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  1. nonagon

    Ludwig snares - Let's see them!

    Just the Ludwigs... From left: Pre-1920 5x14" NOB 2 piece, 6 lugs 1920s 6.5x14" NOB 2 piece, 8 lugs 1920s 4x14" painted NOB 2 piece, 8 lugs 1920s 4x14" NOB 2 piece, 8 lugs 1968 KB 5x14" Acrolite 100 Year Anniversary 6.5x14" Black Beauty 1966 KB 5x14" Suprophonic 1964 KB 6.5x14" Supraphonic...
  2. nonagon

    Best heads for 1920's Ludwig NOB Universal Model??

    A vote for Ambassadors on the two piece shells too.
  3. nonagon

    A Jazz Festival snare for $2,320.00?

    Without seeing the link, we know whose auction that is. Good old P00der/Lee County/The Old Drumshop, right? That same drum's been on the market for a couple years now at an exorbitant price. :rolleyes:
  4. nonagon

    1930's Score

    Nice!! In the market for one of those too!
  5. nonagon

    Adrian Kirchler does it again!

    Damn! Sooo beautiful
  6. nonagon

    Ludwig Supralite

    Beaded steel shell, solid chrome-over-brass tube lugs, 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops, brass snare wires. Four models (4x14", 5.5x14", 6.5x14", 5x15",) each under $200.
  7. nonagon

    Ludwig Supralite

    Here's a closeup of the 5x15...
  8. nonagon

    Ludwig Supralite

    RickP, you might be right but I don't hang out there much. I think a least a few people who appreciate vintage Ludwigs would be interested in this. Ludwig has been putting out a bunch of gear lately that would appeal to the vintage crowd (for example, the reissue Special Edition Acrolites). This...
  9. nonagon

    Ludwig Supralite

    I want one of these. The price is very, very good. Steel shell. Getting rave reviews. Has anyone played one yet? Ludwig Supralite
  10. nonagon

    1920's Ludwig & Ludwig 6-1/2 x 14" Black Beauty

    That drum is in remarkable condition! :occasion5: If it were mine, I'd replace the strainer with the correct version as Mike C. suggested. Your drum, by, the way, if it is anything like my 20s 2-piece 6.5" 8 lugger, sounds phenomenal and records like a champ. I have narrow PureSounds instead...
  11. nonagon

    Has anybody heard of the " RICH " drum company ?

    The bearing edges appear to be different than WFL and Gretsch of the period. Perhaps the Rich company used custom shells. The round contact points of the lugs look pretty cool too - wish we could see some hardware. Here's a late 40s/early50s WFL bearing edge to compare: Here are a couple...
  12. nonagon

    Leedy White Elite I picked off the 'bay.

    Lovely! I've always wanted one of those.
  13. nonagon

    Ladies and Gents meet the Aerolite

    Classic! I would think a better name would be a Supralite? Or an Acrophonic? Aero vs Acro is just one letter off - weird that the seller never considered the information on the name was just a typo or mistake considering he did research and couldn't find anything. In the same way, weird that it...
  14. nonagon

    Ludwig & Ludwig snare..need info!

    Mike is the guy to ask and he is right about Cape Cod cloths. Another one that I've had success with is Nevr-Dull wadding. The finish would have been nickel like the ones in the photo below. The strainer, called the Combination strainer can work well when in good adjustment (mine works well on...
  15. nonagon

    Downsizing Dilemna

    I love both but would keep the Gretsch!
  16. nonagon

    remember the $5000 gretsch 18" on ebay?

    Scam for sure.
  17. nonagon

    MY AKG D12E died . . . sniff . . .

    Note - Beta 52 may have a slightly more modern sound out of the box than you are looking for. But give it a shot; it's not too steep in price and I've gotten great results. I much prefer it to the D112.
  18. nonagon

    MY AKG D12E died . . . sniff . . .

    The Shure Beta 52A on kick is pretty decent.
  19. nonagon

    3 Ply RB 12/14/18 and prog jazz snare

    :shock: :drunken: