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  1. Ounce of Pain

    FS: Pro Grade Paiste Cymbals - Hi Hats, Crashes, & Rides

    All prices are plus shipping (figure $15 - 25 depending on weight, size, and distance). All prices are also negotiable, especially to combine multiple. These are all available for sale elsewhere, so be sure to inquire about availability. Pics available upon request (too many to list them...
  2. Ounce of Pain

    WTB: 1980s Yamaha Turbo Tour Floor Tom in 18x16", or 18x18", any color

    Black would be a bonus, but regardless it would be getting rewrapped. So, dings are ok too!
  3. Ounce of Pain

    GNR Tribute this Friday - Ounce of Pain - Fishhead Cantina in Arbutus, MD

    Costume party! Ounce of Pain with Kyln, 13 Stitches, and Troubled Spirit. $10 tix, but message me and I can get you on the list for free. We go on at 11.
  4. Ounce of Pain

    1989 Ludwig Rocker 4 pc shell pack - $449/obo plus shipping

    White Ludwig Rocker 4 piece shell pack. A classic! 12x8, 13x9, 16x16, 22x14" kick Shows its age but sounds incredible. Several scratches and dings. Bearing edges look perfect. 4ply poplar & birch shells. They sing! Made in the USA from North Carolina wood. Solid! April 1989 date stamp...
  5. Ounce of Pain

    Rogers Concert Toms?

    Picked these up with a Ludwig Rocker kit. Stand and mounts are definitely Rogers, but the lugs are Ludwig. Posted them for sale as Rogers but getting a few comments that they're not! So... what are they? No sign of additional holes on the insides. TIA.
  6. Ounce of Pain

    Just saying hello

    Been a lurker on here for a while now, finally made an account. I've been drumming for over 30 years, but just got back into it more seriously within the last 2 years. Lately I've also gotten into drum "restoration" (not quite vintage gear, but giving love to neglected kits). My basement is...