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    Any long term Iron Cobra / Speed Cobra users here?

    I was supposed to buy a pedal earlier today and I was leaning towards the speed cobra, but I was quickly put off by the test units they had at the store - they had a couple of speed and iron cobras connected to demo e drums. The hinges on all the test units and I mean the current high end ones...
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    Neil Peart retiring from drumming

    Hope it's not true and they're just cooking up something big. Either way NP has achieved decades ago what most of us can only dream about. Enjoy your retirement Mr. Peart
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    Dave Grohl's play

    Gotta love Dave Grohl. He upped the solo project approach with awesome guitar riffs, incredible playing and great production. Jump to 8:22 to get to the meat of things.
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    OT Scary Pockets

    New Indie band of Jack Conte of Pomplamoose fame. Same concept as pomplamoose in that they cover pop songs and give them a modern funky twist. Really fun renditions of radio hits
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    OT Ben folds composes a song in ten minutes

    Not bad at all
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    Looking to buy a snare drum bag?

    Check out the pro series snare bags from Chromacast. Just got mine a few days ago. Very nice looking bag - plush interior lining, big zippers, sufficient padding and nice synthetic leather material...really really well made AND it has a separate compartment for extra heads... or really for...
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    Unusual but great cover!

    No tempo, no form but the drummer nails it :jerk:
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    Yamaha Recording Custom reissue

    Looks and sounds very good. Reworked but still has the distinct RC look and vibe. Now made in china but Yamaha's throwing the Steve Gadd card so I don't think prices will be down significantly compared to the japan made ones.
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    OT: Foo Fighters invitation to play

    Watch below. Looks very could the Foo Fighters not accept this invitation?
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    OT: Foo Fighters invitation to play

    Sorry for the double post. Please delete. Thanks
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    OT Jeff Beck's Nadia...

    ...was a remake of this song apparently. Nadia is one of my favorites in Jeff Beck's Ronnie Scott's concert but have to admit, I like the original more. The main song starts at the 2:50 mark.
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    Jimmy Chamberlin back with the Smashing Pumpkins

    Not sure if this has already been discussed but JC will be touring again with The Smashing Pumpkins starting July. He has a really distinct sound that happens to really fit well with the band. Have to admit though, Mike Byrne did a very good job staying true to the SP sound. Read about it...
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    Dennis Chambers back in action, looking great

    Saw this on Zildjian's facebook page, photos were taken during his clinic at the Drum Center. Happy to see him looking great, and back in action!
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    OT: kneebody

    Avant-garde music but imo not hard to appreciate Excellent drumming by Nate Wood. Sounds alot like Mark Guiliana
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    OT: Dubai Police Cars

    Want to drive a super car? Join the Dubai police
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    Pen Beats

    Want to bug your teachers to death? Do this in class...
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    OT Jean Claude who?!

    If there was one man who could top Van Damme's volvo ad, it's this guy
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    OT Maisie & Neville by David Beats Goliath

    Beautiful song by David beats Goliath
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    Cool display of metric modulation

    At this level it's no longer just about mastering becomes a mental thing