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  1. Ickybaby

    Favorite Zappa Album

    Sentimentally I like Broadway The Hard Way the most (CD version) because I was at the Chicago show where Sting showed up and sang Murder By Numbers. The first one I heard is my all time favorite though..."Just Another Band From L.A."..... I was in 4th grade, baby sitting my cousin John who had...
  2. Ickybaby

    What Was The Last Rock Show You Saw?

    The Monkees (well the Mickey and Mike Show) May 2019. I was supposed to be seeing Rose Tattoo tomorrow night. Now I wait until January.....I hope. Maybe Illinois will be off lockdown then?
  3. Ickybaby

    OT - RIP Fred Willard

  4. Ickybaby

    Do Not use this material for shipping!

    I absolutely despise packing peanuts if they are loose. If they are bagged, great. Otherwise it’s all static and polystyrene for weeks all over.
  5. Ickybaby

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Is there Sakae that’s not MIJ? I will say the only Sakae branded snares I’ve heard that had life were the stave ones. The ply ones just lacked body.
  6. Ickybaby

    OT: Your Favorite Meat?

    Smoked pork hocks. Absolutely incredible.
  7. Ickybaby

    SONOR Z 5321 single post pedal

    The mounting plate is a docking station. It can be attached to the bass hoop or a riser and left there. The “corrugated screw and spacer ring” is the bolt/knob that holds the pedal to the docking station. No advice on painting. I clean, lube, and use as-is with my stuff.
  8. Ickybaby

    Sonor teardrop and Super Champion wants

    Looking for...... Drums Teardrop both 3 and 6 ply wanted 14” floor 18” floor 12” Tom Want 6 ply only 16” floor Want 3 ply only 20” or 22” bass Finish doesn’t matter. Rewrap candidates are my friends. Also looking for hardware, cymbal stands, cymbal tillers, hi hat stands, and 2 specific pedals...
  9. Ickybaby

    Abbreviation Terms Used

    BOP- Black oyster pearl. Very common in these parts.
  10. Ickybaby

    drummer jargon

    Not words that are drum only....but only drummers use them for size descriptors; Bop, fusion, stage, studio, micro, jungle, Bonham.
  11. Ickybaby

    Is anyone buying or selling now?

  12. Ickybaby

    Vintage Sonor experts needed

    This drum fits the description of thinner shell and less attention to detail. The lugs do have the swivel nuts though. Maybe they ran out of the lug inserts and had to fill some orders? I'm going to pass on the drum. Even if it's what the seller says it is....the edges need more work than I'm...
  13. Ickybaby

    Vintage Sonor experts needed

    The mount on the drum is a Pearl clone, like on the Force series. The lugs are the rectangular type on Champions and Phonics. It can be seen on Reverb. There’s a 12,13, and 16 floor. All the hardware except tom mount looks like Champion. The hole configuration is what told me this is something...
  14. Ickybaby

    Vintage Sonor experts needed

    Sonormuseum was my first stop and that’s where I got the idea of maybe it’s a Swinger.
  15. Ickybaby

    So, this happened!

    Well deserved. Cheers!
  16. Ickybaby

    Vintage Sonor experts needed

    Does this look like the interior of a Champion to you? It does not to me, especially the holes for the tom mount. I understand there should be extras, but shouldn’t there be a “slot” right under the hole that lets the tom mount arm slide into the drum? Also, does that look like a 6 ply shell to...
  17. Ickybaby

    Is anyone buying or selling now?

    I recently have bought two vintage Sonor kits. I spent the money I had budgeted for the Chicago Drum show weekend and another Chicago trip to see Rose Tattoo which is now postponed until 2021.
  18. Ickybaby

    Biggest kit you have ever owned?

    I just got this one. A 7 piece Sonor kit from 1964. Next gig I’m taking these.
  19. Ickybaby

    Sonor question picture Oddity

    Looks like a Champion kit in bop sizes (18,12,14) to me. It's a weird angle because he is kinda hovering a bit on the floor tom (edit- I think he is sitting on a throne actually) and he looks giant. But if you look at the snare and then compare drum to drum....I think it's a standard sized bop...
  20. Ickybaby

    Sonor Teardrop kit - questions

    The tom mount plate on the bass drum is from the 80-90’s. It came on practically every line. The original one that would have been on your bass would look like the one on the rack tom. That’s where my help starts and stops. Nice kit. I bought a teardrop kit this past week too. Delivers on Monday.