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  1. Q-Dog

    What would you do?

    It could end up sounding worse.
  2. Q-Dog

    65 Slingerland 4pc...

    That's not a Radio King snare, so if you are looking for an RK throw, this throw will be different. I'd be interested to know if the set is originally mahogany or if it is a covered set that's been stripped. I always wanted a mahogany finished set.
  3. Q-Dog

    Classic Slingerland 90T Kit restoration complete!

    Nice!! Good job on the cleanup. I don't often see a COW set that isn't beat to heck.
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    Psychotic Distraction

    There are lot$ or reason$ to make up $omething like that. Too bad Butch Atkinson died in 1998 and can't confirm the authenticity. The head layout doesn't match the ones on their photos. And the head doesn't come with the set?
  5. Q-Dog

    '60 Slingerland Kit - Help

    Nope, not center lugs. To the OP, sell the kit as is or do what I did. I picked up an orphan 12" to match the 20, 13, 14 set so I have 20, 12, 14 if I want it. When I have the space I set up the 13 to my left. (And to add to the madness, I already had a 22, 13, 16 in blue sparkle, and a 16"...
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    '60 Slingerland Kit - Help

    I have a blue sparkle set, 20, 13, 14ft with matching solid shell artist snare. Original owner's son traded them in for a new set and the shop that took them in didn't really deal in vintage, so I got them for a good deal. The original owner said the set was bought that way, and he remembered...
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    Help identify :: Vintage Slingerland Chicago 16in cocktail bass drum

    Now that we know what it used to be, how does it sound as a Bass Drum?
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    sorta OT - digital recording with condenser mic

    Not familiar with that recorder. Is it XLR in or is it a mini TRS stereo input? Are you also running the SM58 through the phantom power supply?
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    Apple TV vs. Roku vs. Revue

    This may or may not answer you exact question, but here's what I am doing right now. I purchased an Elgato HD TV tuner for the Mac Mini in my bedroom. Have an antenna in my attic that gives me about 25 or so local channels. I record shows to a hard drive and set the machine to automatically...
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    Way to kill a rare vintage snare drum

    I bet the mount was removed for cleaning. The cut fender washers should be, and probably were, on the top and bottom mount screws. No need to use the cut washers in their current location. My bet is this mount was added at the factory.
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    Bought A Slingerland Players Set

    Just so you know, those are 70s drums with the black and silver badge. The bass would have had chrome inlays from the factory.
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    Home Made Isolation Headphones

    Tried it ... and sound will leak in around the cables. Instead, Try the Sennheiser HD280 pro headphone. It's a closed back headphone with about 30dB of attenuation, sounds great, can be found for about $80 - $90 at most retailers. If you need more attenuation than that, try the Remote Audio...
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    For your first issue, deadbeat bidders suck. It's part of the deal if you use ebay. File a complaint and move on. For your second issue, "Mint condition" means, as new, not, with patina. Pictures DON'T always show all issues. Offer to refund it upon return, or take your negative.
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    Mad Drummer Steve Moore on National TV Tonight

    Maybe he needs a kit with no drums up top ... that wouldn't block anything!
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    OT: Daddy's Junky out of business

    On the news last night they showed inventory being loaded into trucks. (I'm in Boston until tomorrow.) Some customers had been in the store the day before and put deposits on gear. One customer even said sales people were selliing long-term deals and gift cards the day before the store shut...
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    WAY O.T. - Vintage/Classic Cars

    I love the speedster! My classics are a little bit newer. The convertible in the background and the buggy are both 69s. The buggy is my daily driver lately.
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    OT Is this a car scam

    Scam. No one writes like that ... except African Princes who need help getting their fortune out of a foreign bank.
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    "Brush With Fame"

    I work in the film business, so I work with "famous" people pretty regularly. I'm not gonna drop any names, but, Just last week I was on set talking to a certain hip-hop artist who is turning into a pretty good actor. He has also started up a production company and has deals to produce...
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    just picked up a Shure SM 91

    I've used ona a lot for micing at outdoor festival stages. Works best with a small port in your drum. Place the mic inside on a pillow and you are all set.