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    RIP Jimmy Cobb

    The last of the Kind of Blue session players.
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    What is it with lads?

    Hi there - As a male, I recognize I’m not the best person to opine on your experience. Women have always been disgustingly marginalized in male dominated fields. I would imagine your experience is very common for musicians who are female. You keep doing your thing and it will keep changing.
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    Modern Drummer...

    I'll join the chorus of drummers for whom Modern Drummer was incredibly meaningful. I started in 1989-90 and while I can't recall my first issue, it was very early in my drumming life. I would devour the magazine each month and then reread it daily until the next one came. And until a few years...
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    Manu Katché & The Scope - Bag’Show 2019 - part 1

    Good timing, I’ve been having a renewed interest in Manu Katche the last week or so.
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    OT: Small body acoustic guitars

    Hey all- Anyone know if this looks good? Seems less expensive than many other vintage Martin 00-18s and am wondering why...
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    Perception of Sound Between Brands

    I like this thread. Sure, just like with the wood thread, many other factors matter greatly and the differences can be modest; but we all have perceptions of different brands. That’s why we seek out certain drums in the first place! I would be very interested to hear more of people’s...
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    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    Yup, Mickey ruined Bill’s groove.
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    Weird hi hat opening sound

    It can also occur if your tension rod itself isn't screwed in tightly. Just dealt with that yesterday.
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    OT: Small body acoustic guitars

    Thanks so much, Santos!
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    OT: Small body acoustic guitars

    Thanks, guys!
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    OT: Small body acoustic guitars

    Thanks. She’s been playing guitar a long time but is a smaller person so she prefers a smaller one. We’ve been looking at old Martins and Gibsons. Want to get something awesome.
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    OT: Small body acoustic guitars

    Hi all - Does anyone know if there’s an equivalent forum to this one where I could ask questions of super knowledgeable players about small body acoustic guitars? And/or does anyone here know a lot? I know nothing at all! However, I’m trying to help my wife gather info to inform a purchase. Thanks!
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    "All woods sound the same" - is this a new song?

    The problem with this thread is that people are answering two very different questions: 1) Is there literally/scientifically a difference between the sound of different woods? Yes, sure, of course. 2) Is there more than a marginal difference in how various woods sound and if so, is it...
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    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Here's another one (though maybe this is just my own experience -- I'll be interested to know if others have found the same): The more active one is playing music with others, the less consumed they tend to be with gear. The times in my life in which I've been the most interested in gear have...
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    Hi-hat stand recommendations

    Also ... these lighter weight stands (e.g., Iron Cobra 200, Yamaha Crosstown) are intriguing. Apologies if this is a dumb question but one thing they lack that my old, heavy DW has is velcro on the bottom of the foot plate. Does the lack of that extra nonslip insurance affect anyone?
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    Hi-hat stand recommendations

    Thank you and apologies to all for a duplicate thread. I searched before posting but I guess not correctly!
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    Hi-hat stand recommendations

    I’ve been rocking the same DW 5000 hi-hat stand for around 20 years. It’s in rough shape so it’s finally time for a new one. I like the way it feels but would prefer something lighter. My objectives are a stand that’s somewhat lightweight but sturdy and of course, nice feeling. Given the...
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    Mixing Istanbul and K Cons?

    I’ll join the chorus of people saying there are no rules, up to and including mixing brands (most recently I’ve been jamming with Istanbul hats, a Bosphorus ride, and a Paiste ride). However, I’ll more specifically add that I have mixed K Con and Istanbul to great effect. I wouldn’t give it a...
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    Flat or Angled?

    I mix it up. I get inspired by different setups.
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    Where/how did the "dead drum sound" of the later '70s begin?

    I also love the sound. I think it’s as simple as this: without much effort, one can make that sound sit nicely in the mix. And as recording advances in the late 60s, into the 70s, that was a huge benefit. And then of course, like anything, it just becomes popular. But it’s a very pleasing sound...