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  1. kplante

    What cable?

    I want to try using the speakers in my Peavey Classic for my Valve JR. I picked up a cable with a Male to plug into the VJ and a female to plug into the speaker connection on the Peavey. I don't get any sound so I'm thinking I need different connectors on one. Anyone know what I should look for?
  2. kplante

    OT (kind of) Small Practice PA

    Since I now have guitars, bass and amps it makes sense to have a small PA here. Would be nice if it could be used for small gigs. Problem is I'm utterly clueless regarding PA's. Is there anything small, cheap and sounds good?
  3. kplante

    Practice amp

    So after getting my Effects pedal I've spent more time playing guitar and I'm finding that my Peavey Classic VTX is pretty loud. Being a tube amp I'm not able to play it loud enough to get a good tone out of it. Would a Solid State, Lower wattage amp work better?
  4. kplante

    Guitar effect pedals

    Hi all. Looking for ideas for effects pedals for my guitar. Only the clean chanel works on my amp. I don't have clue what good pedals are. Thinking a distortion and maybe a flanger or chorus type. Are there some standards? Brads to stay away from?
  5. kplante

    Which snare next?

    I'm a little bored and have been wondering which snare drum to ad to the "collection" next? Yes I know I'll get everyone's faves. Hoping something will jump out at me. I currently have 4 snares. 3 main and a project. Ludwig 402 14"x6 1/2" Supraphonic. Current favorite. Finally got one last...
  6. kplante

    Lighting up your kit

    Looking for some ideas on how to do some kind of lighting on my drums for live shows. My guitar player usually brings some kind of lighting but wouldn't mind having some of my own.
  7. kplante

    Mic Stand

    I'm looking for recommendations for a vocal mic stand. I'm currently borrowing an old round based boom stand with a weight on it. Looking for stable, durable and relatively inexpensive.
  8. kplante

    Kinda OT: Recording cassette to cd

    Looking for ideas on the easiest way to get something from a cassette to a CD. Already have a cable to connect the cassette deck to my laptop. What programs are easy to work with?
  9. kplante

    Handheld Recorder Placement

    I'm curious were/how you folks that use a handheld recording device (Tascam, Zoom, ect) set them up to record? I have a Tascam DR-07mkII That seems like I'm always peaking the levels unless I keep it far away. Set set the recording level as low as I can. HELP! lol
  10. kplante

    2 up tom sizes

    I find it frustrating that most newer 2 up sets on the market are 10", 12" toms. I just really do not like a 10". I much prefer a 12", 13". There was a great deal on the local CL for a 5 pc Saturn kit for 350. Was so tempted but I knew I'd hate them toms. So hard to find a quality kit with 12...
  11. kplante

    OT Computer speakers

    Looking for some recommendations for a better speaker system for my laptop. I'm using an old Altec Lansing set now. 2 speakers and a Sub. Would like to find something a little better on the cheap. An ideas?
  12. kplante

    What is a Recording Custom

    I should know this. What is a Recording Custom kit? Is it a mix of maple and birch shells? Thanks.
  13. kplante

    What's your 2002 set up?

    I've really come to dig the Paiste 2002 line. I had a 17" crash years ago I loved but everything else I had was Zildjian so when it cracked I just moved on. A few years ago I was on the hunt for an 18" crash. Went to a local shop and started tapping. Hit an 18" 2002 crash and was floored. With...
  14. kplante

    Which throw to use

    I finally received the Yamaha 14x10 tom I plan to make into a snare drum. I think I not going to cut it down any. I want to see how it sounds as is. I'm thinking of using a Yamaha throw on it but I'm not too familiar with them. Doesn't need to be though. Something inexpensive and reliable...
  15. kplante

    New snare project

    I know I recently posted about being happy with my gear. That doesn't meant I'm done adding. Just that I don't have to. I actually have 2 snare project in the works. Long ago I picked up a 6x14 snare shell to replace the Pearl export snare I had that went out of round. When I drilled the lugs I...
  16. kplante

    No SE bottoms

    It seems not that long ago you could find 14" 2002 SE bottoms easily. I've looked on and off for a while since I can pull off getting a set of 15" 2002 SE's. I have 14' Mediums and thought of finding a SE bottom. Funny how the market works
  17. kplante

    Pretty happy with my gear

    I've realized lately I'm pretty happy with what I have for gear right now. First time in a while I've felt that way. I've never really had much dough to spend on gear. In the summer of 1987 in realized if I didn't get a descent kit I probably never would. I went to Luca Music and said I want the...
  18. kplante

    OT Lost a friend today

    Found out a lil bit ago the guy who was my best man passed away last night from a stroke. I haven't talked to him in 8-9 years. Last time I did he was in a bad way with some stuff. I tried for a long time to help him. I've expected to hear something like this for years. Doesn't make it any...
  19. kplante

    Heads for Mahogany

    I think I need to finally replace the heads on my Yamaha Stage kit. (Mahogany w/ inner ply of beech). I've had Vintage Emps on them for a few years now. I'm thinking of trying something new. What difference would I see with something like a black dot or pinstripe head? I love the VE sound but...
  20. kplante

    Bass Drum Beaters

    Looking for some ideas/input on some different bass beaters to try for my old Axis pedal. I've got an old felt beater on it now. In fact all I've ever used were felt beaters. Figured I'd try to find some pros/cons for others types.