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  1. Ickybaby

    Sonor teardrop and Super Champion wants

    Looking for...... Drums Teardrop both 3 and 6 ply wanted 14” floor 18” floor 12” Tom Want 6 ply only 16” floor Want 3 ply only 20” or 22” bass Finish doesn’t matter. Rewrap candidates are my friends. Also looking for hardware, cymbal stands, cymbal tillers, hi hat stands, and 2 specific pedals...
  2. Ickybaby

    Vintage Sonor experts needed

    Does this look like the interior of a Champion to you? It does not to me, especially the holes for the tom mount. I understand there should be extras, but shouldn’t there be a “slot” right under the hole that lets the tom mount arm slide into the drum? Also, does that look like a 6 ply shell to...
  3. Ickybaby

    Sonor Tear Drop 6 ply

    Looking for 13 and 16, 6 ply shells for rewrap. Edges must be factory and in good shape. Will buy complete drums at right price.
  4. Ickybaby

    Premier experts, a question.

    What sizes of snare were offered in the Signia Marquis line? ( note- as was pointed out to me, the drum in question is not a Marquis) I know someone here knows. Thanks!
  5. Ickybaby

    Sonor Phonic (80's) 10x8, 12x8, 15x12, or 18 x anything (16, 18, 19) in Metallic Pearl (Silver, off white)

    Looking for components to add to a 5 piece.
  6. Ickybaby


    I received this from a band member....
  7. Ickybaby

    A Guitar Center success story.... for me anyway.....I think.

    ATTENTION- If the mentioning of dollar amounts paid and received offends you in anyway, don't read this. I'm a person very interested in market values, stories about deals, etc... and as such do not think discussing money is in any way negative. So Friday night my faithful companion needed to...
  8. Ickybaby

    Are these from Sunluck publishing?

  9. Ickybaby

    Nesting Drum Set

    I'm going to get a nesting kit for rehearsals. Anybody out there have one they are looking to unload?
  10. Ickybaby

    At the risk of coming across as a braggart.....

    Been riding cloud nine musically speaking recently. Ive got a great metal band, a great big band, and then Ive got my gig with Julianna.... lotsa fun. Anyway, Im an artist, I like my ego stroked. I hear my fair share of compliments on jobs and I appreciate them, but.... lets face it, most...
  11. Ickybaby

    Ludwig ATLAS rail and mounts - Brand New!

    I have ,brand new in the box, a rail mount and a 3 pack of the lug mounts. Boxes may look rough but all components are unused. $90 each shipped or $150 shipped takes all. Shipping included is for US only.
  12. Ickybaby

    Help! If you are willing - I'm having a moment!

    never mind, sorted it out. 5/4.
  13. Ickybaby

    Need Ludwig players orphans.

    Looking for 2 drums to round out a mini kit. I need a rack and a floor to go with a 17 tenor drum thats going to be the bass. Im interested in getting a 12 and a 15 or a 10 and a 13, 14, or 15. I only care that the shells are sound and the edges good. 3 ply or later I dont care as long as...
  14. Ickybaby

    Billy Cobham in Indy

    Im 1/2 hour, a master will be sitting behind those tubs .
  15. Ickybaby

    Trick - drums, pedals, hardware....

    I had a Trick kit... I sold it... now I really miss it. Looking to see whats out there.
  16. Ickybaby

    FS - Trick Drums - Reduced price

    For sale to you. Trick Drums, all aluminum shell drums. Highly dynamic, articulate tubs are these. Bullet proof pretty much too. Sizes are 20"x16" bass with aluminum hoops, 12x9 tom tom with a shell mounted tom bracket.... drilled right into the shell, NO isolation mount ( the horror!), and...
  17. Ickybaby

    Zildjian guys - Is this a rarity?

    I was looking at my swish knocker and noticed it had " John "JR" Robinson-004" where the serial number goes. Any opinions or facts?
  18. Ickybaby

    K Con 16" suspended cymbal. - SOLD Please move

    Bought new in March. Used about twice. No issues at all. It truly is " like new". Great cymbal but I'm thinning the herd. The picture of the top side makes it look like the edges are rough. That's just a weird effect in the picture. The shot of the underside shows the smooth edges. I am not...
  19. Ickybaby

    Ludwig club date tom 12" or 13"

    I'm building a kit around a 17" bass and 12x15 floor tom. I really prefer a 12" but would consider a 13" I'm not picky other than they need to be good instruments (ie; shells round, edges good). Missing parts are OK. If you have a shell only, that will work, I have parts. My preference is one...