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  1. SwivoNut

    Modern Drummer...

    How I wished there had been a magazine for drummers back in th 60s but the only musician's magazine available at my local newspaper/magazine/tobacco shop was Downbeat. They rarely featured any articles about drummers and the only drum related ads were the small monthly ads for Paiste Formula 602...
  2. SwivoNut

    Time to laugh - COVID jokes

  3. SwivoNut

    First Time Experience w/15” Hi Hats.

    I've been playing 15" New Beat hats since '82 when I bought them to replace my 15" over a 14" Avedis Zildjians that I lost in a nightclub fire. I'm currently using them in an 18-piece big band. The band always knows where the beat is even when I'm playing with brushes.
  4. SwivoNut

    Bass reso head without brand logo?

    Aquarian's logo is very small and at the bottom of the head. That's what I use on my Rogers.
  5. SwivoNut

    Rogers Day! as per the Mayor of Covington, OH

    I'll do a drum roll on my Dynasonic.
  6. SwivoNut

    Removing glue

    I use Goo Gone and a lot of elbow grease.
  7. SwivoNut

    Dream BOP kit....

    My Rogers 8x12, 14x14, 16x18 with 5x14 Powertone COB snare. With A Zildjian 20" rides (2), 16" crash, and 15" New Beat hats.
  8. SwivoNut

    Rogers Big R

    Great drums and great price. Grab 'em before somebody else does. Several years ago I sold a 12/13/16/22 Big R set for $800.
  9. SwivoNut

    Who are your 5 fav drummers?

    Buddy Rich Sonny Payne Jack Sperling Jerry McKenzie Joe Morello
  10. SwivoNut

    OT: Better than getting any drum gear!

    A big Michigan grocery chain limited their customers to FIVE packages of bathroom tissue per person!!! Duh. Their daily shipments sold out in half an hour. I wonder what college their management team graduated from.
  11. SwivoNut

    Surely I can't be the only one that can't stand "yellowed" WMP??

    When I was younger I hated WMP. Rather, I preferred the contrast of BDP or black sparkle with white heads. WMP with white heads just didn't make it and yellowed WMP gave me the creeps. Then I came into possession of a yellowed WMP Rogers set that changed my mind. It looked so warm and cozy and...
  12. SwivoNut

    Have you had any gigs not cancelled?

    Gigs booked for August and September haven't been canceled... yet.
  13. SwivoNut

    Feeling Toward Red Sparkle Drums!

    I always preferred Rogers glass glitter wraps to other brands' sparkle wraps. The glass glitter wraps had actual shards of glass embedded in a black substrate. The others used bits of foil embedded in a white substrate.
  14. SwivoNut

    Pawn shop find

    Great score!
  15. SwivoNut

    Our gear when we are gone...

    At one time I had 7 vintage Rogers collector's grade kits in my basement. After I retired I imagined my wife selling off those beauties at $100 a pop after my demise. I sold off my collection for a satisfactory profit and am down to one player's grade Rogers set and two snare drums. I had a...
  16. SwivoNut

    King Drums?

    On Only that they made drums.
  17. SwivoNut

    King Drums?

    It's one of 1,049 drum brands I have on file.
  18. SwivoNut

    Favorite Brush tunes

  19. SwivoNut

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    I remember a comedian once saying "I didn't like schmaltz then and I don't like it now."
  20. SwivoNut

    Stick holder / tray ?

    I have a Rogers fiberboard stick tray from the 60s and love it. Unfortunately they're no longer made. They rarely show up on eBay and when they do, they're usually in pretty rough condition. The second generation was blue metal and held up better than the fiberboard but are even harder to come...