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  1. gutenberg

    Toca KickBoxx

    A true suitcase drumset, coming soon from Toca. Street price is around $425
  2. gutenberg

    Your Wish List

    If there WAS a Santa, what would be on your drum wish list? Mine: Oaklawn Camco kit Premier Resonator kit Engraved Black Beauty My 1959 Blue Sparkle Ludwigs that I traded in like an idiot for a Pearl wood-fiberglass kit back in the late 70s
  3. gutenberg

    Sabian 19" HH Classic Sizzle Ride (2008)

    Factory-installed rivets $195 + $24 shipping in USA (or trade for 15" AAX hi-hats)
  4. gutenberg

    Gracy 5.5x14 snare drum

    Gracy 5.5x14 (1970s) MIJ wood snare Marine Pearl $150 + $28 FedEx shipping in USA
  5. gutenberg

    **SOLD** PDP Concept Maple 5pc kit - Black Sparkle Lacquer

    18x22 bass drum w/tom holder 8x10 tom 9x12 tom 14x16 floor tom w/legs 5.5x14 snare Practically brand new -- played out once. **SOLD**
  6. gutenberg

    Camco snare price check

    Just got this 1960s Camco Oaklawn 5x14 8-lug Studio snare in Black Diamond Pearl. Chrome is 99% perfect, G.Way beer tap throwoff is intact and works properly, has the matte white interior. Any estimates on today's value?
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    Product Mgr gig

    In the new issue of The Music Trades: D'Addario is seeking a Product Manager for Evans Drumheads and Promark Drumsticks (Farmingdale NY office) Apply at:
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    SOLD—Sabian AAX 17" Freq Crash

    Brand new, with the new logo. SOLD
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    *SOLD* DW Performance kit - Gun Metal Gray Lacquer

    DW Performance Series Gun Metal Grey Metallic Lacquer HVX maple shells -18x24 bass drum - virgin -10x14 tom, no mount (cut down from 12x14 by Precision) (stand not included) -16x18 floor tom w/legs built July 2013 perfect condition! $1200 + FedEx shipping Soft cases for all 3 drums = +$100
  10. gutenberg

    Mardi Gras Wrap

    I was quite pleased to find a company (Walopus) offering Mardi Gras wrap, as I've been looking to rewrap a snare drum in that cool finish, so I ordered a 6x14 sheet from them. It arrived the other day and I was very disappointed. It is NOT the Mardi Gras Sparkle like I was expecting, but rather...
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    The Percussion Industry

    The new Music Trades magazine has data on percussion sales. See attachments. Also, Estimated 2018 Revenues: Zildjian/Vic Firth $84.5MM DW $77MM Pearl $42.8MM Remo $39MM Sabian $24MM
  12. gutenberg

    Drum posters

    Some of the 60+ drum posters I recently uncovered in storage!
  13. gutenberg

    *SOLD* 1997 DW Collectors drumkit

    DW Collectors kit: --Custom Green Lacquer with brass hardware --18x22-7x8-8x10-9x12-14x14 (no snare drum) --double tom holder on bass drum --RIMS cradle to make the 14" a floor tom (original STM mount is available) The 8" has a crack in the lacquer (players side) and there are some minor chips...
  14. gutenberg

    Drum poster value?

    Found these in a huge pile of drum posters I have in storage. Any ideas as to value?
  15. gutenberg

    Sabian rebrand

  16. gutenberg

    Canopus Hybrid throne

    Anyone have experience with the Canopus Hybrid throne with the partially aluminum base? How much lighter is it than a standard throne base? Will it accept DW and Roc N Soc tops?
  17. gutenberg

    PDP Concept Maple snare drum

    Just bought a full kit, and don't need the snare. (Have too many now!) 5.5x14 PDP Concept (Asian) Maple snare drum w/DW mag throw-off, TruePitch tension rods. Black Sparkle Lacquer finish. Brand new and unplayed! Online stores sell it for $199. For you, $130 + $24 FedEx shipping
  18. gutenberg

    Hardware, cases, etc.

    FINALLY! My divorce is finished, my assets are unfrozen and I can get back to selling some of my gear! HARDWARE: Dixon 707 hi-hat stand $45 Ludwig 1123 SpurLok hi-hat stand (early 1960s) $75 Hayman hi-hat stand (1970s) $150 Tama Titan hi-hat stand $50 Ludwig Speed King pedal $50 Dixon...
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    Zildjian, Sabian

    FINALLY! My divorce is finished, my assets are unfrozen and I can get back to selling some of my gear! Cymbals for sale: A Zildjian 10 Splash (1990s) $45 A Zildjian 10 EFX#1 $65 A Zildjian 14 QuickBeat Hi-Hats (1990s) $125 K Zildjian 16 Dark Crash, Brilliant (1993) $165 K Zildjian 17...
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    Lots of gear for sale!

    DRUMKITS: DW Performance Series drumkit $1200 / $1300 w/soft cases Gun Metal Gray Metallic Lacquer HVX 8-ply maple shells 18x24 bass drum - no mount, no holes 10x14 tom - no mount, no holes 16x18 floor tom with legs SNARE DRUMS: Ludwig 5x14 Black Beauty snare w/Millenium throwoff $550 Dixon...