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  1. dcrigger

    Advice please: software to help in transcribing

    A - I would think any digital audio editing program - DAWS (Logic, Cubase, Reaper, etc) or Audacity would let you loop - even slow down chunk of audio. B - I would strongly advise not going in that direction at all. Notation software is a marvelous tool for many things - transcribing absolutely...
  2. dcrigger

    soft drumming vs hard drumming

    Two thoughts - 1. I don't think arranging all of these elements into two camps makes any sense. It's not like any of these elements sit at one end or the other of some yardstick - labeled Free, Complex, Improvisatory, Busier at one end and Structured, Simple, and Pre-determined at the other...
  3. dcrigger

    OT: what do you think of where you live?

    To be fair - CA is in a three way tie for 38th place regarding taxes. And if you look at the number of work days to meet all ltax obligations, it only takes Californians 4 days longer than the average American to complete that task. And as to say - with Pro Drum thrown in - it's not that bad...
  4. dcrigger

    OT: what do you think of where you live?

    I've lived in California since I was 8 - though for 35+ years, there wasn't a month that went by without me traveling someplace or another to gig. So of course I kept my eyes and ears open to other places - imagining what it might be move to a number that seemed appealing. But none of them...
  5. dcrigger

    Done with EBay and Reverb

    Maybe I just remember too well what it was like not that long ago. Classified ads-$$$ "Recycler" type listings - no pics or $$$ And after that expense, everything had to be in cash... in person (PITA and often dangerous) or argh, dealing with money orders. The idea of being able to take...
  6. dcrigger

    Done with EBay and Reverb

    Not buying/sellinh drums - but I'm selling (and occasionally buying) other stuff on Ebay all of the time with pretty much zero drama whatsoever.
  7. dcrigger

    Question about traditional grip

    I think "picturing" can lead one a stray with this a bit - the listening with your eyes syndrome. As for matched grip guys playing with the Rich band - I believe grip plays no part in that. But rather the generational shift in balance that's happened as we moved from a jazz/swing balance to a...
  8. dcrigger

    Question about traditional grip

    Never heard of it as the "prude grip" - but I've played that way 90% of the for years and years. So many sessions back and forth between snare and cross-stick - and then forever with Bacharach constantly doing the same thing. Just left stick butt out all the time. Like many my age - I learned...
  9. dcrigger

    10 Classic Rock Songs Powered by Drum Machine -- TP, U2 and Phil Collins

    There is a heck of a lot more than those. :-) And dtk is right - the CR-78 drum machine of Heart Of Glass didn't replace the drums - it was used in conjunction with the acoustic drums... a hybrid so to speak. (OMG did I just write "hybrid"???) :cool:
  10. dcrigger

    I've been tasked to see how to do a Virtual performance with my band! HELP!!!

    Dan - do you mean an online performance with different band members in different/simultaneous locations or a band all playing in the same room? The latter is relatively easy. The former, I believe, is virtually impossible. Maybe someone can chime in with contrary info - but I seriously doubt...
  11. dcrigger

    My at home recording mic set up. Suggestions welcomed.

    Hi Dan - some various thoughts.. Yes your PG's are the weakest mics in that set-out (I don't the Avantone at all - but they are really inexpensive - a pencil condenser with three separate capsules for $150?? - so I wouldn't suspect that they are any improvement over the PG's. You really have...
  12. dcrigger

    How long do you think before new gigs are viable and payable .

    Like others have suggested - it's not so much a time line - as a serious of events or milestones that have to happen before you see much in the way of crowds gathering for any purpose. Testing - contact tracing - simply more research and data collection - and of course the coveted vaccine or two...
  13. dcrigger

    Recording setups for drums while stuck at home

    The lion's share of my work these past 10 years has been recording at home... I've been lucky in my last place and current place to have little need for sound-proofing. So as I described in my "Shelter-In-Place Studio Rebuild" topic - in both places I've just repurposed bedrooms for this -...
  14. dcrigger

    Gregg Bisonette tearing it up!

    Not moongel - but rather my favorite... lengths of gaffer's tape folded to make little flaps that stick up. A flat piece of tape kills the high end without taming much else - where those flaps create more effect across a wider frequency range with less tape actually touching the head. That and...
  15. dcrigger

    Gregg Bisonette tearing it up!

    I've loved all of the work from this London based big band led by Louis Dowdeswell - but I think this is his first "everybody playing from home" outing...
  16. dcrigger

    GIGS are ON!

    Sorry but I can't say this good news for anyone - musicians or audience alike. But best of luck with it. Stay as safe as you can.
  17. dcrigger

    Doing a remote recording and asking for advice

    Nope - that's basically it. Not the only way - but actually the simplest and actually most foolproof. Source/click played on one device, monitored with headphones. Then record your performance audio and video on separate device. Hopefully the electronic kit choice is either a musical one or...
  18. dcrigger

    Odd Couple Intro

    A few years ago I was tasked with recreating a bunch of the tracks from the Disney movie, Moana - both drums and percussion. I think I posted about this one song at the time, that had just layers and layers of parts - weaving in and out. A whole bunch of more standard type sounds and then a...
  19. dcrigger

    Odd Couple Intro

    While you can make similar instruments with hard membranes for "heads" - like PVC caps. Real Boobams have heads - like the octabons (which were sort of a "manufactured" take of the same thing. But like so many instruments - every detail counts - so a change from natural bamboo to fiberglass...
  20. dcrigger

    Odd Couple Intro

    They are called Boo Bams - Originally made from bamboo - now for often from PVC pipes. I can't get the "Who Played That Theme?" series to come up on Youtube - but yes, though it was Earl playing drums - those boo bass would've likely been played by the...