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    16th notes on the hat (single handed)

    Vinnie's 3 over 4 pattern and playing over the bar line on seven days is a good exercise in that it makes you comfortable playing each note of the 16th once you get used to the pattern. Great way to develop muscle memory and fluidity. Start slow Another tasty application of the 16th:
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    Headphones Recommendation Needed Please

    DT880 for mixing. Most neutral among the 3 beyers mentioned above, but, same as the dt990, it's open, thus won't block outside noise. For monitoring, DT770 (closed). Check out the shure SRH440. Very neutral sounding closed cans. Currently $99 Better than its Audio Technica counterpart, the M40x...
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    Gibraltar 2 Leg Hi Hat stand

    That looks solid! I have been using the same Gibraltar hihat stand for around 15 years now. Zero issues. They're heavy but they could surely take a beating
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    Any long term Iron Cobra / Speed Cobra users here?

    Thanks everyone for chiming in. Really helped in my decision (I was considering the pearl elims because of the issues with the tama test pedals). But I went with the power glide IC. Initially wanted to buy the sc - better value being just around 10 usd more expensive than the ic and it comes...
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    Any long term Iron Cobra / Speed Cobra users here?

    Probably that's why Tama's including a multi tool if you buy a speed cobra. No problem for me as long as it's not wear and tear
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    Any long term Iron Cobra / Speed Cobra users here?

    I was supposed to buy a pedal earlier today and I was leaning towards the speed cobra, but I was quickly put off by the test units they had at the store - they had a couple of speed and iron cobras connected to demo e drums. The hinges on all the test units and I mean the current high end ones...
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    Neil Peart retiring from drumming

    1st time I heard that he's retiring from playing. But I don't follow news of them though. Perhaps you're right abt people not wanting it to be true. I for one would still like to experience a Rush concert
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    Neil Peart retiring from drumming

    Hope it's not true and they're just cooking up something big. Either way NP has achieved decades ago what most of us can only dream about. Enjoy your retirement Mr. Peart
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    New Jojo Perfect Balance Standard Pedal

    That looks nice. Should be called the iPedal
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    Dave Grohl's play

    Gotta love Dave Grohl. He upped the solo project approach with awesome guitar riffs, incredible playing and great production. Jump to 8:22 to get to the meat of things.
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    Anything comparable to Ultraphones ?

    The Audio Technica M50x might work for your needs. They sound really good and are built like a tank.
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    New Top Ten list, from a bass player

    Some names probably arguable but Gadd, Matt C. And Max W. shouldn't be in anyone's worst drummers list imo. What I'd like to see is his top 10.
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    Advice - Does this look dumb?

    This. Yamaha used to make a kick drum add-on that serves as support for their oversized rack toms. It's basically a pipe that runs the inside of the shell (top to bottom). The fact that they created this makes me think that even in context the shell alone could only handle so much weight...
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    OT Scary Pockets

    Thanks for the recommendation Animaal and Saladdaze! Really smooth tunes I can listen to all day. Also fun to drum to!
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    OT Scary Pockets

    Ditto! Also seems like all of them are genuinely having fun while playing.
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    OT Scary Pockets

    New Indie band of Jack Conte of Pomplamoose fame. Same concept as pomplamoose in that they cover pop songs and give them a modern funky twist. Really fun renditions of radio hits
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    OT Ben folds composes a song in ten minutes

    Cool! Will check this out. I don't follow his work but I like his sound. A friend of mine got me hooked on a few Eels and flaming lips tunes which sound similar to Ben Folds' work
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    Steel snare drums under $200

    80's MIJ yamaha steel snare drums Also there's a Yamaha kabuto snare for sale in the classifieds -
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    OT Ben folds composes a song in ten minutes

    Not bad at all
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    Single mic drum recording

    Another vote for Zoom if you're looking for a standalone mic (x/y stereo). I have an H5...any of the "H" series would work well for your needs. You can also mount it onto your dslr. If you go the H4n / H5 or H6 route, being multi track recorders, you can connect additional mics for better...