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  1. Hazelwood7

    Joyful Noise Update-More Affordable Snares Coming and Steam Bent Shell Kits

    I have been talking to Curt about a Joyful Noise snare build and he shared me some interesting news. I have not heard much from them lately and I see that Curt has been very busy putting together a new line of drumsets and a new series of snares. From what he was telling me is that he was...
  2. Hazelwood7

    9 Piece Sakae Celestial Drum Set Mappa Burl w black chrome hardware

    Sakae Celestial drums are some of the best I have ever played. I think they well put together works of art. Blah, hyperbole. No seriously if someone can find a set buy him or her, as Im almost sure that Sakae is out of business. I like them better than a Yamaha Phx. I think they are Sakes...
  3. Hazelwood7

    SOLD Sakae Maple Burl/Bubinga shell snare 550 shipped

    Sakae 5x14 maple Burl veneer Bubinga shell snare. Need to sell some stuff. In near mint condition. 550 shipped.
  4. Hazelwood7

    6.5x14 Beacon Bronze or other Joyful Noise Snares

    Looking for a 6.5x14 beacon bronze but would consider other 6.5 joyful noise snares.
  5. Hazelwood7

    Sonor SQ2 4 piece birch kit with matching snare drum. Snare drum can be sold separate

    Sonor SQ2 4 piece kit with matching snare birch kit. This kit was one of the first sq2 kits every produced. The finish is black silver sparkle and has opposite sides black nickel and chrome hardware. Selling due to a band breakup. I would rate this kit an 9/10 in condition. Just a few minor tiny...
  6. Hazelwood7

    2016 Recording Customs 6 Piece Set in Surf Green

    For Sale is a mint condition 6 piece recording custom kit in surf green. The sizes are 10.7.5, 12x8, 14x13, 16x15, 22x16, 20x16. Included is the floor tom legs and the double tom mount. Would be willing to sell one of the bass drums separate. I am not wanting to ship and this point and would...
  7. Hazelwood7

    Evans Calftone heads and Recording Customs Getting a Vintage Sound on A Modern Drumkit

    I know that vintage is in season right now. I see all these new vintage series drums coming out. I have a new RC kit. It's that 80's modern sound and is not cool right now. Instead of buying one of these vintage kits would sticking calftone heads on them make them sound vintage enough. Any other...
  8. Hazelwood7

    Sonor SQ2 Six Drum Kit Medium Beech Silky Oak for sale SOLD

    Sonor SQ2 kit for sale Silky Oak! The sizes are 22x16, 10x7, 12,x8, 14x12, 16x14 and a matching 5.5x14 snare drum and a 600 series double tom mount. Sonor really does some of the best veneer jobs in the industry and it shows with the silky oak kit. Book matching the veneer pieces is difficult...
  9. Hazelwood7

    Sonor SQ2 Medium Maple Six Piece Kit Walnut Brown Burst SOLD

    Attached for sale is a mint condition SQ2 Medium Maple kit with the Walnut Brown Burst veneer. This kit includes a 20x16 bass drum, 10x8 and 12x8 rack toms, 14x14 and 16x14 floor toms and a matching 5.5x14 snare with die cast hoops. This kit has remained inside at all times. Asking $4000.00...
  10. Hazelwood7

    Anyone here play a 4x14 joyful noise tko?

    So I missed one on eBay. But having the 5 and the 6.5x14 I felt that this would be redundant. I also though s out just having it to complete my collection. Anyone own one or played send can compare to the other sizes?
  11. Hazelwood7

    Ludwig Atlas Throne NIB Update again! SOLD

    Ludwig Atlas Classic Throne - Round, Blue/Olive brand new in the box. Just looked in the box to see that it was complete. Never taken out of the box. 110 shipped
  12. Hazelwood7

    SOLD Oriollo Magana 65 for sale

    Oriollo Magana 65 for sale powder coated in white. Included is the new style butt plate and throw off in the bag. No scratches marks or dents. Comes with original snares 320 shipped.
  13. Hazelwood7

    Sakae Celestial drums

    Sakae Celestial drums are some of the best I have ever played. I think they well put together works of art. Blah, hyperbole. No seriously if someone can find a set buy him or her, as Im almost sure that Sakae is out of business. I like them better than a Yamaha Phx. I think they are Sakes...
  14. Hazelwood7

    Any updates on Sakae?

    Anyone have any updates on Sakae? Are they officially out of business. It's weird that they are hanging on for so long with the plant not making drums for close to 18 months.
  15. Hazelwood7

    Help Getting Sakae news at Namm

    If anyone is going to Namm, I was told that there would be an announcement about the future of the company. Sakae Australia said that they are reforming the company and will be making drums sooon. They said it would be announced at Namm. Some Other people heard something else. Any help would be...
  16. Hazelwood7

    Hearing rumor that Yamaha is taking PHX production to China

    Has anyone else heard this. Would have dismissed this but heard from a couple of people. Of course they probably are wrong. Chris
  17. Hazelwood7

    SOLD SAKAE 6 Piece Drumset in Ocean Finish and matching Bubinga Snare included

    Sakae Almighty Maple 6 Piece Drumset in Ocean Finish FS The kit is a 22x18, 10x7, 12x8,14x12 and 16x14 floor and matching 6.5x14 Bubinga Snare. Comes with double Tom post and floor Tom legs. Kits in mint condition. No marks etc. The drums sound amazing and the ocean sparkle finish is a site to...
  18. Hazelwood7

    My band says I play too loud but does not want me to quieter?

    I have a predicament. I'm too loud when playing drums in certain clubs, I can play softer but no one wants me too because we loose energy as they say. If I played softer we might be able to play more places were volume is in an issue. But we loose energy and my brain hurts..... Help me on this...
  19. Hazelwood7

    Keep the 20 after getting the 22 RC drum?

    So I had a 20x16 new RC drum up for sale on the board. I got a 22x16 to replace it. Any reason I should hang on to it? Chris
  20. Hazelwood7

    20x16 New Recording Custom Bass Drum Surf Green or trade

    20x16 New Recording Custom Bass Drum Surf Green for sale in minty condition. Not a scratch on her anywhere. 850 shipped trades welcome