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  1. bharrington

    Cappella The Drumstick People

    Along with the Buddy Rich stick in the 70's (which is a great stick), I believe they made a model for Steve Jordan in the 90's too, that I'd love to check out.
  2. bharrington

    Ludwig '70s Orphans Quarantine Restoration project

    Dig the JHB inspiration... I would probably make a plug of poplar for the center post mount, unless you want to get real nitty gritty and cut a plug from a scrap 3ply shell... Aside from the large hole, I've heard pretty good experience with Minwax Wood Filler. I believe it's stainable, but for...
  3. bharrington

    SOLD Tama Starclassic Maple 2000's Cherry Black

    Sorry, these are all gone.
  4. bharrington

    Wild Local 60's Ludwig Kit

    All my MI DFO people! Yes! Studrum! I did grow up in Ann Arbor - still here. Yes, this city has an incredibly rich musical history. Pretty much a who's who of Michigan 60's acts coming through the Fifth Dimension club alone - I just recently learned that the Who started their first ever US...
  5. bharrington

    Wild Local 60's Ludwig Kit

    Reminds me a bit of the 60's Rogers 16"(depth)x14"(dia) floor toms.
  6. bharrington

    WTB : Yamaha 14" Dyna Hoop Batter Hoop

    Looking for a nice 14" Yamaha 10-hole "DYNA HOOP" batter side hoop. Could also use ten short 4piccolo-length tension rods and some era-correct wires. Both for a 4"x14". B
  7. bharrington

    Wild Local 60's Ludwig Kit

    While on a hunt for photos of now-long-gone Ann Arbor, MI venue called The Fifth Dimension, I came across a scanned photo of local band "The Prime Movers," and was struck by the drummer's Ludwig kit. Looks like our drummer found a matching cocktail drum to use as a floor tom, 14"x22" bass drum...
  8. bharrington

    A true Bonham drum

    I was wondering about the punched B/O as well, but couldn't tell.
  9. bharrington

    A true Bonham drum

    This FT is so cool. I've never heard of the punched B/O endorsee badge before. Seems like a very bizarre thing to do, when they could've done something a little nicer or more official looking? But hey, they were just drums then. They didn't do this to John's thermogloss maple kit in 1969 or make...
  10. bharrington

    Ludwig Micro-Bop Bass Drum

    Love this - and those tymp toms are pretty useless anyway! Nice job. I really appreciate the sanded down white interior by the rerings, it really does look more original that way.
  11. bharrington

    Piccolo Throws (Ludwig & Yamaha)

    DFO - Looking for a 60's Ludwig piccolo throw (chrome) and 90's/00's Yamaha piccolo throw - these came on the absolute series for 4" deep drums. B
  12. bharrington

    SOLD Tama Starclassic Maple 2000's Cherry Black

    SOLD Hey all - Some cool early-2000's (my guess) Tama Starclassic Maple drums. Cherry Black finish w/ brushed nickel hardware. These drums are in mixed condition - the 10" and 12" toms are actually pretty nice. The 16" for some reason doesn't exactly match, but the finish sure still looks...
  13. bharrington

    Slingerland 70's 3ply Natural Maple 24/14/15/16

    Added a picture of the 11"x15", gives a better idea of the color.
  14. bharrington

    Snare Drum Purge - Premier Modern Classic, Slingerland RK, Tama Starclassic Maple

    Hey all - Three drums up on the block today. 7"x12" Premier Modern Classic Birch. This was sort of a "gateway" 7"x12" Brady for me, I have a few 7"x12"s now, but this was the first. This drum is like new aside from one circular nick. Thin beautiful birch shell. I'll include the Premier...
  15. bharrington

    Slingerland 70's 3ply Natural Maple 24/14/15/16

    Thanks! They are great drums... I have a huge bank of WMP shells from this era, so I really don't need this one. Hate to see it go but hate to not play it out.
  16. bharrington

    Slingerland 70's 3ply Natural Maple 24/14/15/16

    Hey all - I love these but just haven't played them enough. Awesome sounding drums, no extra holes, all original. I went through and completely cleaned up the 24", 14" and 16". I never used the 15" so it could use a cleaning. The finish on top of the 24" is quite worn. I like the slightly worn...