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    Pearl Masters Maple Reserve Snare 6.5 x 14

    Pearl Masters Maple Reserve Snare Drum - 6.5 x 14 10/10 condition. 4 ply 5mm 100% maple shell with 4 ply 100% maple reinforcement rings. Super high gloss finish. STL65 Tube lugs. Fat Tone Hoops. Pearl Colour #359 Twilight Burst. Price is firm - no trades. Can deliver in the Greater Toronto Area...
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    14” 8 lug brass plated die cast hoops

    Does anyone know of a source for 14” 8 lug, brass plated, die cast hoops? Looking for batter side and snare side. Thanks.
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    L-Rod Bar Arm with 12.7mm post and 1" down tube

    Hello - does anybody have ideas where I could acquire a simple L-Rod Bar Arm with a 12.7mm knurled post and and 1" down tube. I find the Gretsch tom holders quite bulky and I'm trying find a tom holder with a simpler set up/footprint. Gibraltar makes a L-Rod bar arms with a 12.7mm knurled post...
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    Pearl MCX Masters Snare 6.5 x 14 with soft case $450.00

    This is a 6.5 x 14, 10 lug, 6 ply Pearl MCX Masters Maple Snare. Root Beer Fade, Evans UV1 batter head, Evans 300 clear snare head, Puresound snare wires, Die Cast hoops. Soft case included. Can deliver in/near Toronto, Canada. No trades. Excellent condition! This things pops!
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    10" 6 Hole Die-Cast Snare Side Hoop (Chrome)

    Hello - does anyone know of any availability of, or company making a 10" 6 Hole Die-Cast Hoop for the Snare Side (Chrome)? Thanks - C
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    Looking for Pearl Masters Studio MBX Bass Drum 20 x 14 or 20 x16

    I'm looking for a Pearl Masters Studio MBX Bass Drum 20 x 14 or 20 x16 in Black Mist (Pearl colour #122). I can offer a Pearl Masters MMX 14 x 5.5 snare (Pearl colour #102 natural maple) as part of a cash/trade deal.
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    Need A Pearl Free Floating Chassis - 10 Lug

    I need a Pearl Free Floating Chassis 10 lug with lugs posts to accommodate 3.5" shell. I will be in Cheshire CT on April 26,27,& 28 if anyone has one of these chassis available - or shipping to Cheshire (06410) could be an option. Thanks.
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    20's Ludwig snare butt plate 1 & 7/8"

    I'm looking for a butt plate for a 20's Ludwig & Ludwig Standard snare drum. The hole spacing for the butt plate is 1 & 7/8".
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    Ludwig 1123/1124 Hi Hat upper pull rod

    Does anyone have suggestions about where I can find/purchase a replacement upper pull rod for a Ludwig 1123/1124 Hi Hat stand? I need two. Thanks.
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    Ludwig 1131 hi hat stand T screws

    Hello - can anyone suggest what T screws (Ludwig or otherwise) would work on a 1980 Ludwig tubular 1131 hi hat stand. The 1131's from that year have T screws with large black plastic handles on the stand and the clutch. I want to replace these. Thanks.
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    Ludwig super-sensitive Black Beauty question

    Hello - I apologize if someone has covered this topic in a previous thread. Can anyone provide some info about a non-stamped B/O badge Ludwig super-sensitive Black Beauty? Specifically the manufacturing year. I'm considering purchasing this Ludwig super-sensitive Black Beauty believed to be...