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  1. Masecar

    TONIGHT - 1.5 hours of Rush in Raleigh

    So I've got a Rush tribute band and I've been slacking on promoting the show (everyone has, to be fair) but we've got a show at The Pour House in Raleigh tonight. Damn kit took all day to tear down and pack up yesterday. Show starts at 9, with one of my other bands opening the show. We didn't...
  2. Masecar

    Dual Snare Wires/Keplinger Matt Cameron Side Hatch Snares

    From the May 2014 Modern Drummer: "I use a 7"-deep Side Hatch live and in the studio. The Side Hatch is a Keplinger invention where small-size snare wires lay off-center on the snare head and the strainer is attached off-center on the shell. It gives the drum a wide-open and totally unique...
  3. Masecar

    Ludwig Speed Flyer pedals

    So I took a tour of the Ludwig factory and at the end they raffled off a bunch of stuff, which got me a Speed Flyer double pedal. It's great. It's smooth, powerful, sturdy, well made. But I found that I play significantly better with a round cam, especially my left foot, and I had a hard time...
  4. Masecar

    Lars’ new kit

    ...was my first thought
  5. Masecar

    Interesting Recording Experience Tonight

    Buck Owens? Buck Dharma? Buck Rogers?
  6. Masecar

    Lefty DW Double Pedal

    Bumping again
  7. Masecar

    Deep snare beds

    Usually if a snare doesn't have enough wire response, I tune the bottom head a little higher and see if that helps. Usually it does. My Dunnetts like their bottom heads pretty got dang tight.
  8. Masecar

    Ten-inch tom: Five or Six Lug?

    My Gretsch USA 10s and 12s are five-lug. Never had an issue tuning them that I attribute solely to the hoop having two fewer tension points. I personally think the older Sonors with 5-lug 10" toms looked better than the six-luggers they make now. But that's a pretty minor gripe. I do think 8"...
  9. Masecar

    Lefty DW Double Pedal

  10. Masecar

    What's the Best Artist Signature Snare Drum?

    The Sonor Benny Grebs are pretty phenomenal, especially the beech shell model. I've never heard a 13 get THAT low and fat before I played that drum. The only signature snare I own is a second-generation (seamless) Yamaha Manu Katche. It's basically a Black Beauty, but not. It sounds amazing of...
  11. Masecar

    New kick pedal

    But also isn't nearly as sturdy and rock steady as a 5000.
  12. Masecar

    Lefty DW Double Pedal

    Right-handed player looking for a left-footed DW double pedal slave side for left-foot clave. The idea here being that if the spring can be mounted to the left side, I will have unrestricted travel between my hihat and clave pedals. Right now I'm using a normal 3000 single, and the spring gets...
  13. Masecar

    New kick pedal

    Honestly if you like your Iron Cobra I'd just get another one. You can also get some replacement parts and have an effectively new pedal in an hour. I too don't care for the Ludwig pedals - I had a Speed Flyer, and while it was well built and super smooth, I didn't get along with the shape of...
  14. Masecar

    Georgia Phil throws hat in ring with new Savannah Series.

    Seems like a fairly similar bearing edge idea to 50s/60s Gretsch. Should be warm and dry!
  15. Masecar

    Hovland seamless walnut snares.

    Sounds pretty good!
  16. Masecar

    Hovland seamless walnut snares.

    and... like... what do they sound like?
  17. Masecar

    Most representative cymbal from each maker?

    Hmmm... If I was to rephrase the question as which cymbals made by a brand most obviously exhibit the characteristics that brand is known for and if I was to choose one hat, ride, and crash I'd have to say: Zildjian: midrange-forward, balanced definition - 14" A New Beats, 20" K Custom Dark...
  18. Masecar

    Natural or Brilliant finish cymbals...

    I mean, if I was a Sabian endorser I would absolutely 1000% have a set of brilliant finish HH a la Chester Thompson. There's something about the softer feel and glassy sound that I've always loved. However, since I play mostly Paistes these days, I don't really have a say in what the cymbal...
  19. Masecar

    Snare stand question

    Tama snare stands have unevenly-spaced arms for their baskets, and they also rotate. I have a Star snare stand that's sort of an isosceles triangle, and with the ball mount and small rubber grabbers I feel like it eliminates all of my issues with past snares stands.
  20. Masecar

    Paiste vs. Zildjian - 22" Dark Medium Rides

    I'm usually a Paiste guy, but I have to give this one to the Zildjian. I like high bells, and that just seems like a more useful cymbal. It's also worth mentioning that I haven't really liked the SCDRs that I've played. In this tonal vein I much prefer Signature Traditionals, and I'd take my...