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    Heavy ride + low-pitched??

    Pitch is also affected by lathing and hammering. I have a 20" Paiste Innovations ride weighting about 2500g that has a mid-high pitched ping but a pretty low pitched wash - my Tongxiang 20" ride weights about 1890g IIRC, and the tail doesn't sound any lower than that of the Inn. There's an audio...
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    Can Hi Hats be Altered to Become Thinner/Lighter?

    The only way would be to (have someone) lathe them, but unless you're sure that you'll get the sound you expect after you've had them lathed, you're sure whoever will lathe them is experienced with cymbals etc., or money is no object for you, I would much rather flip them and get a different...
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    Paiste Innovations Cymbal set

    Very nice and versatile cymbals, now also quite hard to find, I would love to get the crash if not for the overseas shipping cost + taxes... Definitely jump on it if you want some sweeter and lower-pitched 2002-like sound guys!
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    Anybody have any experience with UFIP cymbals?

    I'm italian so I had the chance to use a number of different UFIP cymbals in a number of different contexts, and I've never liked them. I've broke some (while I've had no such problem with other high quality cymbals) and I have this very vivid memory of a keyboard player I rehearsed for a...
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    FOUND. Paiste Signature Full

    Hi! Would you be interested in a Made in Switzerland 20" Sound Formula Full Ride? It was made in the same factory as the Signature line, the ping sounds just about the same as a Sig Full Ride, it's a bit washier than a Sig, and it's a bit lower pitched than the 20" Sig (I would imagine it...
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    What's going on with Paiste?

    My two cents about the situation in Italy: it's very different! There's a couple big stores around here (Milan) with cymbal shwrooms + some smaller ones, and of course the most easily found cymbals are Zildjian - unless you want the strange or the latest stuff you can go into a store and come...
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    Paiste Sound Formula 20" Full Ride (2nd gen, Swiss made) for €200 and Paiste Innovations 20" Medium Ride for €150

    Hi! For sale are a Swiss made Paiste Sound Formula Full Ride manufactured in 1996 (probably), and an Innovations 20" Medium Ride manufactured in 2001. I'm selling them for €200 and €150 respectively, + shipping from Italy to anywhere in the world, or €325 + shipping if bought together...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    There's currently a handful of Paiste Dimensions and Innovations rides, new and ex-demo, on sale for €95 in a nearby shop in Northern Italy, together with a number of other not-so-amazing-but-still-good-deals. I couldn't resist and I got a new Innovations 20" mid ride, photos soon. I also...
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    Paiste Sound Formula 20" Full Ride

    Here's another one with new heads and a new pedal; more to come soon enough hopefully! I'll be grateful for any feedback on how to improve my demos, and all comments in general. Enjoy!
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    Zultan caz (Turkish Millennium) 21" ride sizzle

    Ah thanks, I edited the OP, hopefully it's more clear now :p
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    Zultan caz (Turkish Millennium) 21" ride sizzle

    A bit different from the previous one, from the "usual" perspective this time. More to come soon. Any and all feedback to improve on this video-demo format would be appreciated!
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    Tongxiang TMZ 20" ride

    As per thread title, here's the demo of a Tongxiang TMZ 20" ride cymbal, bought from ebay, arrived with a small chipping, and fixed with sandpaper and a sharpening stone. Any and all feedback on how to improve on this format would be greatly appreciated! --- Luca
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    Blind Recording - Paiste v Ist Mehmet

    I like the first one better, and I think set 1 is Istanbul, set 2 is Paiste. Set 2's ride sounds much more glassy and a bit drier, and the crashes seem to be faster, to produce more high freq overtones and less low freq ones. My guess is based on the assumption that you're using Istanbul...
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    Tongxiang cymbals?

    Sorry to resurrect an old-ish thread, I recently got a 20" TMZ ride and wanted to post some impressions myself. I agree with cplueard on that it's pretty light, mine weights about 1870g, and it has little stick definition when played medium and very little to no stick definition when played...