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    OT: Small body acoustic guitars

    Hi all - Does anyone know if there’s an equivalent forum to this one where I could ask questions of super knowledgeable players about small body acoustic guitars? And/or does anyone here know a lot? I know nothing at all! However, I’m trying to help my wife gather info to inform a purchase. Thanks!
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    Hi-hat stand recommendations

    I’ve been rocking the same DW 5000 hi-hat stand for around 20 years. It’s in rough shape so it’s finally time for a new one. I like the way it feels but would prefer something lighter. My objectives are a stand that’s somewhat lightweight but sturdy and of course, nice feeling. Given the...
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    Paiste 20” Black Label Ride

    Looking for a great one from the 70s ...
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    Paiste 20" 2002 Black Label Rides

    I'm editing this thread because where initially I was seeking advice on a certain ride vibe I was going for, I'm now focused on buying a 20" Paiste 2002 black label from the 70s. I'd appreciate any info from Paiste experts on weight ranges (having trouble nailing that piece down) and any simple...
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    Nick Mason Appreciation Thread

    Hi everyone, First and foremost, I hope that everyone on this forum and their loved ones are staying healthy and peaceful. Second, I searched and couldn't find a thread solely devoted to Nick Mason. I've always been a fan but for whatever reason, I'm finding Pink Floyd to be perfect corona...
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    Help me choose a new snare drum

    I've been exclusively playing the same snare for the last > 15 years: an awesome 7 x 14 Bison. I love it but I'm ready to add something new to the mix. Ideally, I want something very warm sounding, with sensitivity and an ability to have a pleasing throaty "rattle" to it (not sure how best to...
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    Michael Kiwanuka's Live Drummer

    I recently had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite current artists live, Michael Kiwanuka. He and his band were absolutely amazing! The drummer was A+ but despite my best Google sleuthing, I can't figure out who it was, and I'm pretty sure it's not who's on the records. Anyone know?
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    Richie Hayward

    Hi all- I’ve been really into the John Cale album Paris 1919 from 1973. Great, unique record! Richie Hayward is on drums and plays beautifully. Anyone know what his drum and cymbal setup may have been back then? Thanks!
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    Old Hi-Hat Cymbals Question

    I recently bought a pair of late 50s (maybe early 60s) Zildjian hi-hats from another Forum member. I love them! The two cymbals have differently sized center holes. I of course know many older cymbals have smaller diameter holes but is it common that two hi-hat cymbals of the same era would have...
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    7A Barrel Tip

    Does anyone know if any stick manufacturers make a standard 7A but with a barrel tip? Thanks.
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    Zildjian date?

    Zildjian experts- Thoughts on the date of this stamp? Late 50s? Thank you!
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    15” Zildjian A hi-hats - 1950s

    I’m looking for some 1950s era A hats. Anyone have a pair they’d like to part with at a reasonable price?
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    15” 1950s As vs OMs

    My main hi-hats the last few years have been 15” Istanbul OMs. Lately, the one isssue I’ve always had with them (that at times they’re a little too “metallic” sounding if that makes sense) has been bothering me more. They’re feeling not musical enough to my ears. In my my mind I keep thinking...
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    Fear of changing a head

    I'm having an issue that I wonder if others deal with: I can't decide whether to change my snare batter head. The drum sounds great now but it's old and worn with no coating left. Plus I know I have a lot of heavy playing/recording coming up and historically, I've found there to be some "break...
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    Best tape for not leaving residue

    Hi all - I like to sometimes dampen cymbals with tape - usually just modestly. Does anyone have opinions on the best tape to use to avoid difficult-to-remove residue?
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    22" Constantinople Medium

    I'm looking for a thinner 22" Constantinople Medium but not interested in a Medium-Thin. Ideally something < 2700 grams. Please let me know if you may be willing to part with one. Thank you.
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    Zildjian afficinados - help!

    After searching this board and the Internet in general, I'm still puzzled trying to figure out some of the core differences among the Keropes vs the Constantinoples and then within the Constantinoples, some of the models (e.g., Renaissance vs Medium vs. Medium Thin Low vs. Medium Thin High...
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    21" or 22" Istanbul Mel Lewis Rides

    Ideally with no rivets. Thanks!
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    22" Istanbul Mel Lewis

    All- The 21" Mel Lewis seems to get most of the attention (and it deserves a lot of attention - a great cymbal). Has anyone had experience with the 22" ride? Thanks.
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    20" Bosphorus Masters Vintage

    Anyone have one they'd like to part with? Thanks.