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  1. Mendozart

    5/22 TTO - Wishing You Were Here

    Really digging this one Will! Hope you are safe and well! :)
  2. Mendozart

    WTB early Sabian HH 16" crash and 10" Splash

    Looking for an early Sabian HH 16" crash and a 10" splash. I have a 17" crash that I may also use for a trade.
  3. Mendozart

    The return of Mod Orange!

    Always loved this picture of Jerry Jenkins Blaemire/Ludwig tribute build from 2008. He used Jammin Sams wrap. B)
  4. Mendozart


    Oh man, would love to hear this cymbal! B)
  5. Mendozart

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Just completed my set of original Sabian HH cymbals, with a pair of 13” hi hats. The set now consists of 13” hats, 17” and 18” crashes, and a 20” ride. It took me a couple years, but the wait was worth it!
  6. Mendozart

    13" Sabian HH info?

    Hey Dean, Do you know the weight on your 13's? BTW, I just picked up some original 13" HH's locally, absolutely love them!
  7. Mendozart

    12 hour road trip for a drum

    I just did a little road trip for some sweet 13" original Sabian HH hi hats. I looked at the traffic map at 5:00 on a Friday night through traffic. Less than two hours total round trip, couldn't believe it. It is awesome driving in LA right now! Btw, nice pick up KO!
  8. Mendozart

    Show us your Custom/Boutique drums!

    Holy crap Will, those are badass! B)
  9. Mendozart

    Ludwig short nut inserts.....

    I may have some, will check tomorrow when I get to work.
  10. Mendozart

    Peter Gabriel - "Secret World Live"

    I was lucky to catch this tour, the show was phenomenal! Manu is one of my favorites!
  11. Mendozart

    Back from the Grave

    Welcome back! Beautiful kit, be well and safe!
  12. Mendozart

    So this is what I've been doing while Sheltering in place

    Good stuff Dan! :)
  13. Mendozart

    2020 Chicago Drum Show 30th Anniversary: Roll Call!

    Me....definitely! :-)
  14. Mendozart

    The Shelter In-Place Drum Studio Remodel

    Hey David, Are the drums pictured, your old Blaemire kit? Greg
  15. Mendozart

    Avocado Green Galaxy "Supra" with Bowties!

    I just found this pic that I saved from 2015. Someone had wrapped their pitted Supra, and left the bead showing. Really like the way it came out. ;-)
  16. Mendozart

    I was fortunate

    So sorry for your loss. :-(
  17. Mendozart

    Have you had any gigs cancelled?

    Everything has been cancelled for me. My next gig is possibly 4th of July. :-(
  18. Mendozart

    how do I buff out a screwdriver scratch in a 70s Supraphonic LM402 nickel plating

    Lug gaskets on a 70’s Supra? :mellow:
  19. Mendozart

    2020 Chicago Drum Show 30th Anniversary: Roll Call!

    Haven’t bought my plane ticket yet, going to see how all this chaos pans out.