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  1. yetanotherdrummer

    What’s your best score?

    A couple of years ago I found a Ludwig Acrolite snare for $70 in an antique mall. It came with the hard plastic case too. I don't have a lot of drums, so this one counts as my best deal.
  2. yetanotherdrummer

    dino danelli and the rascals 1969

    This is the drum set that I remember. He was the first guy that I can remember that had his tom on a snare stand, and not mounted to the bass drum. Plus there was always talk about how he looked like certain Beatle.............
  3. yetanotherdrummer

    Ludwig Classic Maple and Silver Dots: Glorious win or waste of money?

    I had silver dots all around on my stainless steel octaplus set in the late 70's. Super shiny!
  4. yetanotherdrummer

    Narada Michael Walden Joins Journey

    Nope, I was really a TV repairman for many years. Gave it up in 1993 and got an office job. It was the best thing I ever did. I mean who pays someone to fix a TV anymore?
  5. yetanotherdrummer

    Narada Michael Walden Joins Journey

    Well, here in Kalamazoo, MI, this is big news.
  6. yetanotherdrummer

    My FIRST set of Ludwigs!

    LSD.............. :blink:
  7. yetanotherdrummer

    Who are your 5 fav drummers?

    I don't think that I can break it down to just 5 favorite drummers, so how about 5 that really influenced my playing? Ringo Ginger Baker Mitch Mitchell Carmine Appice Keith Moon
  8. yetanotherdrummer


    Welcome to the forum. I was very surprised a few years ago when I had a hearing test to find out that my hearing loss is hereditary, and not due to drumming, playing in bands, etc. But, hearing aids work great, and I have ear plugs for when I play the drums. I haven't given up on my acoustic...
  9. yetanotherdrummer

    Narada Michael Walden Joins Journey

    I remember way back when my older Brother (4 years older than me) had Michael Walden in his High School rock band for a hot second. As a kid I always liked to hang out and watch my Brother's band rehearsals, I was always in awe of the drummers. My only other "connection" is many years later...
  10. yetanotherdrummer

    Hardware question: L-rod tom mount on Pearl bass drum

    Would another option be to use a Pearl Optimount so you could use the Pearl tom arms?
  11. yetanotherdrummer

    What is it with lads?

    I have been a man all of life :D,but in bands I have been treated the same way. I tend to be quiet and let my drums do the talking, but it seems that there is ALWAYS one egomaniac, control freak, etc. in every band I have been in. So people really think that they are the "star" of the band...
  12. yetanotherdrummer

    OT: what do you think of where you live?

    My wife and I have both lived in Southwest Michigan our entire lives. Our town is a college town, so we have pretty much everything here. We are also half-way between Detroit and Chicago which is nice. For the race fan in me, Indianapolis is only a 4 hour drive, and Sweetwater Music in Fort...
  13. yetanotherdrummer

    Gibraltar it just me?

    When I was younger I wanted a rack system real bad......until I bought one. :blink: It was just too heavy, and I actually felt limited in my set ups.
  14. yetanotherdrummer

    Power toms!!!

    When I purchased my Ludwig set in 2011, I ordered the "Power 4" configuration. It consists of an 18x24 bass drum, 11x13 tom, 16x16 tom and an 8x14 snare. I had wanted a set like this since the 80's, and now I have one.
  15. yetanotherdrummer

    What Was The Last Rock Show You Saw?

    My last concert was the Rush R40 tour in Detroit, MI in 2015.
  16. yetanotherdrummer

    Need advice on buying new Ludwig drums has a huge selection of Ludwig sets, and they offer excellent service. Here is a link to a Classic Maple silver sparkle set that they have in stock. I have a set of Classic...
  17. yetanotherdrummer

    Has anyone bought any B-stock drums and is it worth it?

    Well, Music Manor is only a 90 minute drive from my house, so I was able to see the drum in person. Big difference from looking at a picture on line.
  18. yetanotherdrummer

    Has anyone bought any B-stock drums and is it worth it?

    The Ludwig store that I shop at, Music Manor in Lansing, MI, sells a fair amount of "B" stock snares. Some look perfect, and others will have a major flaw in the finish. I was considering a Black Beauty "B" stock that they had, but the whole side of the snare had a major blemish, so I decided...
  19. yetanotherdrummer

    mick fleetwood’s “rumours” 1977 ludwig kit specs

    Well, we are all just guessing by looking at pictures.................. :D