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    Sleishman Pro Series Drumset, Rare Macassar Ebony Veneer- $3500 (VA)

    Awesome drums. I love mine but more importantly everyone that hears them loves the sound. Don't see many, anywhere, that come up for sale.
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    Multinational common language ...

    Cool as. It says a lot of what could be possible.
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    Hardcases_ $$$or $$$$$$

    Thanks to all for the replies. My question wasn't really questioning the protective value but I don't understand why a hardcase costs so much. I look at the cost in Aust, the US, UK and while the cost is comparatively different, they cost a chunk of dollars. The product is just extruded...
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    Hardcases_ $$$or $$$$$$

    I've always used soft cases... But I decided to "upgrade" to hardcases recently. Why are they so expensive? Doesn't seem to matter where in the world or which brand $$$$$. I Could buy a nice kit for just about the same price. Why? Material cost? Relatively small production n numbers? I just...
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    Sleishman Drums

    Never had any problem fitting them into standard softcases or hardcases.
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    Sleishman Drums

    I've got a bubinga sleishman kit (8,10,12,14,16,20) plus an ironwood snare. Sounds awesome live.. Full, rich and incredibly beautiful.
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    Anyone here living in Bangkok? Also i really recommend "cabbages and condoms".. (lovely setting and excellrnt good". Dont let the name put you off.. tead what the resraurant is all about before dismissing it.
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    Anyone here living in Bangkok?

    Best place to eat.. most of the street vendors, super cheap, authentic and really (really) good. Try "if it swims we have it" get the concierge ftom the hotel to arrange the taxi or uou get tsken to some very ordinary very expensive tourist trap. Ill post a review with address after thid post.
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    Buying Snare Bag in Australia

    Always 20% off if you ask anywhere... Or walk out.. The idea though of cheap drums stuff in Australia (I laugh quietly to myself) Can't vouch for the quality of these but they do seem inexpensive...
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    OT- Excel help

    Or as an alternative; For column B you can use conditional formating. Goto conditional formatting Highligh rules-->more rule and select "use a forula to determine which cells to format. I used the formula =istext(B2) (the cell with "Hourly", Then select the format, fill - and pick a color. For...
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    Weirdest cymbal you own... that you love

    I bought not one but two bell type cymbals (that's not the correct term.. 6 inches, just the cup, heavy and sound like a church bell). I love the sound but never found any application for them, even doing Pink Floyd covers, or the intro to ACDC's :Hells Bells. They sat in a box for maybe 6...
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    Going straight to the source for Turkish-made cymbals

    Most interesting (in a good way) holiday I ever had was Turkey. I bought a about 25 cymbals .. Lots from the Bosphorus factory . Compared to prices in Australia at the time were about a third. I guess different people, different times, different results
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    wood hoops

    I like the tone of the cross stick and a generally warmer sound. I don't get the same attack, sharpness, for a rim shot as I would with metal rims. A pain in getting them into the stand (and I'm too cheap to buy another, I resorted to a bit of metal bending ... not sure I would bother with a...
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    Sleishman maple shells .... are they australian or Keller ?

    Did you get an answer?
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    How Do You Judge a Drummer?

    Whenever I try and judge a drummer I remember that I'm in audience and he's got the gig... must be doing something better than me
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    Sleishman maple shells .... are they australian or Keller ?

    it would be useful if you could ask them.. I'd like to know
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    Sleishman maple shells .... are they australian or Keller ?

    The top end/Custom kit I bought had the (bubinga) shells made in China, not from Keller. At least that was what I was told and highlighted when one of the floor tom shells went missing in shipment. Different for Maple?
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    Sleishman maple shells .... are they australian or Keller ?

    Or at the least those sold in Aust come from China. Those sold in the US may be different given the economics
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    Sleishman maple shells .... are they australian or Keller ?

    They were all Australian shells many many years ago. Now they come from China...
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    the little finger and little bits of paper

    Did an interesting exercise last night.. I had to place a postage size piece of paper between the little finger of each hand and the stick, and play. Predictably (?) I spent most of the night trying to find little bits of paper on the floor! Looked like wedding confetti by the time I was done. I...