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    Drum key stuck on tension screw.

    Next time buy Ludwigs..... <_<
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    Using a crash as a ride

    I move my 20" GB from a Bonham set as a crash to another smaller set (22,13,16) as a Ride, I have a 19" Giant Beat that sounds even better as a ride on a Bop Kit.
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    The 100 Greatest Rock Drum Performances Of All Time.

    Yeah, like take one of Portnoys and add one from Budgie (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
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    The 100 Greatest Rock Drum Performances Of All Time.

    Another stupid list. Let me make the same list and put my own favorite drummers performance at number one.
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    Cascio Interstate Music could cease operation in April, 2020

    Maybe they got some stimulus govt loans and kept some people and just shipping stuff online from ebay and AZ? Just a guess.
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    Cascio Interstate Music could cease operation in April, 2020

    Cascio is back online on Amazon, good prices. Right now you can get items from them, DCP and others faster than Amazon Prime. Best time to support the independents.
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    Advice: BD Cymbal Mount on 3-Ply Drums

    I dont know if there are cheap "poplar" shells with just 3 plys out there, I would not do it on something like that
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    Your current favorite ride

    19" Giant Meat :toothy10: Beat Multi on a Bop Kit
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    Who is the one bassist you would love to jam with?

    Derek Forbes, if hes not around then Bernard Edwards, but then again hes not around :( so Derek Forbes it is! John Paul Jones would be nice too, but given the other drummer he played with for all those years, I would just suck! :D
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    John Bonham and Zildjian

    To me LZ1 does not sound like Paistes, definitely not Giant Beats, maybe 602's. but sounds more like Zildjian A's . The whole drum sound is different, still good though! Love the 22/13/16 setup, I made a hodgepodge set like that but used PST7s and it sounds much like the LZ1 sound.
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    What Year Did you begin drumming?

    The Spirit of 1976, 9 yrs old !
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    Paiste Giant Beasts

    Amazon has no clue what these are, never had, looks like never will! Search Paiste Giant Beat and you get this: Did you mean paiste giant beast They make billions and still..
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    You just won 50 million dollars on the lottery.

    None, between all the many sets we have, I dont need anything else! I'd just buy a bigger house for these sets instead!
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    New kit ordered - Ludwig Classic Maple

    Both coated Ambassadors and Emperors sound great on my CM's, tuned a bit tight is perfect. Not good results with pinstripes or evans coated. The vintage emps is a tad to muffled for me, but better for ludalloy snare.
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    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    An 18" deep bass drum can sound good, so can a 16" , 14"s are great too, depends on what you play and how its tuned. I've never heard a Sabian or Meinl I liked. Zildjian Ks are overrated, and that logo is ugly. Dont like anything Gretch or DW puts out, Would rather get a PDP for the price.
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    Drilling a Supra for internal tone control

    I know its an old thread, but I just recently installed the Ludwig P40662 tone control on a LM402 from the early 2000's. No issues screwing up the plating. I put blue gaffer tape in the surrounding areas, drilled from outside in 1-3/4" from top of bearing edge for top screw and used the metal...
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    18" Giant beat pairing - suggestions?

    16" thin 2002 would pair if you go smaller 19" PST 7 thin or medium of you want to go bigger on a budget
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    Do vintage drums have lead paint?

    Only the ones that sound like Zeppelin.
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    carmine appice

    I think of him as the Godfather of rock and roll drumming. Happy Birthday!