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    RIP Jimmy Cobb

    Weird hi hat opening sound

    Help me figure out if something on my hi hat pedal needs adjusting or if I have just had crappy technique for 30 years. If I am playing, say, quarter notes with my foot on the hi hat I keep hearing the pedal releasing on the “a” of each beat. Tried adjusting between heel in and heel down, but...

    Good review of Yamaha EAD

    I found this on YouTube and thought it might be helpful for anyone curious about the EAD unit.

    Evans ‘56 Calftone 20” Bass Drum Head

    Purchased this new a while ago but never used it. $20 local pickup to Beverly or Boston, MA. Probably not worth the cost of shipping relative to new purchase.

    20” Evans EMAD II Bass Drum Head

    Tried it for 5 minutes and waited too long to return it. $20 local pickup in Beverly or Boston MA. Probably not worth the cost of shipping relative to buying new.

    “Oops we ran into some problems” on DFO site

    Any idea why I keep getting this message as I browse the site in an IPhone? No problems on any other sites.

    A way to attach pedal to cocktail drum

    I’ve been slowly making a cocktail kit out of a spare floor tom and other parts. But how to connect the pedal to the drum without buying the $100 part from Gibraltar? I picked up an open-box Ludwig Atlas mount and a $3 rod from the hardware store, and bolted them to the peda with a generic...

    Jimmy Cobb needs help

    Mods, please delete if this post is inappropriate. I just learned there is a gofundme site set up to assist legendary drummer Jimmy Cobb who is having health issues:

    Tama Superstar Classic Neo Mod SOLD

    I bought this shell pack less than a year ago and have only used it a handful of times. I love the sizes - perfect for small rooms. I especially love the bass drum, which saves space on stage but delivers a deeper sound than smaller diameter bass drums. In fact I am replacing this with a...

    Mounting snare off a floor tom?

    So I made this cocktail kit out of an old Tama Swingstar floor tom and a Pearl M80 10” snare, mounted with a Ludwig Atlas mount. Works very well and a blast to play, though the snare sound is obviously not great. Anyone ever successfully mount a 13” or 14” snare in this manner? I assume it...

    10x20 vs 10x22

    Less than a year ago I bought a Tama Superstar Classic Neo Mod kit with the shallower shells. I love the sound of the kit but was never crazy about the finish (white). Of course, now Tama released the same kit in a finish I love (Mod Gold Duco). I was thinking about just swapping kits for the...

    Can energy drink clean and restore old hardware parts?

    We all know about soaking old hardware and parts in Dawn, but after watching this video, I was wondering whether energy drink would work even better - our would ruin them. Check out the silver wear at 1:45. Anyhow, I know I’ll never drink the stuff!

    Anybody got a piece of 1 1/8” pipe?

    I am trying to barn job a tom mount that will fit the Tama Starclassic tom holder base, which is an unconventional 1 1/8” in diameter. All I need is a piece of hardware piping that is 1 1/8” diameter and 3” long or longer. I know that in addition to Tama, other companies used this diameter...

    Black Friday Sale at Portsmouth Drum Center

    Go nuts guys...

    How a Top Jazz Drummer Spends His Sundays

    This is always a fun NYT column. I am not familiar with Willie Jones III’s work, but I always like learning about new musicians.

    Attaching mini-snare to floor tom

    Making a cocktail kit on the cheap. What piece of hardware do I need to attach this Pearl M-80 snare to an old Tama Swingstar floor tom? Is a Ludwig Atlas mount the way to go, or something else? (Sorry image is sideways). Thanks!

    Drums got stuck in the rain

    I just finished an outdoor gig. The sky opened up unexpectedly and my drums withstood rain for about 20 minutes by the time I was able to get them under some shelter and packed up. After getting home I pulled them out of the bags and wiped them all down. Any thing else folks would recommend I...

    Anyone else height-challenged with older Tama Starclassic tom mounts?

    I have always had a hard time getting my rack tom low enough with this style of Tama bass drum mount that does not allow the downtube to protrude through the bass drum shell. For years I just bolted the rack tom to a cymbal stand, but I am trying to move to lighter stands and I am not confident...

    Bass drum head that can switch between ported and unported?

    Has any company ever come up with such a head? I am envisioning a ported head with a cover that could go over the port when an unported head is desired. If it could resonate properly this would save us from having to swap out bass drum heads for different situations.

    10” x 20” bass drum bag?

    Looking for bags for my Tama Superstar classic Neo Mod kit. Can anyone recommend a company that makes a 10x20 bag? And also a 14”diam. X 16” deep bag (to fit shallow floor and snare in one bag). I have searched numerous manufacturers sites to no avail.