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  1. yetanotherdrummer

    Video on INDe drums

    This was on our local PBS station, check it out.
  2. yetanotherdrummer

    Stewart Copeland Interview

    Interesting interview.
  3. yetanotherdrummer

    History of Premier Drums

    I found this online today. Some of you may have seen this before.
  4. yetanotherdrummer

    The Fake Beatles

    Here is a story that I never knew about.
  5. yetanotherdrummer

    Ringo Interview from 1981

    Great interview from Modern Drummer back in 1981.
  6. yetanotherdrummer

    Guitar Center News

    Here are a few interesting articles concerning Guitar Center, and their financial situation.
  7. yetanotherdrummer

    How to play drums like Ringo Starr

    Who knew? I just tried to copy what I heard on the records. I found that on this web site.
  8. yetanotherdrummer

    Evans Turns Drumheads into Face Shields

    Interesting article.
  9. yetanotherdrummer

    The Weight | Featuring Robbie Robertson and Ringo Starr

    I found this the other day on YouTube, check it out:
  10. yetanotherdrummer

    Genesis - Live 1972

    Check it out:
  11. yetanotherdrummer

    Interview with Dave Clark of the Dave Clark 5

    Interesting interview that I came across the other day.
  12. yetanotherdrummer

    Nevermind. :-)

    Here is a picture with a view that I had not seen before of the Beatles last public performance.
  13. yetanotherdrummer

    Let's see your Ringo drum sets!

    I know that some of you have Ringo (or Ringo inspired) drum sets, so let's see them! My set would be "Ringo inspired", it's a Ludwig Club Date SE in Blue Oyster with a pink oyster jazz fest re-issue snare.
  14. yetanotherdrummer

    Ever wonder what happened to Louie Bellson's Drum Sets? Here is the story of one of them........................

    This is a really interesting article, and a great story.
  15. yetanotherdrummer

    How a Zildjian cymbal is made - YouTube video

    Interesting video.
  16. yetanotherdrummer

    Very Crazy Craigslist Ad

    This is the craziest craigslist ad I have ever seen! I have to wonder if it is real or a send up......
  17. yetanotherdrummer

    Interesting news article about the Noble & Cooley Drum Co.

    I found this article about the Noble & Cooley Drum Co., check it out.
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    I'm not really sure what to say..................
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    I don't think so.............................

    Somebody at Guitar Center has no idea what the value of these drums actually are! $1,600 for a drum set that you could buy new for $500 to $750! Also, the shells are not maple, they are cherry and gumwood. Buyer beware indeed...
  20. yetanotherdrummer

    Some pictures of Ringo on tour

    I found these on line. I really wanted to go and see him when he was in South Bend, IN, but it sold out too fast. Maybe next time.