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  1. swarfrat

    Field Drums

    Something I just love about these things. It's not that far off my "ideal" snare sound. I'm always at odds with getting enough snare without the note, but still have some decay on the snare, and an overall low pitch. (And I really don't get into the modern marching snare sound at all.) I...
  2. swarfrat

    In praise of the 26" bass drum

    My 7yo was on his drum kit today, and I was on mine. I wish I could remember what he said, but he definitely noticed the difference between his (18") bass drum and the 26. "Why is your bass drum so much beefier" isn't the exact words he said, but he got out from behind his kit to come over and...
  3. swarfrat

    depth and single heads

    I've seen a number of threads out there on shell depth. But most of them were assuming two heads. It seems that the single headed drum is another animal. What's the impact for concert toms? Obviously at one end you have octobans and the other end you have the Traps kit. Power toms came after the...
  4. swarfrat

    2112 Percussion - youtube channel!

    Just a plug for my LDS new video channel, and what better way for me to plug em than with a monster sized snare drum: (Not affiliated, just a customer)
  5. swarfrat

    Craigslist Special: Custom Drum Set $325

    Apparently "CB" stands for "Custom Built"
  6. swarfrat

    70's cymbals - Bill Maxwell

    I've been thinking of adding some Zildjian A's to the stable (Currently playing APX), and it occured to me that since Bill Maxwell played on a bunch of the stuff I cut my teeth on, that might not be a bad place to start. But since I hadn't listened critically to much of that in years, decades...
  7. swarfrat

    Sweetwater's Bohemian Rhapsody

    Sweetwater doing a recreation of Bohemian Rhapsody - Nick really shines on this one:
  8. swarfrat

    Practice pads - snare sound?

    I see a couple different pads out there have some sort of rattle plate. If you've tried it, does it do anything other than make you feel better about it? ie - does it have any sort of functional bearing on practicing drags/buzz rolls, etc... Doesn't seem like it would be terribly sensitive. Is...
  9. swarfrat

    Not sounding hokey in 3/4

    I'm sure I'm not alone in being lost (or nearly so) in 3/4 time behind the kit. It's something I'd like to work on, and I'm also searching for examples/videos/books/essential listening etc... I know that once upon a time country still made use of 3/4 - particularly with snare on 3 only. I've...
  10. swarfrat

    foot loose - hi hat lessons

    So i've decided to work on my foot work. Most videos I've found dealing with hi hat technique deal almost exclusively with hitting them.Im specifically interested in the foot technique. Anyone have any videos and / or essential listening?
  11. swarfrat

    Blast beats are so last decade...

    If two pedals isn't fast enough for you...
  12. swarfrat

    Better call Uber - 50 rides compared

    15 minutes of playing the same pattern with 50 rides. Not the most riveting youtube fodder, but perhaps enlightening. Only Zildjians, but the results didn't shock me after my latest aquisition. I think my favorite all around ride was the very first one - Zildjian A medium 20". And I'm kinda glad...
  13. swarfrat

    No leg hat stands

    Anyone using a no-leg hat stand, and if you are how do you have it secured? I have an older Gibraltar JZ liquid drive stand, and it's the last remaining legs sticking out into the floor space. I have a floor tom leg bracing it to the Stealth Rack, but it seems that it needs to be fixed in two...
  14. swarfrat

    Gibraltar uprights - removable?

    I'm trying to get my right side toms about 1-5" higher. The toms themselves only need to go less than an inch higher, but if I had 4-5" to work with I could get a better geometry on the double tom mount I think. I see they sell an upright tube end hardware. I wasn't paying attention last time...
  15. swarfrat

    PSA - MF Shipping

    Just a PSA - Musicians Friend is shipping packages with restrictions that do not allow you to have your packages held for pickup at a UPS or Fedex location. If this matters to you, please be aware. Guess I'll need to watch my blood sugar after the next order.
  16. swarfrat

    flesh hoops - cloth head?

    I've never messed with actual skin heads. While interesting, I'm not ready to jump in any time soon. But I saw something about the Evans Hybrid fabric head and it got me thinking about trying a canvas head on the kid's kit, which despite being stuffed to the gills with polyfill, and measuring...
  17. swarfrat

    3rd rack tom 10 or 14?

    Ok, at the risk of turning into Bandit Jr. I'm sort of on the prowl for another add on tom. Before the gigging jazz drummer crew piles on, this kit does not leave the house. I play for fun. Mostly into 80's heavy rock. The kit is a Gretsch Catalina club 26/13/18 with black dots. I've added a...
  18. swarfrat

    Ride cymbal - Floor Tom coupling

    Trying a new setup - right side stealth rack came in this weekend, finally got a chance to set it up after the kid went to bed. I managed to get my ride cymbal down low - about 6" over the floor tom, but I bumped the ride and all of a sudden this low frequency huuuummmm started building and...
  19. swarfrat

    Emperor Snare Side - how high will it go?

    Okay - I know this isn't the most popular head around, but I've read some folks saying that it's fine as long as its cranked. But ... what is cranked? I'm putting this on a 15" drum I'm trying to tame a bit of wire harshness on. My thinking is that the bigger drum can probably tolerate a little...
  20. swarfrat

    barely used Remo 26" CS black dot

    Probably doesnt make sense to ship this one. $20 for a barely played 26" black dot head. Durham / RTP area. Put it on, tuned it up, hated it immediately. Tried again a year later. Same results.