bought all but one of them used. Which had some downfalls, a lot of the sellers either didn't know the wood type or didn't know the actual size of the drum and I was left with a bunch of 6.5x14" that I have...
  7. kevinyarger

    Finally got a set of 15” IAK hats

    Now those are something I never see pop up. I think I've seen more EAK 15's then I have IAK. Enjoy!
  8. kevinyarger

    Downgrading...midlife crisis

    I hit 40 last fall, my pro career came to a screeching halt in 2020 and I was left with a lot of unused equipment including my Craviotto kit which had been a dream kit for years. But with no band or real music projects it sits in cases, while I too, play the drum set that makes me smile(90's...
  9. kevinyarger

    Good time to sell drums?

    I was pretty much done selling or so I thought about 4 months ago but had a change of heart and decided to let go of more stuff. I know I'm asking a little bit over what the drums are worth but I'm doing it knowing by the time the selling and shipping fees are taken out I'm not sitting in...
  10. kevinyarger

    Cashless Tipping

    I believe both PayPal and Venmo have QR code generating options that will help lead someone to the correct account to send money too. It's been years since I was down on Broadway in Nashville, but I wonder if they've adapted to this at all or if it's only cash.
  11. kevinyarger

    Endorsement length ?

    Who has been with Yamaha longer, Gadd or Weckl? Josh Freese has been with DW for like 37 or 38 of the 50 years they have been a company. Steve Smith with Sonor
  12. kevinyarger

    Pearl Free Floater Snares

    Love my Pearl FF. I might not play it as much these days but I’ll never part with it as it was an out of the blue gift from my father right before my first real gig with my first rock band back when I was 13.
  13. kevinyarger

    Promark V-Rod Viper Sticks

    Those got discontinued awhile ago. Like mentioned earlier, I'd make sure the seller actually has them. Benny Greb used them in a duet with Pete Lockett on his first dvd.
  14. kevinyarger

    OCDP Bellbrass 14x6.5” Guitar Center Re-issue

    I'm in the OCDP fb fan page and there was quite a bit discussion around these drums. As much as I wanted a cast snare(and drooled over the original BB OCDP) it's not in the budget so I didn't follow this closely but it was odd how it was all pitched to the group and felt like you had to go...
  15. kevinyarger

    Foo Fighters to continue as a band

    The easy answer to me is Josh Freese, but as some have mentioned, would he be into the full time drummer and all that goes with it. His kids are much older than they were during his NIN stint, so I could see him wanting to get back out on the road more. The second name that came to mind is...
  16. kevinyarger

    Bird's Eye views

    Chad Gracey from the band Live
  17. kevinyarger

    Promark Fire Grain Sticks

    I have only played a couple pairs. Never broke any of them, whittled the shank of one of them to almost a toothpick and it still hasn't snapped. Vibrates less than your average Promark stick. Reminded me for some reason of what Vater sticks feel like. Promark has pretty much lost me with their...
  18. kevinyarger

    So George Kollias is now endorsing Zildjian!

    I had to do some digging via Instagram. Tony Royster never made a post about it other than he started slipping a #sabiancymbals in his posts but Sabian did announce it via their Instagram page. I don’t remember where I read/heard this but at one point years ago that if you left Zildjian for...
  19. kevinyarger

    Bird's Eye views

    When I was a teen, I built a replica set up of my favorite drummers kit. I had to stop playing this set up because it was unrealistic to gig with(and sometimes, completely inappropriate) but now that I'm not gigging and have no musical projects outside of my own, I revisited the set up. It's...
  20. kevinyarger

    So George Kollias is now endorsing Zildjian!

    With him having a signature stick with Vic Firth it would seem a switch wouldn't be necessary seeing as they are both under the same roof technically but not completely out of the question. Aaron Spears had a Vic sig stick and then went over to Zildjian sticks. I don't know what changed between...