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  1. drumsforme

    Slingerland snare

    A Vintage Slingerland Rapid Strainer that still has the gum rubber washer intact!
  2. drumsforme

    What's your latest drum purchase?

    With all the High End items posted (I have my RB's SSB's DW's, Pearl Masters too)...I purchased this at the height of the Pandemic here in Ft. Lauderdale....The seller lost his job and in order to eat- was selling this 1984 Tama Imperialstar w/Zolacoat Interiors (Think Stewart Copeland, Liberty...
  3. drumsforme

    Slingerland Rapid Strainer - Problem?

    You are probably missing the gum rubber washer that would usually rot away over time and causes that to happen. I fixed that by making a cut in two nylon tension rod washers and slipping them over the tension rod shaft. Some folks use a rubber "O" Ring that you would find in the Plumbing section...
  4. drumsforme

    Pearl fiberglass drums on Chicago Craigslist

    The ad was taken down
  5. drumsforme

    New Rogers Drum Sets now available in the US...update from Pro Drum

    Just found this article:
  6. drumsforme

    New Rogers Drum Sets now available in the US...update from Pro Drum

    There was a half page ad in the new June 2020 issue of Modern Drummer on page 36 for the New Covington Kit in that color, ...No price...No dealers ....Just basically an announcement with a pic, Big Bang Distribution and
  7. drumsforme

    Tuning 13x9 3-ply Ludwig

    Snare Stand with Booty Shakers
  8. drumsforme

    Good place to Purchase Triple-flange hoops?

    Drum Factory Direct .....and they ship fast. Always have been satisfied
  9. drumsforme

    Ludwig 80's anomaly - as usual...

    Everybody wants to cut down their toms, I'm not a great fan of Power Toms, but I feel that they have a sound of their own....lower fundamental note and deep full sound, Overall I have modern depth shallow toms on the majority of my kits..., I would never cut down the toms on my '84 RC's or my...
  10. drumsforme

    Ludwig Raw Brass 8X14

    Awesome snare you got there my friend!......I use this Deep Snare stand- I liked better than the Gibraltar and costs less too. Pearl 930D....The "D" for Deep. I am 5'6" and play a 7x14" Maple Free Floater with this and it goes quite low...
  11. drumsforme

    Need Suggestions on a Round Vinyl Throne only

    Pork Pie !
  12. drumsforme

    What drum hardware have you been surprised by?

    I have Yamaha stands from the 80's that are still going strong. Hardware that has played thousands (not hundreds) of gigs since purchasing them new in 1984 with my RC kit.... Just throw them in a hard case, they lived a tough life and have outlasted all others....
  13. drumsforme

    Top 5 favourite kits you have owned

    1.) 2007 Gretsch USA.....Have 2.) 2010 Mapex Saturn 3....Have 3.) 1997 Yamaha Maple Custom(Gold lug)....Sold 4.) 1990 Pearl Masters MLX......Have 5.) 1984 Yamaha Recording Custom.......Sold
  14. drumsforme

    Some help dating this Gretsch kit.

    I have a 2007 Gretsch USA kit with those badges. i bought them new.
  15. drumsforme

    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    Drums I don't care for: Ludwig 3 ply 60's Keystone- too tubby sounding Ludwig Classic Maple drums I like: Gretsch USA and Brooklyn Pearl Masters and Reference and Early 90's BLX and MLX Mapex Saturn-
  16. drumsforme

    Independent Music Retailers

    I have lots of Jazz CD's for sale,since I am unemployed, selling them would definitely help our situation here myself and my wife. They are all in excellent shape, plus I haven't played them in years. PM me with the artists you're looking for. I am located in South Florida- will ship in a...
  17. drumsforme

    Hi- as I just mentioned, I have Adventures in Radioland. I think I played it twice. It has never...

    Hi- as I just mentioned, I have Adventures in Radioland. I think I played it twice. It has never left the house nor its Jewel Box. Booklet and Jewelbox are Excellent. $20 with free shipping in a bubblepack. Let me know. Thanks, Marc
  18. drumsforme

    Mahavishnu Orchestra CDs

    Have: Adventures in Radioland. Will PM you.
  19. drumsforme

    GIGS are ON!

    In Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beaches- We have a ways to go....Bar owners on Facebook that employ bands (Two of them are huge Biker Bars) are saying they're going to start with Singles and Duo's since they will only be operating at 25% capacity...
  20. drumsforme

    Is it possible to get a Gretsch logo head that fits vintage/oversize bass drum?

    Have a '62 Roundbadge, I used the hacksaw in 4 places..9 O'Clock, 12, 3 & 6 O'clock positions. Tensions up and sounds perfect.