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  1. allspine

    Speed King Bearing cap

    Does anyone know where I can get a bearing cap?
  2. allspine

    "Yes" 2013 tour

    I went to the first 2013 YES concert, in Wendover, Nevada, last Friday night. Good show. It reminded me of the first time I saw them in 1977, minus Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman. I enjoyed Alan White's drumming, he makes it look effortless.
  3. allspine

    Something phishy on ebay

    I saw these on feebay yesterday. They pulled em the next day, with the no longer available ploy. There is a link further down the page, that of course takes you out of ebay, where you can ask for the bin price. So I ask em how much, they say $1450 including shipping. Ya, right...
  4. allspine

    In the process of moving

    We're in the process of moving, and I didn't want the movers to touch my collectibles. So now I have more room, and I set up a few kits. The PA and guitars are next. Ya never really forget how to roadie.
  5. allspine

    Ludwig score today

    Life's good. 1967 Ludwig blue sparkle, 20, 13, 16, with matching serials, 456XXX, 459XXX, 460XXX, 1965 acrolite, 208XXX. I think the 20" kick was special ordered, missing one claw. Hi-hat stand, Speed king (missing plate and beater) 13" tom is missing bottom hoop and tension rods. Pair of 15"...
  6. allspine

    OT White dove

    I was in my drum room today, wailing away on my psych reds. When I was done, I looked in the backyard to see this wild white dove. First white, wild dove I've seen.
  7. allspine

    Ludwig WMP orphans

    Someone really wanted these. Does this mean my matching serial WMP Ludwigs are worth a lot?
  8. allspine

    Virgin 69 Psych red kick

    Some of you guys probably saw this shell on ebay. Missing all the hardware, legs, hoops, and heads. When I saw the vivid greens, and a virgin to boot, I couldn't help myself. Here it is, all finished up.
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  10. allspine

    What brand?

    I bought this case a while ago, I think for around $75. There was not a snare in it, but it did have a 60s speed king, two Ludwig 1400 stands, one standard double tom stand, and a red top Ludwig throne. Does anyone know what brand of case it is?
  11. allspine

    Time signature

    My youngest son, who is 21, plays mostly guitar. The other day he was playing around on one of my kits doing this "tom thing" he made up. He wanted to add kick and hat, but couldn't quite get it. He asked me to show him. After I learned his repeating toms, I added the kick and hat. He recorded...
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    My oldest son was over on father's day. Good times. He asked me if he could stop by on Monday nights every week around 5:30 for drum lessons. Sweet! He's been playing quite a few years, and is pretty good. I gave him lessons on and off, as he was growing up. He just graduated with a bachelor of...
  13. allspine

    OT hearing

    I don't know if this has been done before. I'm almost 56, and have almost always used hearing protection for 40+ years. I can hear to 12kHz. How about you?.
  14. allspine

    Ludwig bongo stand

    Is this the right stand top for Ludwig bongos? Does anyone have some pics of the stand and mounting system for 70s bongos?
  15. allspine

    Ludwig Bongos Question

    I can't help myself, I bought these bongos because they match one of my WMP kits. The problem is they came with regular drum heads on them, which makes the rims to high above the heads (ouch on hands). I bought the Remo bongo 6.75" and 8" bongo heads. They don't fit. Where do you get the right...
  16. allspine

    OT Denmark

    Anyone heard of this. A guy in Denmark says he registered with, which allows me to ship the drums, he wants to buy from me, to Virginia. Then, shopusa will forward them to his address in Denmark. Is this legit, or BS?
  17. allspine

    Psychedelic red

    It looks like the psych reds are holding the value pretty well. This kit is missing a hoop, tension rods, and claws, and rods.
  18. allspine

    Found this in a box........

    This was in a box, on my porch today. LOL Before pics. I'll post the after pics, when she's restored.
  19. allspine

    Late 60s Pearls

    These are for sale locally, but I don't know anything about vintage Pearl. Any Pearl guys out there?
  20. allspine

    This is crazy!