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  1. sws2h

    Slingerland Champagne Sparkle 16X16 Floor Tom

    For sale I have a nice example of a mid-60’s Slingerland 16” floor tom in champagne sparkle. One scuff under the badge (see last picture) but hard to picture, otherwise very clean. Bottom hoop is not original, its a new modern sticker saver, and some of the tension rods are mismatched. Probably...
  2. sws2h

    Premier Parts: Badge, Mufflers

    Looking for a couple parts to finish a project. Don’t need “collector” pieces.Located in the US: (1) Badge (either style) (1) Tom Muffler (1) Bass Drum Muffler Also, any recommendations for replacement grommets appreciated. Thanks!
  3. sws2h

    Zildjian 14” New Beats and 18” Medium Thin Crash

    Hollow logo era Zildjian cymbals. Little bit of keyholing on the crash, otherwise great condition for age with no bites or cracks Hi Hats: $175. 918G top 1244G bottom Crash: $135. 1431G $300 for both. Shipping ~ $15-$25 depending on location. Send me your zip and I’ll get a quote
  4. sws2h

    Rogers Dayton 8x12 Shell

    Dayton era shell. No parts but has Dayton tag. Painted black which I’m assuming is not original. No extra holes. Batter edge is nice, one nick on the bottom. $30. Shipping would be ~ $15. Pick up in Nashville I would trade for a Slingerland shell in the same size. Also looking for Ludwig...
  5. sws2h

    Rogers Swivomatic Parts: Tom Lugs and Mount

    (12) Rogers lugs from Dayton tom: $60 for all. Mix of washers but all screws are included. Cleaned, polished, and waxed Rogers Swivomatic Tom Mount: $50. No cracks. Missing the carriage bolts but you can get those at any hardware store. $50. Cleaned, polished and waxed. $100 for all. Payment...
  6. sws2h

    PureTone Drum Resonance Elimantors: External Mufflers

    For sale I have a set of PureTone mufflers. They are a great design, they clamp to the rim of the drum and you can adjust the height. 3 for toms and snares and one large one for a bass drum. Also have one additional partial muffler, it’s missing a piece. $50 for all! A single new unit on eBay...
  7. sws2h

    Ludwig Coliseum 8x14 Late 70’s Maple Snare Thermogloss

    Very cool Ludwig Coliseum snare from the late 70's. 12 lug 8x14. New Remo heads, little bit of surface rust on the inside of the hoops that should come off with a good clean. This is really great drum, just selling to fund another impulse purchase! $350, pick up in Nashville. Can ship
  8. sws2h

    Wanted: Leedy or Slingerland Red Sparkle 8x12

    I’m looking for a few things to finish or help jump start some projects: 8x12 Red Sparkle Leedy (Slingerland Era) or Slingerland (no badge) with diamond plate. For a Slinger-Leedy kit
  9. sws2h

    12x8 Red Sparkle Slingerland or Slinger-Leedy

    Looking for a Slingerland red sparkle 12x8 tom. No badge, clip tom mount era. Or! A Slingerland era Leedy Can be just a shell as well
  10. sws2h

    Ludwig B/O Badge 13” Tom

    Looking for a rewrap project. Just a shell is fine. Ideally 13x9 3 ply with granitone interior but clear maple works as well. But a shell is fine to as long as it has the badge.
  11. sws2h

    Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl Drums

    Mixed lot of Slingerland BDP drums: 9x13 Gold and Black Niles Badge: Good player drum. 3 ply with re-rings and chocolate milk interior. Believe these are COB hoops. 1 replacement tension rods. Brand new Evans G1 heads. No muffler. Hole around the set-o-matic is chewed up but stable. Nice...
  12. sws2h

    Slingerland 22x14, 13x9, 16x14 Chrome (Project)

    For sale I have some Slingerland drums. The 13 and 16 concert toms are complete and ready to be played, the bass drum only has the badge and the center mount. These are called black chrome and unfortunately because the wrap is actually thin metal there are some rust spots. $200 for everything...
  13. sws2h

    Rogers R360 Blue Oyster Set with Snare Drum

    For sale I have a beautiful Rogers R360 Kit in blue oyster finish. 20x14, 12x8, 16x16 with a R360 5” steel snare. I have a new inlay strip ordered for the batter hoop from Bum Wrap that’s missing. The batter hoop tension rods and claws are not original, and the original owner told me be lost...
  14. sws2h

    Gretsch Broadkaster Satin Copper Mist 12x8 Tom

    For sale I have a like new Gretsch Broadkaster 12x8 rack tom in Satin Copper Mist. Beautiful drum in unplayed played condition with original Gretsch branded Remo heads. This is as close to new as you can find, I just don’t have any matching drums so passing it on to someone who can hopefully use...
  15. sws2h

    Slingerland Red Sparkle 12x8 Tom (or Shell)

    Looking for a no badge era 12” rack tom in red sparkle with diamond plate mount. Just a shell is fine too. No extra holes please
  16. sws2h

    Camco Tuxedo 14x14 Floor Tom Oaklawn White Marine Pearl

    For sale I have an Camco Tuxedo 14”x14” floor tom in white marine pearl. Oaklawn badge. All original except floor tom legs and 1 tension rod. No extra holes or modifications. Wrap is in great shape and hardware is very clean. I’ll take more detailed pictures, and please ask any questions and...
  17. sws2h

    Camco Aristocrat 16” Floor Tom

    I’ve been restoring some shells I got and just got them rewrapped and some edge damage repaired and recut (they weren’t playable) Im looking for a 16” floor tom. Something that needs recovered so it will match. I don’t mind if it’s missing hardware, but ideally it have at least half the lugs (I...
  18. sws2h

    Paiste Masters Dark Crisp 22” Ride

    Looking to trade for something lighter that goes with some other series I have. Interested in: Paiste Masters Dark 22” Ride Paiste Masters Dark 22” Crash Ride Paiste Masters Dark 14” or 15” Hi Hats Paiste Signature Traditionals 20” Light Ride Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 20” Ride Istanbul...
  19. sws2h

    Paiste 22” Masters Dark Crisp Ride

    I’ll get some pictures later today, but overall in very nice condition, studio use only. Would trade for a Paiste 22” Masters Dark Ride, Paiste 22" Masters Dark Crash Ride, Istanbul Agop Signature 22” Ride, Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials 14" Hi Hats, Paiste 15" Masters Dark Hi Hats...
  20. sws2h

    Leedy or Slingerland Red Sparkle 12x8

    Looking for a Slingerland or Leedy (Slingerland era) 12x8 tom in red sparkle. No badge, maple interior, diamond plate era. Can just be a shell as well. Just no extra holes