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    Drum Companies in Japan....OK? Anyone know?

    While I do foresee this affecting Japanese companies for a long time, this article shows the dedication and hardwork of the japanese people. As people they are incredibly resilient and extremely hardworking...
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    OT: SNOW!

    Yep, snowing quite well here in Tennessee. And as usual, everyone has forgotten how to drive.
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    OT - Bond, James Bond

    Connery to me was the best bond. Suave, Elegant, smart, and tough. The second best in my mind was Pierce Brosnan. But then again, Goldeneye was the movie that came out when I was a kid. Again, suave, smart, and tough.
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    OT: New computer needed: Mac / PC

    I love, and will never find a replacement for my Macbook. I bought one of the older Black models for right at 550.00 on ebay. Mine has 4gb of Ram, and a 500gb hard drive. Ease of use is good, I love it. No problems through a year of use, and how many ever years of use the previous owner put...
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    OT: More on the Death of Pop Music

    Not to nitpick, but Gorillaz isn't a real band. Damon Albarns is, to my knowledge the only consistent member, being the vocals of 2D. Apparently Cass Browne, and Mike Smith on Drums and Keys have also been there since the beginning too. Gorillaz has seen dozens of musicians, collaborators, and...
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    OT: More on the Death of Pop Music

    biggator beat me to a 'fake' band, Gorillaz has been doing it for a while. Still, some of the most incredible, soothing, entertaining, and to me innovative music around. I could listen to Gorillaz everyday. And Gorillaz isn't just a's a world. Every album is different and...
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    DRUM COVER - We Came As Romans "To Plant a Seed"

    So weird to see this band big enough to get drum covers...I remember when they were weeee little guys. Still, legit cover!
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    Has Gibson lost their mind ????

    Such an ugly body, is what kills me. Headstock is pretty ugly too..I kinda dig the fretboard. Also, I kind of liked the Gibson Robot guitars, call me crazy!
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    Considering trading my Sonors..

    I've got Coated Ambassadors currently on the Toms, and a Super Kick II on the BD. Tried Emporers on the Toms, didn't like those. Other suggestions? Rudy - Mine are White, though they seem to be more off whiteish now. Seems like they've done some time in clubs.
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    Considering trading my Sonors..

    I've got a set of early 90s Sonor Force 2000s, that i'm thinking about trading. Ive only got one floor tom, one rack tom, and the bass drum(bought a seperate snare that im keeping). BD is 16x20, rack tom is 12x14 and floor tom is 16x14. This is how I bought the kit, it's my first REAL kit, and...
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    Frustrated by rhythm guitar player

    Everybody else gave good advice! You say it's a worship service, what is the biblical example for confrontation? Confront him privately, then talk to everyone else and bring them in to try and talk to him. As for timekeeping, it's always pretty easy to write down what an appropriate bpm is for...
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    OT; Has Rock N Roll gone downhill?

    Honestly, one persons definition of whether a band is a rock band or not varies so much that it's night impossible to say whether it was gone down the hole or not. A friend of mine and I got in an argument the other day about whether a band we were listening to was an indie rock band or just a...
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    "Borat" to portray Freddie Mercury in movie

    Well, Cohen sang in Sweeney Todd. I think he's quite the perfect fit! The only question would be his voice, but we'll see, won't we?
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    My Left Hand Could Use a Lot of Work

    I'm in the same boat! My left hand is weak! My drum teacher suggested this to get my fingers up to snuff. Take your left hand in matched grip, and flip the drumstick around, so the butt is pointed the opposite of where it normally is. Place your pinky, ring, and pointer finger on the stick, then...
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    for the beer drinker, hurry

    For cheap beer, you can't beat Miller!
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    You got any crazies on CL?

    9Lb - Crazy! There's the same thing on Nashville Craigslist. A guy who owns a Business called Mr. Marks Music is CONSTANTLY harrassed on craigslist, for pretty much the same reason it seems. In fact, it seems like his unofficial name is now CROOKED Mr Mark. What's funny is I applied for a job at...
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    Figured i'd show you guys this..

    I'm very lucky to live in a house full of musicians. It feels like i'm surrounded by creativity 24/7 you know? Anyway, one of my housemates is selling this guitar, and it truly is beautiful and sounds amazing, even though I don't typically like that Strat sound. I figured you guys could...
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    Worst Bar You Ever Played In

    So, a year or two ago I played in a band called Say You Will. We had a pretty radio friendly sound, really pop/rock, though not super radio. We had an edge. We'd do two or three month tours at a time, come home for a week or two, gather up enough cash to buy a couple double cheeseburgers every...
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    OT: Playstation / Xbox People - Your Fav. Game.

    Wow, you guys have some good taste! I really only play Xbox. And honestly The only game I play a ton anymore is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2. Grr...Must unlock all titles/Callsigns..
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    Best Sounding Kit You Ever Played...

    Mine are the best! Duh. Just kidding. I've only played a few kits (Five total, actually.) But I can definitely throw a quick list together of what I like! From most to least! Gretsch Custom Shop Set - Beautiful blue finish, good size, though I don't remember what they were as I didn't have a...