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  1. Alan_

    Purdie: Ringo never played on any Beatles albums

    One thing too: Bernard Purdie couldn't play Ringo's feel to save his life. Purdie's groove and snare and hihat sound/touch is pretty identifiable every time you hear him, as is Ringo's. I don't think Purdie could pull off that oh-so-British 'top of the beat' almost rushing but staying perfectly...
  2. Alan_

    Any Austin Era Fibes owners here?

    I hate you all. Those kits can't be had for love or money in Austin. :)
  3. Alan_

    Ever play like a klutz?

    Me too. I lose that 'in the moment' thing when I start thinking, instead of living the experience and doing.
  4. Alan_

    FB , twitter

    Government: no idea. A business would either have to be a 'friend' or employ a 'friend' who was willing to share your page/info to get that far. HAVING SAID THAT, I'm still fairly conservative about what I'll post.
  5. Alan_

    Forgotten Nashville drummers from the 70's and 80's

    Larrie Londin hit HARD when he played loud.
  6. Alan_

    Forgotten Nashville drummers from the 70's and 80's

    Maybe forgotten by some, not by me...the GREAT Gene Chrisman. Albeit, he (along with Larrie Londin) did a TON of RnB too.
  7. Alan_

    Am I the world's faster drummer? Or not!

    That guy at the top has great fingers. I see barely any wrist at all, which for tiny motions like that would be the way to go.
  8. Alan_

    Wood beaters

    I like the Falam patches. They don't change the sound as much as other impact pads I've used (Danmar's model changed the sound the most).
  9. Alan_


    In her defense: mallets are not easy, and I've heard way worse, as anyone who played percussion in high school band could relate. Before judging, I'd advise anyone who hasn't played marimba using 4 mallets to give it a shake. Extra points for using Stevens grip.
  10. Alan_

    Where Can I Buy Good Quality Cymbals other than Ebay

    There is a learning curve with finding cymbals you like. I'd hit up a local drum shop for starters, if you have one available. Oh, you're in ATL, y'all have to have something, right/ Having the experience on tap of someone who's seen a bunch of gear can be invaluable. Someone who can give you...
  11. Alan_

    Shuffle or not

    Yup. for ex: Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'.....the hihat is indeed playing all '12' 8th notes of a 12/8 feel, but then you have the bass TOTALLY setting up the shuffle groove (bump ba bump ba).
  12. Alan_

    Changed stick sizes

    For loud playing, I can't use really skinny sticks. Just not enough mass, nor enough diameter to allow for easy transmisison of force.
  13. Alan_

    Changed stick sizes

    ^ I like the SD9's. They're great sticks for rock playing. Just a good general purpose medium oval bead stick. They balance wonderfully. Agree that they're a little much for playing spang-a-lang on a thinner cymbal.
  14. Alan_

    Changed stick sizes

    I practice and play with several models/sizes of stick. Everything from Bopworks Art Blakey sticks on the small end to Agner swiss marching sticks (read: small tree trunks) on the larger end. For me, the real issue wasn't about stick size. It was simply learning how to play relaxed. My hands...
  15. Alan_


    I do like their hardware a lot. I'm slowly working through replacing my stands with DW stuff.
  16. Alan_


    Well, not only marketing, but distribution. They're fine. Not my cuppa, but I'm not depressed if I arrive at a backline gig and see a set.
  17. Alan_

    Impressed with the chrome on my 80's Monroe Supra

    Well, that's...different. My late 60's Supra looks like it's spent time on the bottom or the sea.
  18. Alan_

    Early 1980's Ludwig Bronze Super-Sensitive

    Nice! The main issue with SS snare mechanism: make sure whenever you cart it around to do so in a sturdy case to protect said snare mechanism parts from bending or breaking. That's really it. Baby it and you'll be fine. I still want a SS snare drum (I'm wanting a 6.5 inch chrome) someday...