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  1. cashmanbashman

    Has anyone bought any B-stock drums and is it worth it?

    I have had many drums and cymbals considered b stock and I can never tell why? Jump on it
  2. cashmanbashman

    $1700$ 1997 DW Short Stack Kit 8,10,12,14,16,22x14 BD,22x8 Woofer

    Could you move to South Dakota so I can meet you and buy the drums? Please
  3. cashmanbashman

    Should I trade for this kit...?

    Nope, keep your kit especially if shipping or driving to meet is involved. You will loose money to go sideways.
  4. cashmanbashman


    I like metal music so I hammer on my China’s and right side up destroys sticks and dents the edges of the China easier.
  5. cashmanbashman

    Sakae Road Anew

    After much procrastination I went ahead and bought them. Thank you for the reply’s, they’re what swayed me.
  6. cashmanbashman

    I acquired this Ludwig snare recently

    Thanks guys, I’m going to keep it I just wanted to roughly pin down what it’s worth .
  7. cashmanbashman

    I acquired this Ludwig snare recently

    It has no apparent flaws and sounds quite nice. Would anyone give me $500 to purchase it? Is it worth less? More? I have seen a comp but with different lugs so I am not sure they’re equal in value. Thanks
  8. cashmanbashman

    Tama, Superstar, what can you tell me about this drum?

    I just bought this 7 piece Superstar classic new for $830. The bass drum bangs hard and the rest sounds good to. You can pick up the 5 piece for $500 new with a warranty. I own kits that cost 4 to 10 times that much and I’m having every bit as much fun playing the Tama’s.
  9. cashmanbashman

    Change My Mind - Paying $2K for Lessons Beats a New Drum Kit

    Whiplash is great but that band leader was a tool. One of my favorite lines in a movie- you can give a retard a calculator and he’s going to try to turn on the f’ing TV with it.
  10. cashmanbashman

    What Was The Last Rock Show You Saw?

    My wife drug me to Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson late last year. In return I get Rage Against The Machine and then Tool. Rage has already rescheduled but crickets on the Tool show so far. I had Slayer tickets but got to sick to go right before this dilemma all started.
  11. cashmanbashman

    Do Not use this material for shipping!

    So I have had these in many boxes and they smell great. Being the Neanderthal I am I tasted one and it was just like a cheesy poof minus the cheese. Now I get it!
  12. cashmanbashman

    Snare drum off center issue... never figured this out over all these years

    Sounds like a reverberation off something in the room. I had this problem so I bought some egg crate style foam and stuck it to the ceiling above the kit. It got much better so I bought more foam and now everything sounds good. Worth a try anyway.
  13. cashmanbashman

    Tama players help me decide please

    Here it is and for $832 out the door I’m pretty happy. Oh and there was a snare in the box to my surprise.
  14. cashmanbashman

    Sakae Road Anew

    Yes, I bought one.
  15. cashmanbashman

    Sakae Road Anew

    I like me some cherry mahogany drums. Thanks
  16. cashmanbashman

    Sakae Road Anew

    I’m not well versed with this drum smith. I am wondering what the Road Anew line is akin to with the larger manufacturers. Is it like Tama’s Starclassic series or Ludwigs classic line etc.. It looks like there defunct and I’m having trouble finding info. Thanks
  17. cashmanbashman

    DW Inks Endorsement Deal with PR Nightmare Tommy Lee

    Still have 5 more farewell tours to catch Kiss.
  18. cashmanbashman

    Gretsch Renown or Yamaha Tour Custom?

    I have had both but most recently the Tour Customs. There both nice sets but I liked the Renown’s better. It seemed like I never had to mess with re tuning them.
  19. cashmanbashman

    Tama players help me decide please

    I went with the 7 piece Lace Bark pine superstar classic $852 out the door new in boxes. I’m not sure when they started counting a tom mount as a piece but what the heck I have extra snares. My fault for not going to the Zoolander school for kids who don’t read so good. Pictures when I get em.
  20. cashmanbashman


    Nonsense I will hold and distribute your funds. Call me