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  1. repete

    Did Ludwig Standards ever have clear interiors?

    Asking for a friend -
  2. repete

    Would you buy an add on in a different finish?

    Let's say you've scoured the Earth looking for a certain sized drum to go with your discontinued drum kit - the only thing available you can find is a different finish - do you buy it or keep scouring the Earth? I'm getting parched -
  3. repete

    stripping a brass/black nickle shell

    any tips? I have a world max shell I was thinking of messing around with
  4. repete

    Lets hear about your embarrassing DIY mistakes

    A week ago I bought a World Max 6.5x14 Brass Black Nickel shell - I had some left over hardware so I was going to assemble it tonight since my Inde strainer and butt plate showed up. I carefully marked the butt location and installed it then rotated the shell to drill for the strainer - all went...
  5. repete

    Bass Drum Head Art

    In case you're looking for ideas - there are millions of free images available here!! Happy looking!!
  6. repete

    Strainer for Beaded Shell

    Besides the inde and ludwig what else is out there?
  7. repete

    Canary Yellow Tempus shell

    If anyone is hoarding an 8” diameter tom shell please let me know.
  8. repete

    New Cherry Hill drum key

    They say these are good for low tensioning due to the lack of handle I guess but with the knurled knob you can get pretty usable tension in the medium range. Solid brass
  9. repete

    Have you had any gigs not cancelled?

    We have a wedding scheduled for Friday night - I don't know how big but the Bride and Groom have decided to go on with it. I never thought I would have to make a choice like this. Our bass player texted they were concerned if we would are still willing to play. Everyone but me responded Yes...
  10. repete

    Neil’s perspective

    I don’t know if anyone of you do this but we all know drums are usually recorded panned from the audience’s view. The high tom to low tom goes right to left. Every now and then I’ll reverse my earbuds putting me “behind” the kit. This works great for drummers using large kits like Neil did...
  11. repete

    somebody google Neil Peart and tell me this isn't true -

  12. repete

    There’s a first time for everything. Snare content inside

    7x14 Walnut
  13. repete

    N&C burnt logo snare question

    In my looking at numerous snare drums, I have only notice a couple with an air vent located behind a lug and they haven’t been in the same spot on each drum. Do they typically come without a vent and it’s buyer’s choice if and where to install it?
  14. repete

    OT any auto mechanics in the house?

    I don’t want to clog the board up so send me a PM
  15. repete

    What Tama finish is this?

    The rehearsal studio nearby had this kit in one of the rooms. I’m pretty sure they’re birch/bubinga and it’s a wrapped finish. They sounded amazing! Would this finish confirm they were b/b? I took pics with and without flash
  16. repete

    Ludwig 110th Emerald Green Snare

    Has anyone played or seen one of these in person. I think it’s a beauty!
  17. repete

    Wrap with no glue?

    I have a couple of natural finish maple snares that I’ve thought about wrapping but I was thinking of holding in place by the lugs and other hardware instead of gluing it down. Thoughts?
  18. repete

    Vocal mic with lesser bleed through

    I sing backup in my band and I’m finding that the level my mic is set at to hear myself ( I use IEM’s ) picks up way too much bleed through of the drums themselves and the guitar amp which is usually on one side of me or the other. I’m using a Shure 58A vocal mic. Are there any other mics I can...
  19. repete

    OT - cooking class

    Sorry to you anti-OT guys :) I’m looking for a good pan. Not the T-fal crap but something durable and made to last. It’s got to have a lid, be around 5 quarts and something I won’t have to take a second mortgage out on my house for. I don’t care if it’s dishwasher safe or has a second handle...
  20. repete

    OT - El Camino on Netflix

    I just finished watching it and thought it was pretty good. It gets more into Jessie’s story while he was being held captive in that hole and what happens from where Breaking Bad ends.