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  1. Q-Dog

    OT: Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears

    Any fans of Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears? I've been really diggin their latest record and the single "I'm Broke" is retro cool. Sounds like something right out of the 70s, but brand new at the same time. Raw, gritty bluesy shouting Soul with horns, electric piano, a funky, funky, funky...
  2. Q-Dog

    90 Degree SM57 Modification

    Has anyone seen this mod? I just use a 90 degree xlr on the cable.
  3. Q-Dog

    More Cowbell ... fresh from the cow!

    Went to the hardware store the other day for a few screws, and while wandering around came across some cowbells ... the read deal in several different sizes. I picked up a 5" one for $8.00 because I thought it would be fun for Mardi Gras and other general mischief. Well, today I was bored ...
  4. Q-Dog

    Drummin' for Jesus???

    So, a guy breaks into a church to play drums. ... 2-16-48-54 My only question ... then what???
  5. Q-Dog

    Rules for locking a thread?

    So, what exactly are the rules for locking a thread? I logged on to the beard and found 2 threads (Lehman Brothers and the Presidential not voting) locked. I don't understand the reason for locking them. Either we allow off topic threads or we don't. If we ARE going to allow off-topic...