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    What drum brand have you owned the most snares from ?

    No repeats for me. In order of purchase. Most recently a 6x14 Noble&Cooley Walnut (Thank You DrummerTom) Rogers 5x14 7-line Dyna Guru 13x7 Ovangkol and Ash Ludwig 14x5 Jazz Festival DW 6x14 Edge Pearl Piccolo Early 80s steel Yamaha 6.5×14 (My first) I wouldnt sell any execpt for the Pearl or...
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    Jazz Albums - What are you listening to?

    Dave Holland - Not for Nothin'
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    Drumming in heels

    I cannot imagine trying to do this. I remove my shoes when I play just as I have done when I started playing 35 years ago. Not being able to feel the pedal is extremely difficult for me. Impressive feat (I mean feet), none the less.
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    Sometimes a big pillow is good.

    I generally dislike pillows in my kick. I still have flashbacks of the my music school days of recording engineers deadening the heck out of my kick. Not having the right of rebound always messed with my playing. Now that music is merely a hobby, no pillows for me as I like to hear the drum sing...
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    Finally found a Camco

    Congrats on the kit, it's a beauty. Revival is a great shop. I still kick myself for not picking up a Cymbal & Gong 24" ride I found there about 5 years back.
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    Show off your drum room

    Nothing compared to many of you, but I am trying to get my post count up to be able to private message
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    The Official DFO Random Drum Photo Thread!

    Great kit. I was lucky enough to have one of these as my first kit which I still have today. 24, 13, 14, 18... I believe. The jump in tom sizes is definitely interesting, but the floor tom sure does rumble.
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    13x5 Supraphonic

    Currently kicking myself for not pursuing Enjoy! I'm sure it'll be a great drum for the price.
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    13x5 Supraphonic

    Fairly certain its a 14" with 10 lugs.
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    13x5 Supraphonic

    Is anyone aware of ludwig ever making a 13x5 supraphonic brass edition snare. It looks like a normal chrome over brass supra, but the diameter just doesnt seem right. There is one listed in the local Craigslist, but I am having trouble finding any info on this. It appears to be somewhat newer...
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    SOLD Rogers 60s COB Dyna-Sonic snare drum

    Do you have a serial number for it?