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  1. Vipercussionist

    Anyone close to Rockem Music in England??

    I'm trying to get a few kick drum heads for my 1920's kit. I've FOUND some, but they're at Rockem Music Ltd in South Yorkshire, England. Anyone willing to do a pick up and ship to the East Coast of the USA?? Store has made it apparent there's no way they're gonna do it, and I can't seem to find...
  2. Vipercussionist

    Vipercussionist Makes Some BLUES Noise!!

    I posted it there, but it's a lonely section of the forum . . .
  3. Vipercussionist

    Vipercussionist Makes Some BLUES Noise!!

    Vids from 6.24.2013, EVERY Monday's Blues & BBQ jam 8 to 11pm at Harry's at the Depot in Hyannis Mass I decided to test my ancient camera on the Video setting. I put it on a cymbal stand and kinda/sorta pointed it toward the drums. Sounds better than I thought it would have!!!! Wish it was a...
  4. Vipercussionist

    So, I sold a few drums on eBay . . .

    Found out who he was AFTER the sale. (I won't mention it here in public unless HE joins the conversation) Seems like a cool guy, except he won't pay for the auctions. He BIN'd 'em 30 seconds after I listed them. (not exaggerating) I haven't received ANY correspondence for DAYS now even though...
  5. Vipercussionist

    Just what IS this drum??

    Although I've never SEEN anything like this, the totality of the piece doesn't ring Ludwig for me. First, copper shell, THAT shiny?? From the 1920's??? That's AMAZING if legit, not even spread of oxidation where it has dents and SCRATCHES!!! (think Slingerland Copper Drums, how many of THOSE...
  6. Vipercussionist

    Made a Mondo Snare - Sorta Kinda

    I've been wanting a Remo Mondo Snare for a while now as I do a cocktail kit acoustic gig (no sticks allowed) every summer, and the "sticks off & hands on" approach works very well to keep the overall volume at reasonable level. Lots of callbacks when you don't blow them through a wall!!! This is...
  7. Vipercussionist

    So, I bought one and I LOVE it!!!

    Just did some financial fancy footwork, so I managed to grab one of the new Ludwig 6-1/2x14 Acros. If you have want of a great sounding, great looking snare drum, this is the one. First brand new drum to come out that I just HAD to have. ZERO regrets!! Here's a pic of it behind the Rogers...
  8. Vipercussionist

    Got me a kit of Rogers!!!

    Tried to post this one last week only to have the bad luck of loosing my internet connection just long enough to ruin it! Just scored a ?1968-69? kit of Rogers, Gray Speckled Interior, Swivomatic, 22, 13, 16 Blue Onyx kit in ROUGH shape, though Blue Onyx is quite forgiving from 10 feet away. As...
  9. Vipercussionist

    Been playing these for a few weeks now

    What'dya think?? Gave 'em a job!!
  10. Vipercussionist

    Factory Drilled Yamaha Mount on a Gretsch???

    This isn't the FIRST auction I've seen saying this either I don't know for sure, but I find it hard to believe the USA GRETSCH factory would have drilled their own shells to put on a FOREIGN COMPETITORS mount. Maybe a dealer would take a kit of virgin...
  11. Vipercussionist

    So, what did I get here??

    I grabbed this Pearl Sensitone 14 x 5 snare off eBay for $55.00 plus $12.00 for shipping (I figured any half decent snare would be worth THAT, or so I hope!!) So being as I have NO CLUE about Pearl drums, or much less Pearl snares, just what did I grab here?? Is this a piece of junk?? A good...
  12. Vipercussionist

    EVERYTHING is LUDWIG on eBay!!!

    L0L!! Makes me laugh that there are ways to tell, but they don't bother!! LUDWIG VINTAGE 20" BASS Vintage Ludwig 13" Tom/Snare Rim +6 Lugs & Screws Vintage Ludwig? 13" Tom/Snare Rim +6 Lugs & Screws
  13. Vipercussionist

    Remo Head Failure This makes about 7!!

    OK, you may have seen a post or two from me complaining about the glue not holding the aluminum ring to the head on Remo drumheads. Well, it happened AGAIN last night (it's when I noticed it coming loose as it was losing it's tuning as I was playing) (Sorry for the cheezy cell phone pic, but...
  14. Vipercussionist

    So, what're you usin' to attach your snare wires??

    Lately, I've be re-experimenting with different things to attach my snare wires to my drums. I was a staunch user of Joe Montineri Snare Wire for many years. (the thin blue coated wire stuff) It's a bit of a job installing it, but once perfected, it tends to NEVER need attention! I don't...
  15. Vipercussionist

    Anyone having trouble with Remo heads???

    Man, FIVE Remo heads of different ages have failed on me in the last couple of months, a snare side Ambassador, an Ambassador batter and THREE coated CS black dot heads!!! They were all from different drums and some were old and some (2) were brand new!! ALL of them separated from the aluminum...
  16. Vipercussionist

    Complete Clubdate kit, WITH Pioneer!! Good price!!

    DAMN!! If I didn't ALREADY have a great WMP clubdate setup, I'd be REALLY tempted to scarf up this little kit!!! Shiny 60's Ludwig Blue Sparkle Club Date Kit - 20/12/14 WICKED nice when they come WITH a cool snare!!!!! Also, I LOVE the Key Holder, might not be FACTORY, but I LOVE it!!
  17. Vipercussionist

    Is your kit part of the show?

    I'm in a band that doesn't play new music, blues, roots rock, rockabilly, well, you get the picture. I've used Vintage drums for a long while now, and I've found there are drummers who come to see the band that really LIKE that they can dig on my current setup of Ludwig Vistalites. It's...
  18. Vipercussionist

    Is it just ME??

    I can't reply to anything!!!! All reply areas are grayed out or have an X on them!! What's that about? Of course, if YOU can't reply, I will never KNOW!! :unsure:
  19. Vipercussionist

    Summer is on it's way!!

    Cool surf stuff!!! Hopefully you'll FEEL the Warmth of the Sun!! "][/url][/media]
  20. Vipercussionist

    OT: Soooo, SINGERS are they THAT important???

    "][/url][/media] Seeing this kinda drives home how a good singer can carry the weight of a performance. Do you NEED a great vocalist?? Or is it cool to get by with a "Guitarist Singer" or a Mick Jagger/David Lee Roth type who doesn't have a GREAT voice but...