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    OT: the worst band name

    I played with those guys for a few was a great band name!
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    whats the deepest snare you have ever had on a kit?

    I've also seen a few players use marching sized snares (12x15)...although the deepest I've personally ever used was 7" deep
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    Who else does this?

    Same here....I always line up the head logos with the badge/vent holes.... always have, probably always will....
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    Do You Play a Vintage Snare With Your Modern Kit?

    Absolutely...I have around 20 or so vintage snares of various manufacturers that I'll play out with my Yamaha MCA's. It depends on the desired sound (and the venue) as to which snare gets selected of course... at the moment I've been using a Radio King (clamshell strainer) with the Yammies'.....
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    Yamaha guys, have you tried this? (tom mount setup)

    Well now that's pretty darn swell thinking..... I'm going to try this setup. Thanks for the idea...
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    What's the most you have spent on a snare - and is it now your one and only?

    I spent $650 on a 1960 Slingerland Super Krupa Clamshell Strainer in Capri Pearl a few years back.... but it's only 1 of 23 snares in the stable... I sold off 8 others over the past year. I will not likely spend that much on a snare ever again...
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    I played in Drum Corps many moons ago (in the 70's).... played bass drum ,then tenors in a small corps from NJ, then played Tenors in a DCI corps called the Hawthorne Muchachos from NJ, then played snare in the Bayonne Bridgemen & Hawthorne Caballeros. I also played snare throughout HS...
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    Slingy Capri Pearls

    I really love this finish...I have a circa 1960 Super Krupa (Radio King) with the Clamshell Strainer in Capri Pearl.... it's one of my favorite "go-to" snares
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    Best drum polish?

    Visit your closest Pep Boys or AutoZone... any of the Meguiars or Mother's Polishes will work great. I finish off the polishing of my wrapped drums with an auto detailing spray; (again Meguiars or Mothers work great).
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    OT - Ginger or Mary Ann

    Hello???? MaryAnn all the way! The girl next door....(who turned out to be wilder than we all thought as she got older).... :wink:
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    What is the worst drum set that you ever owned?

    The worst I owned was the first kit I ever bought (with paper route money)... it was a "Barclay" made by Pearl in the 60's. Garbage....even though I put real heads on the kit. If I had only known better and was smart enough (and had enough money) in those days to get the bearing edges re-cut...
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    New Respect for, ahem, Musicals

    Although they are not my primary gig, I've been playing musicals (community theater, colleges, high schools, etc), for years..... you are correct about needing to read, as well as needing to always watch and listen. It's really fun though after you get the hang of it. Good for you stepping...
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    Got PVC??

    Yup...I believe they call it a Tubulum (pronounced Tube-bu-Lum)...Blue Man group's been using these for years... still cool nonetheless
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    Pomplamoose Christmas commercial

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    OT: Remember Chariots Of The Gods ?

    I read his books in the 70's as well. He's back on the radar with all this nonsense (hopefully nonsense) about 2012 being the end of everything. The History Channel really pumps up all this material with these doom and gloom shows, as well as the Ancient Astronauts stuff..... interesting...
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    Here's a snare drum you need Played By Gene Crooper

    I'll wait for the Steve Gourd model.....
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    Shoes, socks, or barefoot?

    I have always played in sneakers...even if I'm wearing a tux or dressier clothes, I'll bring sneakers to play in, then change back to shoes between sets.
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    Slingerland Stage band or Ludwig lug drums

    I've owned three sets of Clubdates over the last 10 years and they were (and are) among the best sounding drums I've owned. I agree that they are best for Jazz, followed by Classic Rock type settings, but they are warm and easy to tune. I've used them live and in recording settings... I...
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    this seems like a heck of a deal for vintage

    Excuse me..... he did say these were verified by a "Master" folks.... lots of legitimacy in that statement (Of course it was Master Yoda who told him this)... :blink:
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    Need Guidance Looking for Surgeons in NYC Area (Drumming Related)

    Thanks for the info everyone...I'm calling my buddy now.