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  1. Sequimite

    Pearl experts - Masters Custom Maple Shell?

    I have a Yamaha MIJ 5000 16x18 floor tom which I've held onto after selling the rest of the set because I think it would be a great bass drum. Today in the Trading Musician a was tempted by 10" and 14" Pearl / Masters Custom / Maple Shell / serial number / Made in Taiwan, $200 for both. I...
  2. Sequimite

    All in on Mandolin

    In guitar circles I find that I'm filling in higher pitched off beat patterns because that's what fits. It suddenly occurred to me that this is the quintessential role for the mandoiln, in bluegrass in particular. Having been a poor to mediocre guitarist for some time, the idea of something...
  3. Sequimite

    Any idea why used Anchor Audio stuff is so cheap?

    New, an Anchor Audio powered PA speaker with built in mixer is $1200 to $1500. The current version of the one pictured below on the left is $1626 at Sweetwater. They are the standard for event planning including canned music as well as (human) speakers, it's the system used at White House...
  4. Sequimite

    Recommend bass drum trigger?/Anyone use a keyboard?

    I'm putting together a new integrated acoustic/electronic setup. I had been using my Roland Handsonic as a stand alone with BD and HH triggers and with my regular drum kit without the foot triggers. Using a bop kit, I'd like to put a trigger on the bass drum. I'll have the Handsonic to the left...
  5. Sequimite

    Need 2 or more old style Premier snare lugs

    , the ones that are attached by a single bolt. I need 2 or 3 to finish a tom and 8 more for a snare drum. Thanks.
  6. Sequimite

    melany-drums on ebay: my first order

    I'm going to add to this thread after each step. I will say that these folks are very easy to talk to. I asked if they would make 8' and 10" Sapele stave toms to go with my bop kit of the same construction. After a lot of back and forth they put up an ebay listing with my specs and I bought it...
  7. Sequimite

    Everything you know is wrong

    I love starting with a Firesign Theater quote. So I received the Thomas Stave Drums Sapele stave bop kit and it sounds good. Using medium tuning the 14 x 18" bass drum has plenty of punch with the low end authority I want. The 8x12" rack sings at a little above medium but at medium it is the...
  8. Sequimite

    Thomas sapele stave kit - what did I buy?

    So I heard about the GC free shipping and bought something. Love the look of walnut sapele. Love stave snares, but... Don't know Thomas and not sure how stave toms and bass will sound.
  9. Sequimite

    ebay - $25 off purchase of $119 or more PRIMO119

    New deal today. I used it to buy this Axis with the 2 inch longer footboard for $125 - $25 = $100
  10. Sequimite

    Any Slingerland fans in Knoxville?

    local pickup only bop kit
  11. Sequimite

    Need help to identify drum logo

    I'm buying a bunch of lighting at an industrial auction place and they have a "lot" of drums. The silver ones are Tama and the logo on the maroon ones is driving me crazy. I know I've seen it before. I can't get closeups or better reso but someone will recognize the logo on the maroon bass drum...
  12. Sequimite

    Building an Ayotte sound alike

    My friend Steve Ely has an early mint Ayotte wood hooped drum kit in his recording studio. I've played it a number of times and am particularly impressed with the full rich sound I get from the toms with brushes. I've always wondered if my Pork Pies would sound like that if I put wood hoops on...
  13. Sequimite

    New (to me) kit - trying 15" floor tom

    For years I've favored 14" floor toms over 16". But, playing a 22" bass drum I keep yearning for a slightly lower pitch in the floor. Some combos, like my '65 Slingies, have a 22" BD and 14" FT that work for me. So I had been thinking of a 10, 12, 14, 20 kit. In addition I have way too many...
  14. Sequimite

    Late to the party - Ming snare drum

    I was just cleared to play drums again after having my bicep tendon reattached to my radius bone. However, since I'm not allowed to pick up more than a pound I eschewed my normal twenty pound snare drum and grabbed the 6.5 x 14 Ming fiberglass snare I got from Geostorm98 a few months back. I put...
  15. Sequimite

    Drumming after Bicep Distal Tightrope Fixation

    So, I ripped the tendon on the bottom of my bicep off the forearm bone and had it reattached 8/14 by the procedure in the title. Four more weeks in which I am prohibited from picking up anything heavier than a book. Has anyone had this procedure? If so how quickly were you able to resume...
  16. Sequimite

    OT: Want to put my CD collection on my Android phone

    OK, I'm old and need tech help. I bought a 32G microSD card for my new Samsung J3 Eclipse. What combination of software on my laptop and phone should I use to rip lots of Cds and rack them up on the phone?
  17. Sequimite

    Snare drum ID, Premier???

    My eyes aren't what they used to be. I'm picking up a Craigslist chocolate interior Slingerland kit in 8 days after paypalling a 1/3 down. The snare drum lugs look sorta like Premier but seems to have ridges on the sides which would mean they're not. Somebody here will recognize it:
  18. Sequimite

    Weird experience buying oddball Pork Pie bass drum

    I bought matching silver sparkle Pork Pie USA maple toms and was looking for a bass. I saw this one-off Pork Pie nesting bass drum. The seller was asking $400 plus shipping but had a make offer button. I contacted him telling him I was interested, but at a much lower price so I'd wait 'til he...
  19. Sequimite

    Paiste 505's and blue Colorsound 5, two USA Pork Pie maple snares

    I'm looking for Paiste Twenties, Pork Pie bass drum, Emerald Green Slingerland HSS drums. Will consider trade for any Paiste, Pork Pie, guitar pedals, etc. 14" Paiste 505 Medium Hi-Hat Top, no cracks, keyholing, chips or dents: 16" Paiste 505 Crash, one edge dent/chip 20" Paiste 505...
  20. Sequimite

    Need Premier drums ID

    What are these? Type of wood in shells? Bolt spacing on tension casings? Thanks.