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  1. 6topher

    Need a Slingerland Floor tom leg/cymbal arm mount

    If ya got one, thanks!
  2. 6topher

    Piezo Pick up in Suitcase Kit?

    Hey, a question for the friendly drum mob. Has anyone put a Piezo pick-up in an acoustic drum? I have no experience at all with these pick-ups. I play my suitcase kit quite a bit & usually end up micing it in louder situations. I thought it would be cool to mount a Piezo inside & drill a...
  3. 6topher

    Blue Agate Slingerlands 20/13/16 - SOLD

    Was happy to hold onto these for awhile, they sound great - but I got a bad case of "my wife is a teacher & it's August-itis" I wanna say these are '69 or so - black/brass badges but larger 70's muffler knobs. No extra holes. I've cleaned them up but there is room for improvement. 16 has...
  4. 6topher

    Johnny Barbata Video

    cool video Howard Kaylan shared on FB I had no idea he played in the Sentinels when he was a teen, I covered Latinia in a surf band, very cool.
  5. 6topher

    Krupa & Jo Jones Shirts

    Hey guys, hope this is not too spammy. I didn't really make these to sell, I just couldn't find cool designs when I was looking for krupa shirts & papa shirts don't exist. so I made these designs for myself & thought i'd share them even though they are pricey for one offs. Mike if this is too...
  6. 6topher

    Robotic Arm Drumming

    Pretty amazing - quite a step up from what Rick Allen's set-up
  7. 6topher

    Don't be a Vintage Jerk

    A funny CL post from a guy who was clearly exasperated by jerky "experts" - kinda funny A couple of very nice, eloquent gentlemen advised me that I had the dates/info wrong on my original listing. Sorry fellas, honest mistake. I didn't...
  8. 6topher

    Yamaha Y Badge Restore

    Woke up early one Saturday with a decent payday burning a hole in my pocket from a good gig the night before, was cruising DFO & saw richm's thread about some 20/12/14 blue willow yamaha's on CL he was looking at but couldn't get to. So, I called the guy - struck a deal off of his CL pics...
  9. 6topher

    1966 Grey Agate Slingerland Stage Band - SOLD

    Trying to sell this locally, but wanted to post it here as well: Here's the restore thread: Put a lot of love into this one...
  10. 6topher

    Drop Shadow Bass Reso Logo

    so, I had acquired & restored this '66 Stage Band a few months back & ended up with a modern vintage reso head on it - I only had a white slingy sticker & slapped it on. It looked really classy to me, the white on beige. But you could barely see it. So, I outlined it with a fine point pen &...
  11. 6topher

    Band Flyers

    Anybody else make band flyers? Graphic design is part of my day job & I end up with this sometimes enjoyable band "duty", plus I handle all the artwork for an old friends band in Richmond, Va. including CD design. Most of the time I end up grabbing a vintage movie poster, magazine ad or photo &...
  12. 6topher

    Slingerland "Blacrolite" mod

    I always wanted an aliminum Slingerland 140, the Slingy Acrolite if you will. At the Delaware Drum Show I saw one that was wrecked, worst condition snare at the show probably. had a $100 (lol) on it, but i got it for the cost of the puresounds & heads on it in the parking lot against my better...
  13. 6topher

    Video Tour: 1969 BOP Ludwig

    Got this kit from tillerva this month - 1969 Blue Oyster Pearl Ludwigs 20/13/16. Don't know if that make it a super classic with small bass or a downbeat with big toms. Transitiony. 70's rail mount, 70's style wrap, keystone badges, clear interiors. didn't need much - full wrap & chrome clean...
  14. 6topher

    1966 Grey Agate Slingerland Stage Band Restore

    I watched this 20/12/14/14 snare kit, somewhat overpriced, get relisted twice on ebay without a bid - the drums were not too far from me at 3.5 hours & I never had a single lug kit & loved the wrap - so when the auction was getting ready to wrap I messaged him with a low but fair price if they...
  15. 6topher

    Badge edges up; any tricks for fixing?

    I am restoring a '66 Grey Agate Slingy Stageband Kit. On both both the Tom & Bass the badges edges are up & away from the wrap. I don't want to remove the grommets & the centers are secure so a ball peen on the inside of the grommet won't help. Anybody got any tricks or techniques for getting...
  16. 6topher

    Satin Flame rewrap on a Gretsch snare?

    Hey gents, I am getting ready to rewrap a 60's 5x14 Gretsch wood snare. I have pretty much decided on the Marmalade satin flame that Precision has because I want orange on it & nobody has a a regular Orange Sparkle right now. anyway, my question before I pull the trigger is that I have read...
  17. 6topher

    Crosby, Stills & Nash - Outtakes

    Cool audio of early work ups with prominent drums
  18. 6topher

    Gigging after surgery?

    such an old man thread! Just seeing if anybody has any experience as I try to juggle my schedule I have surgery scheduled for Wed 10/17 to laparoscopically remove my gall bladder. I have two 1 set gigs scheduled 9 & 10 days later (10/26 & 10/27)... realistic? I am hopeful - I have 2 bands...
  19. 6topher

    Round Ludwig Muffler question

    Working on a restore of a 1979/80 ish 6.5 Supra - it is my youngest drum & I don't have any experience with the round mufflers - I have one that seems to have all the parts except for what looks like (in pics) the white Nylon or Plastic washer that goes between the knob & the shell. um, what...
  20. 6topher

    Happy Birthday Moonie