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  1. kluger

    Paiste Traditional Med Light 22”

    In excellent condition. 2812 g $365 shipped to lower 48 No trades at this time.
  2. kluger

    Zildjian 20" Flat Ride

    A very cool cymbal, hollow logo. A bit heavier (will post weight soon). As you can guess, lots of great stick. Was using this with another Tradtional ride right next to it for a while. Fun to play. $170 shipped to lower 48. Thanks
  3. kluger

    Zildjian 15" hats

    Older A's I believe. Working on getting weights. A small wave on edge of top cymbal. Very nice and classic. $175 shipped to lower 48
  4. kluger

    Zildjian 22" ride Sold

    Not sure of date on this one. Really nice ride though. Drilled for rivets( I have a few I can include). I believe this was sold by Steve Maxwell at one time. Slight keyhole . 2685 g. Sold
  5. kluger

    Paiste Formula 602 19" pre-serial

    Here is a really cool cymbal. Nice dark patina. Not sure of classification crash/ride. On the heavier side ( working on getting a weight). I think it might make a nice left side ride. A few rough spots on edge. $180 shipped to lower 48 No trades at this time. Thanks
  6. kluger

    Paiste Sound Formula Full Crashes

    Round logo, made in Germany. I have used these many years and just love them. Bright and clean, classic sound. I believe these were the precursor to the Signatures. Discontinued now. And better sounding than the later 'frankenlogo' version. Shipping to lower 48 included. No trades at this time...
  7. kluger


  8. kluger

    Premier heads

    So I love old Premiers. But sold off my kits......until I found an oyster kit. Had to have it. Bought the Remo Premier heads for rack tom but they still don't fit in the rim. Previously this happened and I spent hours on a grinder and finally took enough off the metal rim of the head so it would...
  9. kluger

    Fiber cymbal case

    Looking for a classic fiber cymbal case in good working condition. Thanks.
  10. kluger

    Ludwig canister throne

    Scored this canister throne in fantastic condition. Probably one of the last they made before discontinuing them. Have a Slingerland in white satin flame also. Just too cool to pass up. Luckily the height on these is were I like it. My collecting has evolved to stuff that is truly unique and...
  11. kluger

    Byzance 20" trash crash

    Anybody have one looking to move it along?
  12. kluger

    Drill baby drill!

    So I did what is considered in today's world the unthinkable, I drilled bass drum and rack tom for a mount. But, this is one of my "beater" kits, custom painted by myself, orphaned shells that were all in neglected shape. But all wonderful mahogany shells, bass is a 1967 Slingerland and toms are...
  13. kluger

    Olympic 16 5/16" floor tom hoop. 8-lug

    one or a pair of Triple flange hoops 8 lug thanks. dave
  14. kluger

    Old school fiber cases

    Still looking for a 20" bass drum case and a snare drum case.
  15. kluger

    Classic fiber snare drum case

    Looking for a fiber snare drum case in good working order. 5.5x14. Thanks
  16. kluger

    Pictures of Lily

    Does anyone on this forum have one of the remake Pictures of Lily kits that Premier issued a few years ago?. I never see any, I guess they are just locked up in collections. I thought it was really cool they even did that.
  17. kluger

    It pays to be a good guy

    Went to a local flea market this morning. Beautiful morning to browse the booths, listening to the new Beck on headphones. Very relaxed and fun. Stop at one guys table, selling old coins and money and collectibles, in big glass display cases with the lids open so the sun doesn't get them all...
  18. kluger

    Orange Country drums

    Simple searches for used gear and I seem to find large numbers of Orange County snares for sale. I have no experience with these. But it seems like nobody wants to keep them. Anybody have any input on these?
  19. kluger

    SOLD.... Noble & Cooley Piccolo 3.875x14 SS Maple

    Wonderful drum in great shape. Never wanted to sell, but things change. This model was a favorite of Phil Collins and used on some iconic sounding tunes by the Wallflowers. The finish is black, but more of a rub not a pure black.
  20. kluger

    SOLD! Istanbul Mehmet MC Jazz 20" ride

    Beautiful ride with nice stick and bell, crash able , lower in volume, just a great jazz ride. Working on weight and sound file. SOLD!