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  1. pontiacrich

    OT: Healthy 2016 "Fit Bit" Recommendations

    Hi all, It has been a long time, since I've been on the forum - mostly because this forum "makes" me spend money and I needed to stop doing that. :laughing6: So I'm in a new job now that requires me to do a lot of walking and stair climbing, so I'm looking into something akin to a Fit Bit to...
  2. pontiacrich

    ???Getting that Bonham sound from a smaller bass drum???

    Hi all, It's been a long time since I've posted anything new but I've been around. I have a 24"x14" Vistalite bass and I am trying to get that big Bonham thomp from it...rather unsuccessfully, so now I ask this esteemed collection of drummers. How can I get that signature big 26" diameter...
  3. pontiacrich

    More Highway 1 Blues: Sitting on Top of The World/Hoochie Coochie Man

    Looking for more comments/feedback. I can't improve unless I know where the issues are, so help me out. The video is a bit choppy as the person videoing didn't get all of both songs. This is also my first time attempting video editing.
  4. pontiacrich

    First video posting - man this is hard...Mojo

    This is very hard for me to do in this forum of such great drummers, but here goes... This is the first video from the band I'm in - Highway 1 Blues, taken at our first public gig on July 25, 2014. The song is "Mojo". I'm open to constructive, positively worded criticism/comments.
  5. pontiacrich


    How do I post a video here? I've tried to attach the file, just like one would a photo. But it seems to be too large (796Mb). How does one edit a video to bring the size down to the 128Mb limit (if that's what is causing me not to be able to upload)
  6. pontiacrich

    I need serious help with this set up!!!

    Folks, I've been fighting for months trying to figure out how to set up my monster Vista kit on my Gibraltar rack system. Here are the basics: 24x14 bass, 14x5 snare; rack toms: 12x8, 13x9, 14x10, 16x14; floor toms: 16x16, 18x16; RCI Octobans: 6x12, 6x16, 6x20, 6x24" Not shown 24x14 bass...
  7. pontiacrich

    Changing Heads

    Hi all, Since I just got back into the workforce after being out for a year, I'm working on changing heads on my Vista's using some lightly used heads I've kept. The question I have is this: Is there anything wrong with using a batter head on the reso side? What are the sonic differences...
  8. pontiacrich

    Can't post pics

    I've tried uploading some jpg's and keep getting an "Internal Server Error". The files are no larger than 150kb in size. Is there something up with the DFO servers?
  9. pontiacrich

    OT: New Job Starts Tomorrow

    Well after eleven months of unemployment, I start a new job tomorrow. I will be working as a IT Help Desk contractor supporting an initiative to revamp the VA medical systems. This is my first full IT position, so I am a bit nervous. I attained two IT certifications in 2010 and used some of...
  10. pontiacrich

    Anyone ever had this happen during a gig?

    Hey all, I had a gig Friday night and had a weird thing happen. During a song my Ludwig 6.5x14" snare throw off (P85, I'm pretty sure) just released for no reason. When I flipped the throw off back on, the snare wires were real loose. Although I tightened the tension all the way until the...
  11. pontiacrich

    Making a band logo for a kick drum

    Anyone know where I can get peel n stick white Vinyl so I can make this graphic for my 22" bass: Also, is there vinyl paper that I can put into my standard printer to print a logo like this?
  12. pontiacrich

    Highway 1 Blues in Freeport, ME July 25th

    Hello All, Well, we finally did it! The jam band I'm in has finally solidified into a Blues band and we're playing our first gig Friday July 25th at Wolfe's Neck Farm in Freeport Maine. We're tentatively scheduled to start at 7 pm and we have two sets planned. The band is called Highway 1...
  13. pontiacrich

    Ludwig Vistalite Replacement Parts

    Hey all, I'm finally setting up my '70's Blue Vistalite set and I'm finding the hex bolts on the mount lugs very, very annoying to deal with. Does Ludwig make a replacement wing nut with proper thread/pitch? If not Ludwig, does anyone else...Gibraltar? Does anyone know the bolt diameter...
  14. pontiacrich

    OT: Kaboom!

    I'm sitting on my couch trying to work on job applications and I hear a big boom come from upstairs. I run up there to find the entire closet rack system in our master bedroom has pulled out of the wall! WTF! Like I don't have a enough shite going on right now, you gotta dump this one me...
  15. pontiacrich's been a while

    Hi all, I've been away for a while and I'm going to try and visit a bit more often. It's been a tough few months for me. Marital issues, pet issues, no job, money is extremely tight, friends dealing with liver and stomach cancer... When things get this bad for me, I typically withdraw into a...
  16. pontiacrich

    OT: had to put one of our Greyhounds down today

    Our beloved Pumpkin crossed the rainbow bridge this morning. She was 13 and we had 9 1/2 great years with her. She brought much happiness into our lives and she will be sorely missed. Last night we fed her her favorite treats...strawberries and blueberries. I've attached a few pics. My wife...
  17. pontiacrich

    Just feeling down

    Just feeling crappy right now...two good friends with terminal cancer, we're going to have to put one of our dogs down next week. If got some kind of a lymph node problem and they took a whole bunch of blood from me wife had to go for a second mammogram, because they found some...
  18. pontiacrich


    With all due respect to J&M and Blaemire, why make a drum out of fiberglass or carbon fiber? Maybe I'm just old fashioned, and my boat building heritage also comes into play here, as I like to sail and build wooden boats...they are the only real boats to me...yes I'm admittedly a wooden boat...
  19. pontiacrich

    Hurting the value of my Black Beauty?

    Hi all, Last year I bought a brand new hammered Black Beauty w/tube lugs from Russo. Instead of following Steve's advice about getting the P86 strainer, I got the P85 instead. Now I have seen the error of my ways and want to change out the strainer to the P86, but I'm concerned about...
  20. pontiacrich

    Is this a Ludwig Pioneer and are sparkles added one by one...see description? What's the story with this drum and it's description? Any ideas?