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  1. fusseltier

    Finally happened - Neighbors working from home and can't take the drums!

    As long as you are playing between the correct hours, you really don't need to do anything. But you can always put some heavy blankets or shag carpet over the windows and doors and on some walls.
  2. fusseltier

    Is there a drum set you would like back ?

    I regret selling my My first set, it was a Ludwig stainless steel set. I really miss my second hihats, 15 inch Paiste 2002 sound edge. Also i found an old Ludwig like Ringo used in the Beatles for $25, and I literally gave it to my Friend since I didn't use it, i didn't want to make money off...
  3. fusseltier

    The too many cymbals dilemma

    I've been playing 45+ years, and I think 2 crashes, and a ride is all that's needed, even though i have 18 cymbals on my 10 piece drum set. Even with all these cymbals, other than the hihat, I generally use my 36 years old 2002 13 and 15 inch crashes and the 20 ride the most. I've got a 22 ride...
  4. fusseltier

    Drummers With Multiple Kits: Ever an Issue With Family / Friends?

    Hell yes! My wife! I had two acoustic sets and one electronic set, and i pretty much was forced to get rid of one of the acoustic sets because of how much my 8 piece star walnut set cost. I still regret getting rid of the older set for two reasons. 1) it had an 18 inch bass that had the...
  5. fusseltier

    Better Sizes or Better Kit?

    I've had many drum sets. I kinda regret the two sets i got with the extended shells lengths due to the trouble positioning everything. The most recent set i ordered from tama Japan has traditional depths, but I still think I should have gotten the hyperdrive shells just so I could position all...
  6. fusseltier

    Comparison of Maple Kits Under 1,500

    I've had many sets, and many different woods, but as for the half dozen or so maple sets i've had, and the two different maple Mapex, i don't care what the price or model, Mapex is the one brand i would never get again. If you don't need a new set, you should be able to get a good deal on a...
  7. fusseltier

    Ever Buy a Kit And Was Just "Not Yours"?

    I know man, I regretted selling my old set just because the 18 inch bass was one of the best sounding basses I've ever had. But it wouldn't match my new drums, so I sold them. I probably should have just kept the old set incase i ever decided to play out again or transport the drums to jam...
  8. fusseltier

    Scale For Weighing Cymbals

    In over 45 years playing drums, I've never bought a cymbal or searched for a cymbal by their weight. Unless you're planning to recycle them, but you'll lose a lot of money selling them for the metal. I guess if there's no markings anywhere on the cymbal, the weight might be helpful, but the...
  9. fusseltier

    Drum Shed

    It depends on size, and where you live. If its not more than 10 ft x 10 ft, and can regulate the heat from the sun during the day, don't bother. You'll either ruin your drums or hate it because the temperature will be unbearable. And what about jamming? You don't plan on having visitors with...
  10. fusseltier

    What spare stuff do you bring to the gig?

    A couple pairs Sticks and a snare head. Doesn't make sense to bring too much or you might as well bring a spare drum set. I don't bring a spare bass pedal since in 45+ years I've never broken one out of the several brands, tama, pearl, Ludwig and sonor. Consumables, sticks, heads, that's it...
  11. fusseltier

    Paiste 2002 questions

    Here's my old black tama set from the 80s and 90s, then I had a red sonor with practically all of my cymbals set up with it, and I sold the sonor and got the tama star walnut and used a few less cymbals. I was really lucky to have a picture of my old black set. You can't see the drums in the...
  12. fusseltier

    Paiste 2002 questions

    Yes, they discontinued the 2002s for a few years and brought out the 2000 series, and the 3000 series was the replacement for the 2002. They ended up dropping the 2000 & 3000 lines and brought the 2002s back because of popular demand. I have 20 and 22 inch 2002 rides but I heard a 2000 20 power...
  13. fusseltier

    Another Cult Classic: Who plays Paiste 2000?

    I'm really not a heavy player, i still have sticks 35 years old. I actually played one pair of promark 5a for twenty years I think I've only broken one stick, and that was because of the grain not me, and only one snare head in 35 years. I actually broke a bass head once, but that was due to...
  14. fusseltier

    Paiste 2002 questions

    I had black paint 2002s in the 70s, but when I wanted to get more cymbals, the line was discontinued. I was so happy in the 80s when they brought back the line. Actually I like both, but I haven't tried the new black label models. I've got 16 cymbals left from over 20 of the 2002s I've gotten...
  15. fusseltier

    Another Cult Classic: Who plays Paiste 2000?

    I've actually never had or encountered a cracked Paiste, but I've experienced personally cracked zildjian, even though I'm not a heavy player. That's why I switched to Paiste, plus I figured, if John Bonham and Alex Van Halen played them, I'll play them, and have been playing 2002s since I think...
  16. fusseltier

    Another Cult Classic: Who plays Paiste 2000?

    I came across a 2000 power ride 20, I'm tempted to get it. I already have a 20 & 22 Paiste 2002 rides (actually i have 16 Paiste cymbals, 11 are 2002s) Been using 2002 since the 70s. Started with zildjian, but even though I'm not a heavy hitter, they started cracking around the bells, so I think...
  17. fusseltier

    Another Approach to Band Pay

    We had a different approach for playing in bars and clubs in the late 70s and 80s, We played for free but required meals and free drinks for the band all evening and night. It actually came to more than most bands actually got paid.
  18. fusseltier

    Hate For 18" Deep Bass Drums. Just Me?

    That's funny. I specifically ordered a 20" x 18" deep bass for my custom tama star set. I love the bass. I also loved my 18" x 16" deep bass. Both are/were my favorites in over 45 years playing drums and many kits. I always get compliments about my 20 ×18 bass. I never really cared much for the...
  19. fusseltier

    Why Don Henley Switched to Tama in '78-'79

    Too bad Starclassic is made in China now. You have to get a star if you want made in Japan.
  20. fusseltier

    How Important Are the Ink Logos on Cymbals?

    The original stamped and now lazer etched logos should still be there, so who cares about the painted on logo? He doesn't know anything, probably didn't like it tarnished either, but most pros want the tarnish. Better off keeping it than selling it to someone like that.