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    Pearl Masters Maple Reserve Snare 6.5 x 14

    Pearl Masters Maple Reserve Snare Drum - 6.5 x 14 10/10 condition. 4 ply 5mm 100% maple shell with 4 ply 100% maple reinforcement rings. Super high gloss finish. STL65 Tube lugs. Fat Tone Hoops. Pearl Colour #359 Twilight Burst. Price is firm - no trades. Can deliver in the Greater Toronto Area...
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    Who is the one bassist you would love to jam with?

    Hard to pick just one - Lee Sklar, Stevie Wonder (synth bass), Rocco Prestia
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    14” 8 lug brass plated die cast hoops

    Thanks - yes, I'm really pleased with how this turned out. DFD mentioned in my correspondence with them that the undersized die cast hoops they sell is a known issue and they do make that known on their site. They said that Remo are likely to have a better fit but I'm a Evans endorser so that's...
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    14” 8 lug brass plated die cast hoops

    Thank you - yes, I really love how this turned out. I'm trying to do the same to the 5.5 x 14 I have in this same series. Hence the request trying to source brass plated 8 lug brass plated die cast hoops. Very hard to find! However, I will persist - lol.
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    14” 8 lug brass plated die cast hoops

    Here’s the 6.5 x 14 - I’ve made a few changes on this drum from the original hardware: tube lugs, die cast hoops, new throw, new butt plate. From this: To this:
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    14” 8 lug brass plated die cast hoops

    Heads are Evans EC2 coated (Level 360) or Remo Ambassador (batter), Evans 300 series snare head (360) or Remo clear diplomat snare head. The drum is a 5.5 x 14 Pearl Custom Classic One Piece Maple. My preference is to find/use die cast to match a 6.5 x 14 Custom Classic I have. However, if I...
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    14” 8 lug brass plated die cast hoops

    Hello Ptrick - thanks for your response - yes, I tried the DrumFactoryDirect hoops - they're too tight. It's a problem DFD acknowledges. I have had correspondence with them where they mentioned that they were working with their supplier to try and address the undersized issue. Cheers -
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    14” 8 lug brass plated die cast hoops

    Does anyone know of a source for 14” 8 lug, brass plated, die cast hoops? Looking for batter side and snare side. Thanks.
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    Pearl 1.6mm Fat Tone Hoops

    It appears that Pearl is making these for 14” 10 hole drums for batter side and snare side. They also make a 14” 8 hole batter side but not 14” 8 hole snare side - too bad. I think these would be great on 8 lug snares! If possible, could you please ask Gene if they are thinking of adding the 14”...
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    L-Rod Bar Arm with 12.7mm post and 1" down tube

    Yes - I think the Tama/Gibraltar combo could work, however, I was hoping to find an integrated item. If I can't find one, I may go the Gibraltar SC-SP and SC-LBL route. It gets a bit pricey purchasing the separate items. Here is the SC-SP...
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    L-Rod Bar Arm with 12.7mm post and 1" down tube

    Hello - does anybody have ideas where I could acquire a simple L-Rod Bar Arm with a 12.7mm knurled post and and 1" down tube. I find the Gretsch tom holders quite bulky and I'm trying find a tom holder with a simpler set up/footprint. Gibraltar makes a L-Rod bar arms with a 12.7mm knurled post...
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    Pearl MCX Masters Snare 6.5 x 14 with soft case $450.00

    This is a 6.5 x 14, 10 lug, 6 ply Pearl MCX Masters Maple Snare. Root Beer Fade, Evans UV1 batter head, Evans 300 clear snare head, Puresound snare wires, Die Cast hoops. Soft case included. Can deliver in/near Toronto, Canada. No trades. Excellent condition! This things pops!
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    Best modern replacement for an old-style Ludwig butt?

    Bongomania - have you considering using one of these? I have these on two of my Ludwig snares - they work great.
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    10" 6 Hole Die-Cast Snare Side Hoop (Chrome)

    Hello - does anyone know of any availability of, or company making a 10" 6 Hole Die-Cast Hoop for the Snare Side (Chrome)? Thanks - C
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    Major Ludwig Bummer

    I use these: They may be slightly bulky for some, but I find the build solid and they fit perfectly. Available in chrome or black.
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    Looking for Pearl Masters Studio MBX Bass Drum 20 x 14 or 20 x16

    I'm looking for a Pearl Masters Studio MBX Bass Drum 20 x 14 or 20 x16 in Black Mist (Pearl colour #122). I can offer a Pearl Masters MMX 14 x 5.5 snare (Pearl colour #102 natural maple) as part of a cash/trade deal.
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    Need A Pearl Free Floating Chassis - 10 Lug

    I need a Pearl Free Floating Chassis 10 lug with lugs posts to accommodate 3.5" shell. I will be in Cheshire CT on April 26,27,& 28 if anyone has one of these chassis available - or shipping to Cheshire (06410) could be an option. Thanks.
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    20's Ludwig snare butt plate 1 & 7/8"

    I'm looking for a butt plate for a 20's Ludwig & Ludwig Standard snare drum. The hole spacing for the butt plate is 1 & 7/8".
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    Ludwig 1123/1124 Hi Hat upper pull rod

    Just ordered two from Guitar Center - $11.99 each with free shipping to US address.
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    Ludwig 1123/1124 Hi Hat upper pull rod

    Hey everyone - thanks for these responses - that's great news about the Gibraltar rods working for these stands! Mike and 1966bmx, did you purchase from for these? On a general note - I have had great service from the team. Charlie