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  1. Hazelwood7

    SOLD Ludwig 6.5x14 circa 79 Black Beauty really nice SOLD

    Scott, I have lusted after your drum for years.GLWS I have seen this drum in person and it’s a beauty
  2. Hazelwood7

    Joyful Noise Update-More Affordable Snares Coming and Steam Bent Shell Kits

    He makes some of the best snares. It’s weird with the A&F stuff that it’s more expensive and not built as well. Maybe it’s the steam punk vibe?
  3. Hazelwood7

    Joyful Noise Update-More Affordable Snares Coming and Steam Bent Shell Kits

    I have been talking to Curt about a Joyful Noise snare build and he shared me some interesting news. I have not heard much from them lately and I see that Curt has been very busy putting together a new line of drumsets and a new series of snares. From what he was telling me is that he was...
  4. Hazelwood7

    Drum Center of Portsmouth - PENDING Experience

    My post above said many of the same points. They admit to this management structure in their post. They need to again train their staff and have a People empowered to solve problems.
  5. Hazelwood7

    Drum Center of Portsmouth - PENDING Experience

    Dales Drumshop in Harrisburg PA has this sign on the wall. It reads “We’d rather make friends than $$“ I would also say that DCP made a huge mistake in their first part. The customer had a problem and DCP was unable or unwilling to solve. They go online and gaslight the customer who has legit...
  6. Hazelwood7

    Honky Tonk Women - Cowbell

    I play this song in my cover band and the singers plays the cowbell. I would say that locking in tempo in this one looses the stones fell. It needs to be a little loose
  7. Hazelwood7

    Price shopping for component drums.

    Dales Drum Shop! Best bar none!
  8. Hazelwood7

    9 Piece Sakae Celestial Drum Set Mappa Burl w black chrome hardware

    Sakae Celestial drums are some of the best I have ever played. I think they well put together works of art. Blah, hyperbole. No seriously if someone can find a set buy him or her, as Im almost sure that Sakae is out of business. I like them better than a Yamaha Phx. I think they are Sakes...
  9. Hazelwood7

    DDRum4 SE Module

    I owned the ddrum 4 SE. It’s a module that was ahead of its time. It was a lower cost version of the ddrum 3. I played mAny shows with that module and my Pintech pads. The only thing really wrong with it is the hihat controller. It is made by ddrum and it wasn’t great but it worked most of the...
  10. Hazelwood7

    Ludwig L-2005 Engraved Black Beauty SOLD!

    Scott, Was this the one I saw at Medley Music?
  11. Hazelwood7

    SOLD Sakae Maple Burl/Bubinga shell snare 550 shipped

    Sakae 5x14 maple Burl veneer Bubinga shell snare. Need to sell some stuff. In near mint condition. 550 shipped.
  12. Hazelwood7

    Ebayer quits after 20 yrs - cracked Tama Superstar toms - RESOLVED FOR BUYER.......For sale again w/o major flaws??

    He got a 200 dollar refund for them and he’s asking 500 500+200=700. He paid 650. What are we arguing here? Finally, a win for us sellers. I put stuff on eBay and have to do 20 things to make sure I don’t get taken. I still could have a person do a credit card/PayPal chargeback. This guy could...
  13. Hazelwood7

    How's the match?

    Dan, How long was the wait on the 13? Still looking to add it to my set, same color.
  14. Hazelwood7

    Early Yamaha Recording Custom - Question

    How about you start with what you paid. Anything under 1500 is a good deal if you want to flip them and make a buck.
  15. Hazelwood7

    sonor sq2 problems

    I understand your frustration but can I put something out to you. In the beginning of the thread I told what happened with the configurator. I know this for a fact. I don’t want to disclose how I know this, but 2012 and beyond is on the configurator. The rest got nuked when they switched over to...
  16. Hazelwood7

    The new Yamaha Recording Custom Series, who's playing them?

    Thanks for the info. It’s the 8 inch or 13 inch Tom next for me. Not sure what. Hopefully will have both in the future. You getting the matching snare?
  17. Hazelwood7

    sonor sq2 problems

    Sonor purged the older serial pre 2012 from their system when they made the update to their system. Second, those shells may be medium maple. I looked at my kit and they look similar but it could be heavy shells. Can you give me a further out perspective on those bearing edges. Th e good news is...
  18. Hazelwood7

    sonor sq2 problems

    Looks like bubinga veneer. Please post the outside finish of the shell. Looks like a heavy shell. I think it’s heavy beech wood. They don’t make hybrid shells. Look at the serial number on the inside of the shell on the sticker and ether post it here or go to the sq2 configurator page and put on...