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  1. Vipercussionist

    Your favourite wood snares

    This is a 1960's Ludwig auditorium. 6 1/2 X 14. Although perfect in every way to one made in the 1960's it was not made as a snare back then. It was originally a cosmetically destroyed Ludwig 3 ply MPM blue sparkle 10 X 14 concert tom. Cut down, re-rings moved, interior re-painted white and...
  2. Vipercussionist

    Drum kits with naturally lower volume

    In keeping with the original premise of the thread. These would make most ANY kit acceptable in volume
  3. Vipercussionist

    Like big drums?

    For ME, kick drum life begins at 24inches. There's an ease of playing for TONE with a bigger kick. I'd rather be stuck with taking some sound AWAY than to be stuck with NOT ENOUGH!! I've got 1 Rogers 24, 3 Ludwig 26s, 1 Ludwig 28, and 1 Stromberg 30in kick. I find it easier to lay back if the...
  4. Vipercussionist

    Issues at the Open Mike.

    . . . . . . . . . . . There's an older local/regional musician that is one of the big guns, for 3 generations his family owned a music school and store. He always has great advice for the other musicians that stopped by the store. His advice to ME was, no matter WHAT the musical situation is...
  5. Vipercussionist

    I have come to say goodbye to my drum brothers

    . . . . . . . . . . .As I cry for a man I never physically met, I felt as though I knew him from his presence here. Godspeed and eternal rest and happiness my drumming friend, we will miss you 'till we meet again. MUCH drumming to be done where you're going.
  6. Vipercussionist

    Ludwig 1123 replacement spring?

    Also not rocket science is to take the CLEANED spring, and merely STRETCH it a bit!! I've done that with GREAT results and it'll likely last another 30 or 40 years!!!
  7. Vipercussionist

    OT - Deflategate

    MAN, I'm glad they cleared THAT up. It's great to know that now that the Patriots can't cheat again that the league will be running on the straight and narrow!! . . . Thought no one EVER!!!! There can't SERIOUSLY be anyone with naivety enough to BELIEVE that The Patriots are the ONLY team to...
  8. Vipercussionist

    I have come to say goodbye to my drum brothers

    Jerry, so awesome to see that you are still able to play!!! Keep up the great work my friend!!! I LOVE coming here and finding a post from you, and the familiar green dot next to your name!!! - Mike from Rhode Island
  9. Vipercussionist

    Why I don't use Remo

    . . . . . . . . . . Back when I DID use Remo heads, I too had this issue. I found that they coated both clear and white heads. Which to MY ear sound different.
  10. Vipercussionist

    How often do you change your snare head

    I change 'em if they break, or if I see the telltale sign of a small tear starting. I really don't break too many, and I keep 'em as long as they still work.
  11. Vipercussionist

    Why I don't use Remo

    . . . . . . . . . . I think I tune very well, and though I play hard, I'm using very small sticks (Regal Combo Nylon or Regal Jazz, wood tip). And as I said before, MANY Remo failures, vs NO other brand failures. Sure, I'll go along with I've been lucky that NO heads of other manufacturers...
  12. Vipercussionist


    I've had great success, but ONLY with 0000.
  13. Vipercussionist

    Guys, tell me what I just bought

    . . . . . . . . . . I think the Royal was the cheapest, but I had a kit of THOSE and side by side with my 1980's Gretsches, they kept up just GREAT!! (yeah, I wouldn't have believed it either if I hadn't done the test myself)
  14. Vipercussionist

    Is this a real Slingy kick?

    Bottom line, the hardware alone would fetch that much on eBay. No worries.
  15. Vipercussionist


    I've used 0000 steel wool, it works fine. No issues and QUITE different than any differing grades.
  16. Vipercussionist

    Hal Blaine snare

    YEAH!! What IS that!!! Don't leave us HANGIN'!!!
  17. Vipercussionist

    ocdp closed down?

    I'm thinkin' OCDP had BETTER get it together WITHOUT Kuhtahh Centuh, because Kuhtahh Centuh is on their way OUT! ALL the way out, if you know what I mean.
  18. Vipercussionist

    Why I don't use Remo

    That's the exact reason I don't use 'em anymore. And It's happened over the years more times than a few. And correct, NEVER has it happened to ANY other brand I've used!! I use Evans, Aquarian, Ludwig & Attack heads and not a single one has ever pulled out, not ONE!! A serious issue that Remo...
  19. Vipercussionist

    Lost my dad this weekend...

    So sorry for your loss man. RIP.
  20. Vipercussionist

    Am I really that bad?

    . . . . . . . . . . Music is about the SONG, not how proficient you are. Technical prowess is NEVER a basis for excellence. Ringo and Phil Rudd proved that!!!!