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  1. hatandbeard

    Spizzichino Asian Alloy 22"

    Asian Spizzichino cymbals rule Wish I still had mine But......still searchn for tha one
  2. hatandbeard

    K zildjian istanbul 20 »

    My kinda weight ☆♡ Opens wallet but cant
  3. hatandbeard

    The Weight of a Drum Stick Instead of Light, Medium, Heavy

    yeah I've been wanting to come up and take a lesson and buy sticks lll pm inbox in a new conversation
  4. hatandbeard

    The Weight of a Drum Stick Instead of Light, Medium, Heavy

    I had plans to come and hang but then covid-19 hit..will be good to hang when we can..good you are on DFO Dave!
  5. hatandbeard

    FS: Pearl Cymbal Stand Boom Arm Midsection

    Pearl Cymbal Stand Boom Arm Midsection Excellent condition overall Has a fair amount of weight to it, probably from a heavyduty double braced stand Doubt that you would be disappointed Lots of life left $40 shipped in the us48 Happy to chat
  6. hatandbeard

    Found:WTB: Gretsch Bass Drum Parts

    Found all my parts for this particular Gretsch 12 x 16 project I have one more to go but have to hold off for the moment
  7. hatandbeard

    Found:WTB: gretsch classic bass drum decal black

    Got a Gretsch logo and it turned out great
  8. hatandbeard

    WTB: Modern Drum Shop metal badge!

    I am selling my Modern Drum Shop 14 x 16 nesting bass drum ;)
  9. hatandbeard

    Leedy 16" Wood Hoops

    I have a pair of vintage Gretsch 60s wood snare drum hoops that are 16 in
  10. hatandbeard

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I'm in the process of selling virtually everything I own but I came across one heck of a deal on a one-owner 20in Sabian HH hi bell sound control ride. Ultra rad 1782 grams Signature under bell I own two of these the other one is 1952 grams. Both are incredible. These are hard to find. I'm...
  11. hatandbeard

    What drum hardware have you been surprised by?

    The new Tama cymbal stand that is the copy of the vintage Ludwigs. They're more lightweight than my DW 6710 first generation which I prefer over the ultralight DW. AND! They are the only stand that has rubber rings at the end of the telescoping tubes so there is no sound of the stand ever so all...
  12. hatandbeard

    FS: Diamond Plate Short Spade Vertical Spade L-Arm Unused Brand New Repros

    I priced these just under what Maxwell would sell and ship them for happy to make deals I'm sure somebody needs these and again they are brand new
  13. hatandbeard

    FS: Vintage Gretsch 60s hi-hat stand and vintage gretsch hi-hat clutches

    I appreciate you chiming in and I've had both clutches at different times and I'm also an agreement that they are Gretsch
  14. hatandbeard

    Show us your prettiest kits.....

    My Vintage Ludwig Super Classic with 10 lug Supraphonic Original Blue Sparkle Late 60s early 70s transition year with Keystone and Blue and Olive badge. (As I like to call "Ludwig needs to sell drums get them out the door/ badges? Badges? Sure put some badges on them I don't care which ones just...
  15. hatandbeard

    FS: Vintage Gretsch 60s hi-hat stand and vintage gretsch hi-hat clutches

    Ahh unsure pretty sure I've seen other Gretsch clutches just like this I want to say I had one previously But let's find out :-)
  16. hatandbeard

    Those Wonderful Vintage Italians

    I am obsessed obsessed obsessed with 12" and 13" zanchi vibra f&f hi-hats
  17. hatandbeard

    FS: Random Parts Pieces LOT major brands MIJ generic odd ends

    Here's a small pile of stuff. Would be great to sell all together. If not take ur pick. Mostly 6mm cup washers Carriage bolt and wing screws MIJ thumb screws LP wing screw Bass drum pedal spike Plastic vent hole Hi-hat cup screw 2 small rubber feet Bass drum felt beater Etc odds ends $50 shipped...
  18. hatandbeard

    Premier part piece

    Found a premier piece among my parts.. Anyone know what this would be used for I'm thinking maybe cowbell attachment or cymbal arm or cymbal post attachment. It is for sale but I don't know what to call it or what the price it at I appreciate the help