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  1. rhythmace

    Should vintage Rogers hoops have some type of an identifier?

    They have a very distinctive fast taper from the rod holes. Show a pic and we can tell you. There is no marking to identify them. Ace P.S. There are different generations, but the taper stays sharp and distinct.
  2. rhythmace

    REO Brothers

    Yes, I like this corny song. Check out the drummer using hats like a shaker. Ace
  3. rhythmace

    New member saying hello (warning, it’s long and I’m a bore )

    Mayan, have you checked out the best throne for you? Does yours need or have a back? Ace
  4. rhythmace

    James Brown teaches his band a drumming lesson!

    Too Cool!!
  5. rhythmace

    New member saying hello (warning, it’s long and I’m a bore )

    Mayan, you made bad stuff a very interesting read, that reminded me of what really matters. Health! (not a boring story, to say the least!) Thanks for the perspective on real life. We do take ourselves too seriously sometimes. Drumming is fun! Also, just in case you haven't seen my jelly bean...
  6. rhythmace

    I finally understand Ringo!

    Maybe one needs to be a good drummer to perceive one? Or at least to have a good ear? A friend of mine used to say that he heard good parts in his mind, but could not play them. I think I am a good singer but with a bad voice. Ace
  7. rhythmace

    I finally understand Ringo!

    The Band Concept.......What a great point Gregg made here. You had to be there to appreciate the change fully. Think about how much more powerful the band was with all four guys being spotlighted? Paul being left handed and him and George facing each other singing harmony back up. Ringo on the...
  8. rhythmace

    I finally understand Ringo!

    That is super cool in several ways! Loved it! It's sounds good, but didn't Ringo play ruffs on "Get Back?" No big deal. I would like a little more snares on the snare. Ace
  9. rhythmace

    Did Nacci write a comic book??

    So the new Paul is an alien or something? There is no family that would want to visit him? Ringo and his family and friends would have to go along with George and John when they were alive. Maybe Paul had a sex change and became Boy George? Yesterday........all my genitals were in the way.
  10. rhythmace

    Did Nacci write a comic book??

    The "two sides of the face" thing, is right in my wheel house. "The eyes are the windows of the soul." You can look at murder suspects and tell if they did it or not. I can, at least. One eye is often dead. Neither eye can really focus right at you. Yes, some people have an eye muscle issue that...
  11. rhythmace

    Did Nacci write a comic book??

    This also might be "Paul Derangement Syndrome." My concern, is whether Paul is a Russian colluder. You know, "Back in the U.S.S.R." Ace
  12. rhythmace

    Did Nacci write a comic book??

    If Paul didn't start looking different as he got older, how weird would that be? People don't recognize me from high school, but I didn't die. I hope I didn't. Ace
  13. rhythmace

    Did Nacci write a comic book??

    Dang, I left that one out of my "Conspiracy Theories" thread that got locked down. Was it locked down by a believer or non believer? I guess it would be a conspiracy theory to say a believer. LOL! Ace
  14. rhythmace

    Lennon Anthology 1

  15. rhythmace

    “ The Eddy” on Netflix

    Watched 2 episodes. Very dramatic. A little too much of the old close ups of the face for me. Ace
  16. rhythmace

    OT: Small body acoustic guitars

    Suddenly I am seeing a lot of guitars smaller than dreadnots on TV. I figured it had to do with the sound. I am not a Taylor guy. I like Martins and like the sound of Takamine guitars. The main thing is a good easy to play fret board. My Road Series Martin has little frets. It makes it harder to...
  17. rhythmace

    OT: let's see your high mileage vehicles

    I drive a 2000 Explorer XLT with 155K. Bought it new. Ace
  18. rhythmace

    Ringo Interview from 1981

    That was great. Took me two days to read it. Ace
  19. rhythmace

    I finally understand Ringo!

    Here's a thought or two. Just because one takes up the drums, doesn't mean that he or she is a good critic or judge of what good drumming is. Actually many people are drawn to things that they have no aptitude for. Look at politics. Laugh! The fact that Ringo didn't go through the rudiment...
  20. rhythmace

    I finally understand Ringo!

    This is what a forum is supposed to be.